Win a free copy of Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements


As you know Native Instruments recently released Komplete 7, but also released a smaller “starter” version called Komplete 7 Elements.

Don’t get it twisted, if you’re not a previous Komplete owner, this is a great way to get into some of the Komplete library. It comes with 12gb of content…yeah 2000 sounds.

It also comes with 27 effects powered by Guitar Rig 4 player.

Ahh heck…let me just list out what’s in this thing!

It comes with some sounds from vienna symphonic library orchestra, world instruments, orchestral percussion, and vintage 60’s acoustic drum kit. As well as stuff from their band section of Kontakt 4, keys, guitars, bass, drums, etc.

It comes with 25 vintage synth instruments from the Kontakt library

It comes with 8 amps and 27 effects from the Guitar Rig 4 library

It comes with nine Reaktor instruments…about 1200 sounds

Also comes with 200 of the best Absynth instruments and 200 of the best MASSIVE instruments, for use in Kore 2 player.

As you can see…it comes with a bunch of stuff…I think you even get a $60 voucher to use at the NI shop…goodies

You don’t need to do anything crazy to win this, no beat contest or anything like that…I just wanted to give something to the readers and NI was down for it!

So…just enter on this post, make sure you leave your email address as that’s what I will use to randomize and pick the winner.

loooooooooong drawn out thing, just a chance to win some goodies.

go on over and checkout everything that you could possible be getting for freeย Komplete 7 Elements

The entry period ended yesterday Sep 21, 2010 at 11:59pm central time so those that submitted entries AFTER the deadline, sorry…you missed your chance this time, maybe next time!!

Win a free copy of Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements
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  1. How are you brother, Love your vids keep em comming, Cause i take your opinions and advice to heart. Im difenitly feeling Komplete, Hope i win.Thanks for everything you’ve done on sounds and gear.

  2. Yoooooo!! St Joe! u already KNOW! its #TeamMaschine in the building.. showing that love.. yo! KOMPLETE ! the MASCHINE would REALLY be complete with KOMPLETE! u feel me? much love to all the #S&G fanatics such as myself..

  3. man your intro music is the TRUTH… when i click a video and hear that jingle play… i be liek a 5yr old when the ice cream truck hit the corner!! >8D

  4. Sounds of gear is a dope site with tons of reviews on some cool gear and cool sounds. Subscribe on YouTube, follow on twitter, RSS and support! So you can run and tell that homeboy!

  5. Thanks St. Joe! Subscribe and follow sounds of gear for some good videos on some of the dopest sounds on YouTube and twitter. Support! So you can run and tell that homeboy!

  6. hey St Joe
    thanks for your advice you’ve been giving me since i’m figuring this producer thing out, wheter your youtube videos or in the NI Forums. Keep the videos up yo and let me know if i win this sh!t ๐Ÿ˜‰

    weeny aka evekaykay

  7. Hey Hows your day going brother?? I would really like to win that komplete 7 program you see I run a program called music in the metro it is a program that keeps kids off the street and teaches them about the music industry and how to get jobs and how the business side works and I feel that Komplete 7 will help expand my program I can also give some positive credit over to you if I win it if you would like to check the program out the website is my email is hope to hear from you

  8. aye was good Saint Joe! you know i need dat in my life right now, you know i was just asking you about that Kontakt 4 last week too. but yeah lemme get dat john john lol!!!

  9. hope a french guy can win…. by the way your videos are very good ! it helped me and im gonna buy a maschine soon!! Peace From France Saint Joe

  10. In conclusion…. I would like to thank St. Joe of for providing me with an excellent tool I needed to succeed. Sure I could of done with out it… but With IT I took my sound to the NEXT thank you very much, and I hope that you continue to share your knowledge with everybody especially all those young striving producers out there.

    Email: cabinda4ever(at)hotmail(dot)com

  11. I’m in for the contest………

    Even if I don’t win, I really appreciate that you’re giving something back to people who support.

    BTW. I’m very happy with the stuff I bought based on your reviews, keep doing your thing SaintJoe

  12. I Think it is very great program to use and it would be a great addition to my studio.Think what you are doing is a good thing,and we all need more brothas like you!GOD BLESS YOU SAINT JOE, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!SHOUTS OUT TO NATIVE INSTRUMENTS FOR HOOKING SOMEBODY UP.

  13. This is awesome man. Good looking out. I appreciate it. By the way, I took your advice and bought an R&B kit from big fish audio and the analog synth vst from primeloops.

    Thanks again for looking out for some of us up and coming producers hustling to make it to the top.

  14. I wanted to get in on this and to say thanks for all that you’ve done. I normally don’t comment but have watched a lot of your videos and appreciate you taking the time to post them as well as some of your advice I’ve seen on FP. I hope you continue and good luck to you.


  15. I need this to be the best in music so nobody would say i’m wack.
    I say that cause I like music and music matters.
    To get signed,you got to have the best skills than everybody on the planet earth,like my mom said.
    You got to be the best in the record label so they won’t drop you off.
    Why? Because if they know that you ain’t selling enough cd’s,you will get drop out.Thats Why.
    This is real business and I don’t just play with it.
    I feel it like all the people who do music.
    If somebody is the bomb on music,be better than them,cause you will be probably be on there line.
    Do not be below there line or where they at,be above there line.
    The more you be better than them,the higher you get.

    Be Bless and be the best in music.

  16. sup Saint Jeezy!! I bought Komplete 6 with a Komplete 7 free upgrade. Do you know when they will ship those out to buyers? I sent my redeem coupon 2 weeks ago and havent heard or received anything. Is this pretty usual?

    • @linker casas, I’m not sure about their logistics on shipping etc, better hit them up yo!! 2 weeks isn’t long though, especially if it comes from over in Germany lol…but hit them up they’ll let you know something.

  17. Man yooooo I was like dayuum , I read my email everyday from saint joe and just my luck yesterday my email service went down in my area. my email just came up and back online and I saw the post ๐Ÿ™ Good luck to the winners cause I know I was supposed to be in that joint word up. Anywa nice drum kits and tyhanks fro everything joe you the man bro always. ๐Ÿ™‚

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