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aight, welcome to the first edition of sound hound, where I take a look at a commercial sample library, and give you MY opinion on it.

Remember, opinions are just that, and you should always be your own judge, but…I’ll give you my input anyway!

Let’s get into it!

The library I’m looking at today is from Gallo and the fellas at, they put together a collection of 3 kits that are supposed to be fire.

Here’s my thoughts on the kits they sent over for review.

Sample Kit number one the “Left Lane Kit”

dvdThe drums in this kit are all original drum sounds.

Gallo is a drum fiend and he let’s you tap into is craziness by putting some of his secret weapons in this kit.  I’m sure he didn’t put all his crown jewels but I will tell you this, the Left Lane drums are CRAZY.

I like them alot yo, specifically the kicks, freakin joints are BANGIN kid.

They have that nice presence to them, so they hit hard, but he even mixed in some of those hollowed out joints, all bangin, no distortion either.  I hate getting drum sounds from producers and the sounds are all distorted and clippin! Wack! You other dudes better step your game up.

This kit is fire man. Now of course every sound in there isn’t fire, there are general hi hats and claps and such, but the majority of them are very nice and usable.  Definitely stuff I’ve not heard in other kits, and I have tons of them.

This is not for the vinyl heads at all, these are commercial/pop/radio ready sounds, not the old boom bap stuff.  So if you’re a boom bap dude like me, these sounds right here will allow you to add that radio friendly sound to your belt.

Sample Kit number 2 the “Industry Kit”

boxAight, this joint is basically sounds from the Roland Fantom and Yamaha Motif. He used his openlabs neko to mimik(copy) the sounds directly from the boards.

I will say, he did a good job. He sampled every note, and the wav files are named by patch AND what key they are.

Very useful. I had a roland fantom for a long while, and the sounds in this kit sound pretty much the same, minus the fx of course…which he left out so you can do your own thing.

This kit is a great way to get your hands on some high quality sounds without actually going out to buy the full board.

It’s got brass, strings, drum kits, keyboard sounds, hits, and other goodies.

Sample Kit number 3 the “808 Kit”

808 kitOkay, how many freakin 808 kits does a producer need? I mean seriously lol. Now, there are some nice 808 kicks in this kit, but for the most part it’s a typical dirty south kit.

YES, it has that customary “what” sound that EVERY FREAKIN 808 KIT HAS ever since lil John came out.

He also included some “dirty south” synth sounds in this kit as well.

This one is cool, definitely some usable bass in here, very clean and deep low end stuff, but the rest is pretty much your average clap, hi hat, lil john track ingredients.

I’ll definitely use a few kicks…maybe some of the other stuff when I need it, but the kicks will be a major part.

However, there really isn’t much you can do to freak an 808 kit…lol. Just more 808 samples in my collection.

Are These Hip Hop Samples Bangin?

verdictI’ll have to give the collection 13/16 pads. (yes,  the 16 pads are in reference to the akai mpc, I’m a fanatic)

I can’t give it a full 16 pads because of that 808 kit man, I just know Gallo could have been more creative judging from the left lane kit.

Including the raped and abused “whuuuuuut” sample loses points in any situation, as if we all don’t have 5 copies of that already from the “lil john beeet making samples” we downloaded back in 07

My favorite out of the 3 is definitely the left lane kit, I’ll be using it for sure.

I loaded the sounds up in flstudio to test…but I can’t wait to hear them in my mpc…

He’s only selling them for 10  bucks, any producer would do well to grab at least the left lane kit.

have fun.

samples are found at

just click on “drum kits” at the top.

oh yeah, be careful when you go over, the music player on the site starts blastin soon as you get there.


  1. I cosign I got both drumkits myself i use on most of my work…You dont get that crisp sound from most drum kits ,but with llbeats you do ..very rare sounds .. I think everybody who get this will be impressed ..


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