Tone 2 Nemesis Neo FM Synth review


Hey what’s up fam!

Back with another review, this time it’s the latest synth from Tone 2!

The synth is called Nemesis, and it’s pretty powerful

Let’s just jump into it!

So what is Nemesis?

Nemesis_synthThis is an FM style synth taken to the next level and packed with a bunch of other types of synthesis as well.

It covers traditional FM as well as NeoFM and a bunch of other tried and true synthesis types.

Think Wavetable, Phase Distortion, Additive, Waveshapping, Resonant, Sync, Formant, Ring Mod, etc.

You’d think with all this power it would be a very confusing synth, for me FM synths are a bit more complex than subtractive and other types, but they made a very easy to use interface that allows everyone to harness the power of this synthesizer.

There’s tons of synth styles, with a bunch of waveform types to build with, and you can even load your own.

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderMan this thing sounds incredible right off! It’s got a huge sound, but also smooth and silky as well. It can get raw and dirty, or sleek and metallic, it covers many different bases in my opinion.

Where it really starts to shine is when you start tweaking the NeoFM knob, just that knob alone can quickly alter the sound into something totally different.

In addition to that, you still have the filters, mix levels, detune, feedback, and other parameters ready to tweak and rearrange the sound.

I also dig how easy it is to setup the mod matrix, which can also have a quick impact on the sound itself.

Another thing I found is that even though this synth sounds huge and is very powerful, they made it very nice on the cpu, at least on my setup, it didn’t take up as my cpu as I anticipated when reading about all the features and types of synthesis.

Many times I judge a synth based on it’s pads and atmospheres just because those are my favorite types of sounds and I must say they sound really good in here. There’s lots of space, depth, and movement going on with those sounds in particular.

However EDM guys looking for huge leads or experimental synth sounds will feel right at home as well.

There’s even some vintage brass and classic keys for those that are seeking them. Overall the sound quality is really good and there is plenty of variety for all types of styles.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’ve had this synth for a while, and I’ve to to say it’s one very powerful beast!

However, I think what most impresses me about this synth is not it’s power, but how accessible that power is, they really did a great job designing the interface so that it’s not intimidating at all.

4andhalfsubsI give Nemesis 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s an insanely powerful synthesizer that sounds great and is super fun to manipulate.

This may be one of those gems that people tend to not speak about, not because it’s not good but because it sounds so good and is such an easy synth to work with that they don’t want everyone getting their hands on it…

Or…it could be one of those gems that you just can’t stop telling people about, either way I think it’s great and definitely worth at least a demo

Go on over and learn more about the synthesis engine/types or just download the demo and start tweaking stuff!

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