Thrillogy 1 soundset for Access Virus TI


Hey what’s up fam! Happy new year to everyone!

Today I’m starting off the new year with a review of a patch library for the Virus TI synths.

This is from CFA Audio over at resonance-sound

Let’s check it out!

So what is Thrillogy 1?

product_45It’s an electronic/trance style soundbank for the Virus TI series

Pads, bass, leads, plucks, and fx, all geared towards electronic style music.

As for me, you know I feel sounds don’t need to be limited to a specific genre even when created with a certain genre in mind.

Of course, this is only for owners of any Virus TI synth.

These are not samples but presets that use the synth engine of the Virus TI

Quick Specs

  • content: 128 patches
  • format: Virus TI
  • price: 30 Euro (about $39 USD)

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThese patches have a very deep and very rich sound to them.

There are some deep thumping basses, smooth pads, evolving atmospheres and piercing leads.

They even included some nice plucks and sfx patches as well.

There are some really big sounds in this library that take full advantage of the power within the Virus engine.

Many of them are configured with fx ready to be tweaked and manipulated

So what’s the bottom line?

If you find yourself looking for some more patches for your Virus TI, definitely give these a look.

Though they are aimed at trance and electronic styles, I find the sounds are just really well programmed and will please anyone that loves a good synth sound.

4andhalfsubsI give Thrillogy 1 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 subs, really well programmed and great sounding patches

I would have liked to see maybe more of the patches take advantage of the quick adjust knobs specifically on the TI Snow but many of them did provide some quick controls for these knobs.

All in all, it’s a great patch library with some really great sounds

Check it out for yourself:Β

leave a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Michael Parson-McNamara · Edit

    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for doing that one, Joe! I got a Virus Ti2 this year and am just about to learn to work it! LOL It sounds really good, (though I guess that’s why I bought the Ti2). I’ll definitely go check that out …. good price too.

  2. man bro i am about to give it up! everyone comes @ me w/ this make me a beat that sound like 2 chainz or wiz kalifia or somethin …its like originality has died…i guess ya gotta sell ya soul to make a buck or i guess i’ll just keep it a hobby till REAL hip hop resurfaces

    • Word man lol, I know people that kill on there I just never got into it. As for tv and such, not sure of any specifics, but checkout I know the dude that runs that site and he actually makes his living licensing music for tv/media stuff. I’m gonna try and get that going this year myself.

  3. Thanks for all the info and excellent review saint! These patches sounds are identical to some synth sounds in the 80’s,But a lot cleaner and universal. I can listen to them and begin to freak out some beats quickly.


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