UVI Tines Anthology EP library review


Yep, ANOTHER one!

What can I say? I love EPs man!

This one is from UVI, who have made some of my favorite EP libraries in the past.

Tines Anthology is a collection of 8 EPs, so let’s peep it!

What is Tines Anthology?

It’s a mega collection of EP instruments across various generations.

You get 6 EP instruments and 2 piano bass instruments in the library.

It’s a soundcard for UVI workstation.

Each instrument has it’s own interface for quickly tweaking the important parameters.

Quick Specs

  • content: 4.8GB
  • format: UVI Workstation
  • price: $149 (introductory price, regular price is $199)

How does it sound?

It’s an EP…it’s gotta sound nice right? Well…it’s from UVI…and they usually make nice sounding stuff!

The EPs in here sound really good. First thing I notice is more in the high end, more of a “bellish” sound from the tines.

I like it because it still has a smooth sound overall, but just a tad bit more detail than some of their other libraries.

Now the “broken” Mk III, I wasn’t really too fond of, and the Mk 7 wasn’t bright enough for my tastes, but over all I really enjoyed the keys.

My favorites are the MK II and MK V, followed by the MK I, really nice sounding EPs

What’s the bottom line?

I love what UVI is doing with their scripted interfaces, and the instruments feel more optimized in terms of loading speed.

If you’re like me and you just can never have enough EP libraries, this is another one to check out for sure.

I give Tines Anthology 4 out of 5 subs, the extra sparkle in the higher end of the sound really gives it an extra bit of detail that I enjoy

There’s an extra bit of detail in a few of the instruments that cause me to grab for them over others in certain situations, I like the way they are still smooth but yet they cut through nicely.

Go on over and check them out:Β http://www.uvisoundsource.com/keys-and-synths/tines-anthology/product_info.php/cPath/11/products_id/71

leave me a comment below, let me know your thoughts


  1. Have u ever messed with digidesign velvet?
    I played with it a few years back and remember being real impressed with it. At the time I had only played real Rhodes/Wurlis and synths. Not sure how it stacks up since I’ve played lots of sample based plug ins since then. Good review as usual.

    • Cpu on this is pretty much nothing man, that’s why I love it. I definitely pull this up quite a bit now. I would have given it a higher rating but a couple of the models I just didn’t really like, but the stuff that’s there that I do like could stand on it’s own, really great sound and feel.

  2. SJ: This is an excellent library that I may have to purchase (Thanks to your Awesome review & professional delivery). The way this library delivers is well worth the purchase. Another great review from

  3. I like your reviews, but man – you really should learn some piano chops…it’s hard to get a good idea how it really sounds like when all you play in all videos are the same random triad chords on the C major scale from the middle register…lol

    No offense! Keep buying new stuff πŸ˜‰

    • Each company does a good job of giving you a wider idea with their demos, I play in my reviews the same way I play in my music, so I play the chords I’m used to playing πŸ™‚

      People seem to find it easy to get an idea how stuff sounds despite my lack of being a piano virtuoso lol

      thanks for the comment

  4. I got this recently, really pleased with it – compared to the Logic Rhodes and the Scarbie I think the MK2 in the tines is the biz – MK1s are nice too, and I might find a use for the 65 bass – so yeah, good pointer in the right Rhodes direction


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