Yamaha MODX vs. Montage – Comparing the String Sounds


What’s up fam! I’m back with another comparison between the new Yamaha MODX and the Montage. This time I’m comparing the string sounds.

Everything is default and I’m simply pulling up the same performances (patches) in each synth and playing it. It’s super cool to see what Yamaha has packed into the MODX sound wise.

Is there a slight difference in sound? Sometimes, but I think it really depends on the type of sound. I found a lot of the string sounds to be pretty much identical, and even the slight difference I can hear in person is something that can be changed with a little bit of fx processing I’d imagine.

Overall I’m still thinking the MODX is a great option for those more interested in the sound engine of the Montage but in a smaller, lighter, more affordable package.

I still personally prefer the keybed and controls on the Montage, but I would not be upset if I only had the MODX.

Both of these synths are available at zZounds on their 12 payment plan:

*I’ve used zzounds for years personally and love their payment plans. I’m also an affiliate so if you use my link I will get a small percentage, nothing changes for you or your price, but it definitely helps me keep the content flowing!

Let me know what you think!

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