jkswopes_avatarLook man…I’m a music fanatic…plain and simple!

Now for the formalities…my name is JK Swopes, the founder/owner of Sounds And Gear LLC.  Many know  me as “saintjoe”.

I love all things about music, from real instruments to electronic gadgets.

I started producing music for myself as well as other gospel hip hop, urban, and contemporary artists back 2001 but have been playing with and in love with music for waaaaaay longer.

SoundsAndGear.com is an online media outlet through which I can share my love, fascination, and outright lust for music gear, news, tips, reviews, and anything else I feel like sharing related to music creation.

I’ll try to give you hands on reviews of different equipment , software, and sounds, and make sure you know about some of what I feel is the best stuff out there.

For the record, I post reviews, articles, and videos on stuff that I like or that I find to be useful.  There are so many products out here, there’s no point in spending my time covering stuff I don’t like or wouldn’t use.  Though I come across and test quite a lot of different products, I only put up reviews on the site of the stuff that grabs my personal attention.

If that sounds like something interesting to you, feel free to browse around, there’s plenty here to see.

Also make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for site updates, info, and occasional free sounds and downloads!

See ya around the site!