Maschine Packs: Stratospheric RnB Review


MPackStratosphericThe Maschine Warehouse is back with another smooth expansion, this one is exclusively for Maschine 2.0 users

The Stratospheric RnB expansion is dedicated to providing contemporary and modern RnB kits, instruments, and samples.

From hard hitting drums to smooth airy pads, deep bass, full strings, and electric leads, it covers everything you need for a modern RnB/Pop sound.

There’s even a few useful effects presets thrown in as well.

If your productions lean towards the smooth end of the spectrum with a little bit of electronic thrown in, definitely give this one a listen.

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  1. I said it before and ill say it again. I have a question on these types of kits. One the sounds in the kit are copyright protected as they source them from outboard hardware synths that they layer so how can i as a producer use these packs with out sewed ? If they are not can his website provide detailed information on the source of the sounds ? how did they create them ? can they provide proof of where they got the sounds from and or a letter from the company with permission to use and sell those sounds ? Just saying…lol i dont wanna kill the vibe but as you know as a producer when making placements and selling music you do not want to get sued. Thanks also i have a question to saint joe how do you feel about the omnisphere AU plugin I use myself and i feel more comfortable purchasing packs from major designers than most packs on here with the exception of native instruments as im sure they research where the sounds in their packs come from and are verified correct ? – Beat General

    • Why do you question a kit like this but not a product like Omnisphere? Their sounds are made the exact same way, using various hardware synths to create new sounds. They do not simply take presets and record them, they use the synths and their features to make new sounds. He’s actually done videos showing some of his process of how he comes up with the sounds. Not sure why you’re posting the same exact copy and paste message on multiple posts…seems a little odd.


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