SynthMaster Sound Demo: Aiyn Zahev Expansion 1


Hey what’s good fam! Back with another sound demo for SynthMaster, this one is the Aiyn Zahev Expansion 1

This one leans a little more towards edgy, electronic in my opinion, but I like showing the different expansions as each sound designer has their own style.

I think it’s a good way to get an idea of the diversity you can pull out of SynthMaster, it’s a pretty powerful synth.

Oh yeah, this particular expansion is only $15

Check it out.

Of course if you have anything specific you want to see a video on with SynthMaster let me know, I’m currently trying to go through all the expansions or as many as I can but if you want to know about the synth itself just let me know!

Checkout the demo if you haven’t yet!



  1. When i use Synthmaster it really eats up a lot of memory, but I do like how it is designed and the sounds are very crystal clear. When i get a new PC (in a few days) I will test it again to see how it runs in my DAW. I have been using Omnisphere instead.

    Thanks for the review as always 😉


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