Review: Soundiron Symphony Series Brass Ensemble


Hey what’s good fam!

Today I’m reviewing the Symphony Series Brass Ensemble from Soundiron.

It’s part of the new “Symphony Series” from Native Instruments.

Let’s check it out!

So what is the Symphony Series Brass Ensemble?

Brass_EnsembleThis is a high end collection of brass ensemble instruments with a super intuitive interface for Kontakt Player.

The goal of this library is to provide a professional brass ensemble library that is easy to use no matter what situation you find yourself in.

It’s fully integrated with the Komplete Kontrol keyboards as well as Maschine, and you also have full control over the keyswitches, mixer, fx, etc.

In my opinion this is a library for those that want top quality sound without having to learn a whole new system or way of doing things.

Seriously, the interface is super sleek and functional, I love it!

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderI am in love with the sound of this library, there’s so much detail and realism to the sound, plus it’s very easy to tweak.

I honestly didn’t find myself changing much about the sound as out of the box it just feels ready to go, there is a depth and texture to these sections that really just sound right.

While I feel it definitely has an epic feel to it, it doesn’t sound overly “blockbusterish” if that makes sense? Like they didn’t force you into a specific “epic trailer” style, you can make it work it lots of different contexts.

What I also dig about it, is that if you do want to start changing or tweaking the sound, the interface makes it very easy to do so. From changing the mic mix to adding fx, it’s all super fast and intuitive which allows you to focus more on being creative and less on programming.

The articulations sound real, the repetition engine is great, especially with the staccato patches for creating quick runs. It’s also cool to have control over the speed of the various expressions so they sound natural no matter what tempo you’re working at.

Simply put, it sounds like a professional brass ensemble, and I love the fact that it isn’t intimidating to use.

So what’s the bottom line?

I love it, I’m a huge fan of Soundiron and I’m a huge fan of high quality instruments with a nice interface…this library has both!

I can’t stress enough how great this library sounds, but also how easy it is to use.

5subsI give Symphony Series Brass Ensemble 5 out of 5 subs, it sounds rich and detailed while the interface makes it super easy to customize the sound as needed. 

I really love the fact that we live in a time where such professional instruments are being made accessible to everyone. I love the fact that the names of the instruments are easy to understand even if you don’t have a full knowledge of orchestration.

I also really like how they used graphics for the different articulations to kind of give you an idea as to what the articulation will do soundwise. Overall I just think it’s a great product/series.

They also have a solo brass companion library which you can get on it’s own or together in a bundle with the ensemble library.

Go on over to their site to learn more about this library and series:

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  1. Thanks SaintJoe! I think this library sounds really good, (perhaps a little too “wet”, but can that be dialed down more?), but the interface seems a LOT easier to use then a lot of the Spitfire/other string libraries etc, especially for us guys that don’t spend all day doing orchestra mock-ups, so that’s a big plus…. Have a great new year, and keep bringing the reviews, always watch them!


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