Soniccouture Broken Wurli EP review


Yo what’s good fam, back with another review for ya

After I did the Neo Soul Keys review many folks asked me to checkout another EP library

It was from Soniccouture and it is called Broken Wurli

I had never heard of it, so didn’t know what to expect, let’s see what’s good!

What is Broken Wurli?

It’s a library based on….you guessed it, a broken Wurli EP 🙂

Specifically an EP that has one broken speaker.

They didn’t want to go after “just another ep”

No sir, they wanted something that had a unique character

I would say sampling an EP that has a broken speaker qualifies as an instrument with character!

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Here’s the kicker…if you’ve been around this site for any amount of time, you know I prefer a good smooth rhodes over a wurli most of the time.

That’s just my taste.

So I didn’t know what to expect

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It doesn’t have the smooth creamy sound I usually go for in an EP, but that’s a good thing.

They went their own way with this, focusing on the unique tone of the instrument. It has an inherent bite and grit that you just don’t get by simply adding fx. The subtle imperfection of the instrument is actually what makes it perfect for the task it aims to accomplish!

I LOVE the interface and the control you have over your sound, but again, the sound itself is really unique and useful.

I like that they give you general ep presets as well as more unusual sound design presets.

All the fx sound wonderful as well as the included amps.

This thing just has a certain grit and crunchiness to it that I find to be a very welcomed contrast to my normal taste in ep sounds.

What’s the bottom line on Broken Wurli?

Well, I’m always open to checkout new things, and I almost missed a great one in the Broken Wurli

I assumed…”meh, another wurli” but once I played it was quickly saw this was no oridinary ep library

The fact that Soniccouture was confident enough to go their own way and walk their own path in the ep library realm is very well received by myself.

I must thank everyone that informed me about this library as well as Sonicouture for creatiing it, it’s truly a joy to play in it’s own right.

I give this one 5 out of 5 subs as well. Not because it matches sound for sound with my other favorite ep libraries, but because it does it’s own thing in a super efficient manner. It brings something to the table that others do not.

I find many ep libraries are “close” to each other, with some having a slight edge in certain situations.

But here, it’ not about directly emulating the perfect wurli sound, it’s about accurately recreating the unique character of a single expressive and broken instrument in  way that can be musically creative and useful

I dig it, and the price is right for what you get, totally an item to put on your list.

If you like to wonder off the path a little bit from time to time yet still have the familiarity of an instrument you know and love, check this out, seriously nice tones, from raw and jagged to ambient and airy.

Good job to the folks at Soniccouture….now I’m interested to see what else they have hiding in their attic!

Grab a copy:


  1. Yeah, I bought this one a few weeks ago when it had a slightly reduced release price —tho’ 89 is really reasonable— and I was blown away by how fantastic this sounds. Now, I’ve never used Scarbee, but over the modeled/sampled epianos I’ve used in Dimension Pro and the Kontakt library, as well as Lounge Lizard (v2) which doesn’t really do it for me. But this is fantastic. So playable, so much character. I love that you can dig into notes and get a sound that jumps more than just velocity increase, like a real instrument.

    For me, it is now my go-to epiano. Granted, I like slightly dirty but even clean this is things smokes everything else I’ve tried.

    SonicCouture is the shit.

    • @Digital Lo-fi, no doubt fam, it’s really cool, I can dig it. Most of the time I’m using a smoother EP sound that has a lil bit of dirt when needed, but this has a totally different sound all together which I can definitely get with.

  2. Soniccouture do a lot good stuff. Scriptorium, guzheng, bowed paino and so on. I don’t think I’ll jump into this, since I want xtended paino, but they products are excellent

  3. A well versed review there sir. I agree this would be good unit to have as a good “creative” alternate EP. Their freebies on offer are equally interesting (i.e. Devilfish & Tube Drum). I know I’m treating myself to Scriptorium (a ridiculous amount of flexibility added to Kontakt) and Morpheus which I think you’d like as well for it’s unique sound texture being I know you like melodic/atmospheric pads (I do as well). I think it will pair up well for downtempo/chillout work. By the way they also have a 50% off sale for certain items as well, sadly it can’t be combined with the buy one-get one special.

    • @jamari, indeed! Yes, their ethnic percs are all 50% off right now. As for the other stuff, so much there but honestly I’m a new fan man. I really love their interfaces, really well designed, laid out, and functional.

      I have a few other things from them I just got this morning, not morpheus though I may have to look at that too.

  4. Before your vids, largely because I have no experience with any instruments past a Djembe and a Junkanoo drum, I’m now noticing the difference between different types of e-pianos. Those Neo-Soul keys are my prized possessions in my Kontakt rig, but this right here may deserve a purchase down the line. The more you can find and review, the better.

    • @BlackSoultan aka QueMusiQ, yeah fam, I know I may seem crazy to some, but each EP has it’s own sound/feel to me. I plan to get a real EP someday as well, but I’m an EP fanatic, I have so many, all for different reasons 🙂


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