Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble review


Yo, so, let’s get into another one here, this time some new percussion

Now, you know I dig epic and cinematic sounds, percussions included.

So I’m checking out the new Apocalypse Ensemble by Soundiron….they make some dope stuff.

Let’s check it

What is Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble?

It’s a huge, deeply sampled, highly flexible epic percussion ensemble for Kontakt.

And when I say percussion, I mean straight up percussion.

So don’t expect to find weird hits, bangs, clunks, thunks, thwaps, and other types of impacts in here.

This library is made to bring you the most rich sounding percussion elements, with various mic recordings and a sound quality that shines straight out the box.

I can dig it

Quick Specs

  • content: 14.7GB (7.3gb download)
  • format: Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher
  • price: $199

How does it sound?

The first thing you’ll notice right out the box, before doing any sort of tweaking, is how rich in detail the sounds are.

They really…I mean REALLY capture some great sounds here.

The drums and percussion all sound so rich in texture, the bass is deep, the snares POP when they need too, and the tone of the cymbals is amazing.

Oh of course there’s plenty other here in terms of the different types of percussion, and each element sounds incredible. I love percussion, even if I don’t want to use this for cinematic sounds, which it certainly does with ease, I can use it as a general percussion library. The quality is evident as soon as you start playing.

Oh, and lets not forget about the included ambiances, yes, like pads and drones, they also sound great!

What’s the bottom line on it?

If you like and need a great cinematic percussion ensemble, I say give this a look. This isn’t something with extra metal impacts, bangs, explosions and such…just to be clear, this is a straight up percussion library.

If that’s what you’re looking for, trust me, give this one a listen.

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, I love the control you have over each patch, as well as the library itself. And the sound is just plain inspiring.

The fact that you can choose to load “mixer” instruments for creating your own custom ensembles, mini “sub mixers” for playing specific instruments and articulations, as well as being able to load certain mic locations or mixing your own mic  recordings to taste is definitely a high point of the library.  As are the included impulse responses for the convolution reverb, it allows you to get really creative very quickly.

The fact that they made 3 different versions of the percussion patches to allow each person to load the one that fits their particular computer resources the best, shows they really care about the end user and do not want to exclude anyone from using the library. If you have gobs and gobs of ram, go ahead and load the “hi-memory” version. If you have a decent amount but don’t want to load it up with percs, load the “dfd” versions. And if you’re a little low on ram or if you just want to conserve it for other things, load the “lite” version.

Not only does it sound great and have great customization options, you also get to choose how the library uses your resources, genius I say!

Seriously, just go on over and listen to their demos, and look around the page, the whole site for that matter…I’m sure you’ll find something worth adding to your toolbox.

leave me a comment below, let me know what you think!

Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble review
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  1. Now here you go know I’ve just started a 12-step gear lust program! *lol* This is very nice. Between this, the STN DruMM series and a mix of sampling vinyl/digital libraries in conjunction with products like Maschine, Reason, FLS, etc. one might be hard pressed to ever realistically “need” to buy another drum-percussion kit again. I said “need” because as we all know when the sonic-lust hits it all can become a haze until you wake up the day after wondering..”I know I had an extra $50 or so around somewhere?!” Kind of like your favorite bag of chips on a weekend afternoon, you just can’t have only one. Good stuff, I appreciate you taking time out to find and review these lesser known companies. It definitely broadens the landscape, especially when they’re reasonably priced.

  2. oh no – not again….another cool little company about to take all my money
    btw the way sj – on the soundsand gear theme song – is that a real guitar? is it you playing it? i once noticed you jammin on the keys and it sounded a little like your theme, so i was wonderin if that was you….

  3. i got 4 of them – for 12 bucks – – a freebie, the two for 99 cents snack and holy ambience, – and a ten dollar “glass beach” – definitely fun unique sounds….cool company

  4. Hey there. Awesome review. I just wondered if you know what soundiron means by “Our groundbreaking “Uberpeggiator” system”?
    Does it mean that you can build arpeggiators from the drums or loop them or something else?


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