The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre & Why I Returned It


Hey all! I just wanted to share my thoughts about the AudioFuse 8Pre from Arturia that I recently purchased. I was intending on using it as one of multiple AudioFuse devices in my setup as I am familiar with the preamps and overall build quality.Β  So if this worked out I was going to get a few more and connect them together.

However, once I got it in my lab and started trying to set it up within my workflow, I quickly found that the internal routing of the device wasn’t as flexible as I had hoped. It is an expansion unit first, and a basic audio interface. It would probably be great for many folks, but I specifically wanted more mixer options within the unit, so I didn’t have to use a DAW to route things. I basically wanted to replicate a digital mixer with my interface, but the internal routing didn’t go that far.

That said, I still think it sounds incredible, is well built,Β  and I still recommended to folks that already have a main interface but want to expand, or those looking for a straight forward interface with multiple inputs and outputs, without the need to do a bunch of crazy routing like myself.

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  1. This is a very good review and is making me doubt purchasing it. So this interface is for example not able to send & return? Let’s say input1&2 is routed to out1&2 but also routed to out 7&8 for example as a send?


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