Maschine Packs: Sweet Chords Vol 2 Review


mPack_SweetChords2Hello Samples is back with another collection of jazzy, funky, organic EP, organ, clav, and synth chords.

Ready to go in Maschine kits, they’ve got tons of samples in here, both chords and riffs, as well as some run through analog fx like the MOOG MURF

Tons of inspiration to be had in this library, especially if you like organic chords and riffs like I do

Not to mention there’s just a ton of sample content in here, they really included a lot of riffs and chords for the price.

No matter if you’re into hip hop, house, boom bap, rnb, or pop, you can find use for content like this.

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  1. Dang! I think I’ma need this one Saint Joe… lol. Thank you! By the way, can you recommend some vocal sample kits or maybe you have a review out there of some? Appreciate all you do!

  2. Thank you Sir, after your review I have just Bought vol 1 and 2! downloaded but not too sure which folder to store them in since i have them in Maschine format.. I was gonna put them on my samples drive but that doesnt seem right..?

  3. just got vols.1&2 yesterday even though I haven’t upgraded maschine studio yet and will be in a few weeks they both sound great still having a little trouble installing vol.1 but still able to get some sounds to work in 1.8 thanks again

  4. hey st joe wuts good like I said in my last post I have I&2 and now that I have maschine studio I cant seem to get them installed right tried doing the alias thing too got any tips

  5. Hey StJoe, just downloaded this expansion, can’t wait to get into it, thanks for the plug! I couldn’t get the sounds to show within the Maschine software, do you have a step by step video explaining this? Thanks for your help!


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