Ueberschall Ambient Lines sample library review


Yo what’s good fam, it’s Friday so you know what time it is

Time for some Big Fish

Today I’m checking out a library from Ueberschall’s Elastik Series

It’s called Ambient Lines

let’s peep

What is Ambient Lines?

This is a collection of smooth, atmospheric pads and sounds designed for commercial, television, documentaries, etc.

However, you know me!

I think it’s just a collection of smooth sounds designed for anything you can imagine

It runs in the Elastik 2 player, but you can also export the sounds as waves into your daw or sampler

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.6GB
  • format: elastik player 2
  • price: 139.95

How does it sound?

One thing I will say about Ueberschall, is that they’ve been pretty consistent for a long time.

I used to use quite a few of their sample cds back when I had akai samplers and the quality was always great

Nothing has changed here, the product sounds well recorded and ambient.

The pads are smooth and the synths have a smooth yet edgy feel.

Even some of the included vocal lines can be used creatively, matched with the editing options of the Elastik 2 player, you can really create some great music.

It doesn’t have many drums and bass, but for a library like this, you want the focus to be on the airy pads, synths, keys, and a fx anyway.

What’s the bottom line?

I think many tend to overlook Ueberschall because of their libraries being attached to the Elastik Player, I know I did at one point.

But the more I play with it, though I have things I would like to see added, I realize it’s a very flexible system that makes their libraries become instruments and not just samples.

In that regard, I would say they were on the extreme leading edge of the recent trend to turn sample/loop libraries into instantly playable instruments.

I think some kudos are in order and I’m not talking about the candy bar!

That said, I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great library that captures the smooth atmopsheric and etheral sound very well.

I would have liked to see more strings, few more pianos (the ones in here were great) and maybe a touch more vocals or vocal fx.

Overall it’s a great library and very quick to edit, chop, and morph in the elastik 2 player.

Go on over and give it a listen: http://www.bigfishaudio.com/detail.html?512236


    • @Sergiu, there are a few updates I’d like to see to the player myself just to make the workflow even better. But I like reviewing these because I know people are possibly overlooking them because of the player format. But if we look, we now see many companies like Big Fish releasing their products in a custom kontakt “player”. Loopmasters has something like it as well called the grid machine or something.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Thanks for shedding some light on Ueberschall. As you’ve mentioned, I like others kind of bypassed their products due to the proprietary sample player perhaps thinking that it would be a pain to work with. After this review I might just pull the trigger on their Chillers Joint package.

    • @jamari, yeah, they got great stuff fam. I just look at it like the George Duke joint or the KLI series from Big Fish, except it’s more flexible because you can adjust your slices, which you can’t do in the others.

      The browser is nice because it lets you browse any ueberschall library all together, so you can have multiple libraries and just find all the keys, or basses, etc.

      It’s really cool man, very slept on I think.

  2. SJ: Another “Big Fish Friday” Yes!! Yes!!. It appears that Ueberschall has delivered again. The sounds for this player are great. The beat that you created with this kit is dead on. Thanks again for giving us a peep into this one.

  3. i like these sounds. theyre really nice. this is somethin i would use to compliment damage. i will go to their site n check it out. thanks for the review.


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