SampleLogic Acoustix Cinematic Library for Ableton Live review


Hey what’s good fam, back with another review for you

About a month ago, Ableton had a huge sale on their upgrades, so I finally upgraded my version of Live to 8, I think it was like 36 bucks or something (before the sale it was only around 60 or so but I hadn’t upgrade yet lol)

After I downloaded the update I was playing with some of the free partner instruments in there and came across the two libraries from SampleLogic that were exclusive to Ableton Live.

I liked both of them based on the demo instruments so I bought both of the libraries.

Today I’m doing a review on Acoustix, one of the two libraries they created for Ableton Live.

let’s peep it!

So what is Acoustix?

Like other SampleLogic libraries, it’s a cinematic library aimed at composers, sound designers and anyone that wants some creative and “off the beaten path” type of sounds.

This one is based on acoustic instruments and hits, percussion, atmospheres, soundscapes, etc, that have all been effected, morphed and twisted into new sounds and sonic material.

The same type of concept from their other libraires like cinematic guitars, air, the elemnents, and more.

However, this one is made specifically for Ableton Live, the sounds, clips, and kits are tightly integrated into the Live instrument devices, with controls already mapped.

They programmed this library in a way that makes everything feels like it’s actually part of the Live environment.

Quick Specs

  • content: 200 instruments racks, 63 audio/mid loops, 14 construction kits, 1.6gb
  • format: Live 8, Live 8 Suite, Live Intro
  • price: $99


How does it sound?

It sounds like SampleLogic.

If you’re familiar with what they do, then you know what their stuff sounds like.

It’s creative, it’s evolving, unique, esoteric, scary, creepy, huge, melodic, harsh, well you get the idea.

I will admit I never paid much attention to this library being that it was Ableton exclusive, and I was also unsure how it would sound compared to their Kontakt libraries, since I felt Kontakt had so much more power in terms of what they could do with scripting and such.

But I’m glad Ableton put the demo packs in the Live 8 library, otherwise I may not have ever checked these out!

The recordings are incredible and the sounds are instantly inspiring, I literally felt like I could create a new song or instrumental from each sound that I played, let a lone when I started to put them together.

The impacts and percussion sounds are huge, the pads are very evolving and multi-layered, and even the melodic instrumens are just fun to play. Not all electronic and werid, you also have some lush horns and woodwinds, strings, guitar sounds, keys, and more.

The arps are cool and fun to play with and the ensembles really have a lot of texture to them.

I also love how they incorporated the controls into the library, it makes it instantly tweakable and customizable.

This library alone had me considering grabbing one of the apc or other ableton controllers just so I could have instant control over the library.

So what’s the bottom line? Is it worth it?

Bottom line is this is an amazing way to get access to the SampleLogic product line at a price that brings it into the grasp of most users.

It comes in at a price about $200 less than where most of their larger libraries start price wise, but the content and quality is right there.

I have cinematic guitars, and have used the free instruments from their “try pack” and I can tell you that they did not skimp on the programming here.

As I said, I liked the demo instruments so much I bought both libraries, knowing it was ableton only…I didn’t care, they were that good.

I give Acoustix 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great library that shows the quality and creative sound design SampleLogic is known for.

If you own Live 8, this is defintiely a must have, even if you don’t…it may be worth buying a copy of Live Intro just so you can use these sounds!  Remember, Ableton Live is capable of running as a rewire slave so you can open it like a plugin in any DAW that supports rewire.

That may sound like extra work, but once you play these sounds you won’t really mind the extra step to use them.

Hey you could even compose entirely with these sounds in Live intro and export it into your DAW for further additions or whatever.

So don’t let the Ableton exclusive thing deter you, especially if you love cinematic and sound design libraries but usually find most of them a bit out of reach price wise.

Listen the demos over at the SampleLogic website:

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think!


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  1. Tahnks for the review saint. I was wandering about those demo’s but haven’t had the time with all the parties and weddings I’ve been doing. I own the live 8 suit and there is a lot of new stuff an artist can do. Check out the new audio effects in live
    and new instruments like simpler. With the maschine and abelton live 8 I would consider to be a anything you want to do artist.

    • @dj jambone, word, I didn’t buy suite, but like live 7 live 8 comes with simpler, drum racks, intstrument racks, etc. I also own a license for Operator. But again, I don’t really use Live much, however for libraries like this I will make an exception.

  2. I was gonna get this during that sale, but I was already in so deep with the Suite upgrade and MAX, that I skipped it. Seeing that you bought it on your feed that day had me thinking I should reconsider. Even with the sale extension I still didn’t buy it, thinking I bet Joe reviews this in a month and I’ll regret not getting it…yup:)

    Still $99 is a fair price for what’s on offer here.

    • @Metatron72, Hahahaha, you pushed me to finally get the upgrade, it was a no brainer. Once I heard them sounds man, I immediately went and bought both of them, no question.

      Definitely a good price for the libraries man. Really got me looking for an Ableton controller now man lol.

  3. Are the controls macros that you can get under the hood of or is this all you see? Hope you understand what I’m talking about.
    Nice video as always, Thanks!

    • @Cris, It looks like what you see is what you get, but I don’t have sampler so maybe if you have sampler you can go deeper? I’m assuming that’s what they are using? They are in premade instrument racks, I don’t see the little rack icon to expand them.

  4. SJ,SampleLogic is a reputable company that provides quality samples in all of their software. I do have another of their packs & this update is a must if you like the “Cinematic” style. As seen in your review,these sounds are great to use as an “Intro” or “Lead”. Thanks for reviewing this one. 🙂


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