Soniccouture Synthi AKS analog synth library


Yo what’s good fam, back today with another library from Soniccouture, definitely one of my new favorite companies, they have some cool stuff.

Today I’m checking out a synth library of theirs, called Synthi

It’s based on the EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer…no I am not familiar with the actual synth, but reading the description I had to check this out.

Let’s see!

So what is the Synthi AKS?

It is a kontakt library dedicated to capturing the raw, organic, analog sound of the EMS Synthi synthesizer.

They capture instruments, hits, ambiences, and even some cv sequenced loops.

The whole purpose was to really capture the character and unique tone of this synthesizer to make it available to the masses.

I love a good analog synth, and always get excited when there is a software library that aims to capture that sound.

Quick Specs

  • content: 148 patches
  • format: kontakt (full version)
  • price: $59

How does it sound?

Insane! Loud, raw, nasty, filthy, dirty, off balance, organic…man…this thing really has a great unique tone to it.

There is something to be said for a raw analog synth sound, some of them just have a really sick tone to them. Not all, and many sound close to VA synths, but this one right here is a beast!

Man the leads and basses are just plain thick and offensive. Very aggreisve and I’m impressed that they were able to truly capture that analog sound that makes these types of synths so desirable.

I literally felt no difference playing this and playing my own analog synthesizer, that character and extra “something” that many enjoy…is faithfully captured here.

Man the hits and ambiences are awesome and the cv sequenced loops really take it to another level. It’s so fun to play these sounds and just “vibe out”.

They really did capture everything in a way that truly gives you the analog experience in sound and character. I never used the original one, but I’m no stranger to analog synths, and I know when something sounds good.

To me, this right here…is one of the best libraries for capturing that full analog tone.

What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is why do you not have this yet? If you own Kontakt, you should own this, period.

At $59 this library is a steal in the truest sense of the word…it sounds that good.

I give Synthi AKS 5 out of 5 stars, the tone and character is just undeniable. 

I honestly expected it to be good, but not this good, I did not expect to be able to hear all those qualities I love about analog synths in such detail and to be so indistinguishable from the “real thing”.

There are a lot of companies capturing and reproducing analog and other types of hardware synths, but as with any other sound, some companies just simply do a better job at it.

Soniccouture is one such company, I hope they decide to do more analog synths….and not just the “usual” ones, but stuff like this…as I really enjoy the “new” and unique sound it brings to my setup.

Checkout their demos:

…man matter of fact, just go get it, serioiusly

*Update: Exclusive 40% discount on Synthi for SAG readers: I44HNG4A 

Code is valid through April 5th, 2012


    • @Michael Parson-McNamara, hahaha, yeah man…it’s sick. Use that discount and scoop it up sir!! 🙂

      Love it, plus you get a bunch of freebies whenever you buy stuff from them…I love em lol

  1. Ohhhhhh man. My second non NI Kontakt library purchase. Smh lol…I’m trying to stay in “money save mode”…my boy SJ makes it difficult sometimes though lol

  2. Very nice, especially for the price. Yeah the EMS was a nutty synth. Battleship pegs in a mod matrix gotta love it 🙂 I’ll probably skip this but only because I have Xils Lab’s incredible EMS emulation Xils 3. But that costs more than 3 times what this library does (there is a 30 euro player version too), and an EMS or emulation isn’t the easiest thing to program, so this set is a fantastic offering.

  3. i don’t know how i missed this one when looking through the sc page…this thing is nasty! i like their style…I’m a sucker for a good looking interface…..i only have free ones from them, and they are great….40% off is making this a must have….hopefully i’ll have enough extra cash before the offer goes….scriptorium has also been on my list for a while….they have a script that lets you tweak the frequencies according to alpha, beta and delta brain waves….real good for new age stuff….

  4. Funky Drummer Dewey Dew · Edit

    Yes Sir Fam,

    I got this library in october last year, and its another hot synth I like to tweak the filters, delay and spring reverb. Adds a nice touch to my reggae dub and techno mixes. I think ill overdub some flavor to some urban & hip hop today.

    Although I’ve had this a while, seeing your demo always inspires fresh ideas.

    4sho my peoples!!!

  5. This is one fat sounding lil’ beastie..the lower register is ridiculous! I’ll kick myself for not getting this since I missed the sale on broken wurli. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it when scriptorium is thrown into the mix w/a sprinkle of morpheus. Thanks for the review as always.

      • @saintjoe, how ever/what ever it is that you do for these discount codes (when possible) it’s appreciated. I’ve been having fun going through the patches (nothing put together, just listening and inspiration). Thanks to you sir
        -next up, I need to stop procrastinating and get w/ the maschinetutorials site *lol* yeah I know I’m a slacker if there ever was.

        • @jamari, hahahaha, no doubt man, I’m always trying to get the hookup when I can dude, glad you enjoy it! Hey, we all slack at times…good thing is…we aint going anywhere yo! 😉

  6. SJ: The Synthi is “OFF The Hook”…”Just Awesome”. Much can be done when using this library. Thanks for giving us a peep into this.


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