Sample Logic ASSAULT library review


Hey fam, back with another cinematic sound design type library for ya!

Today I’m checking out the newest product from Sample Logic called ASSAULT

So I won’t wast any time, lets just get right into it!

So what is ASSAULT?

ASSAULT_01This is a brand new library for Kontakt dedicated to sound design, transitions, hits, rises, falls, and other type of sound design elements.

It’s again aimed at film, media, and game composers or anyone that needs high quality fx, transitions, and sound elements.

Of course it has a very custom interface for tweaking and manipulating the sounds to your liking.

If you took a bunch of raw found sound, sound design, and other elements and then manipulated them to be played like percussive hits, kits, and impacts….

Then you’d have ASSAULT!

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderWhen trying to explain the sound of this library to a friend…the first thing I came up with was “it sounds like 3D”

I think that would be accurate! If you could imagine the types of sounds you hear in a high end movie theater, the transitions, impacts, rises, and how they sound over that type of system….that’s what this library sounds like.

It’s almost as if you don’t even want to tweak or mess with the sounds because the level of quality and detail is so well done and instantly usable.

Another thing I notice about the sounds is that they are multi layered.  Now I’m not speaking in terms of velocity responsiveness, but I’m saying when you play and listen to them, there are so many different things going on to make up the sound.

Everything from the main impact or swoosh down to the smallest detail really delivers a “3D” sound experience.

I guess I was just very impressed with the depth of the detail in the sounds and it really makes the library stand out in my opinion.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you use impacts, transitions, sound fx, rises, falls, reverses…or any of these types of sounds in your musical creations…here’s the library to get.

Not only do you get tons of instruments to play with, but the interface is amazing in and of itself. With all the tools and animations it makes for a very usable instrument.

5subsI give ASSAULT 5 out of 5 subs, this is without a doubt a very deep and instantly rewarding library that sounds great, looks great, and is waiting to be tweaked.

Of course as always make sure you go over to their website and checkout their demos:

leave me a comment below, let me know what you think!



  1. SJ,

    You’ve been showing us a few Kontakt libraries that seems similar to this one (Hybrid Two), and it makes me think of Damage too. Any obvious differences?

  2. Thanks for checking man, I will see about some of them, can’t promise all, I did a requiem one a while back but may have to do it again, I will not be doing any 8Dio products though, not a fan of the company personally. Hopefully I can do a review on this new product Lumina coming from ProjectSAM.

  3. Ahahahaha, I feel you fam…I apologize…but you know…I’m just trying to be a resource so you have somewhere to look when you DO need to purchase something. Hopefully I’ve got a video showing whatever it is so you can decide yay or nay 😉 Thanks for the support as always!

  4. Allright thank you man! I’m exited about Lumina, it looks and sounds very interesting! Do you pay all libarys and stuff by urself or does companies sometimes support you?

  5. SJ: This pack has killer sounds & the endless combinations seem to take this to another level. Special fx kits are one of my favorites. I agree with the 5.0/5.0 rating. ‘I’m Ready To Assault My Next Beat!”

  6. I would suggest , you quit Score composing is most competitive in the music industry and most expensiveto realize .Most of those dudes have tons of money invested in the gear .If you want to score film for under $150 just ain’t gonna happen’

  7. I agree somewhat, the best libraries cost money, but everyone has to get started somewhere, indy/college films, etc, at the end of the day if a person has the skills to put something together, they may get the gig based on their mock up then get the money to purchase the higher end libraries 🙂

  8. Sound cool for trailer scoring … SampleLogic never dissapoints,,, still gotta get my hands on SampleLogics Rumble… Thanks For the vid SJ

  9. thanx man because in ALPHA you can .ASSAULT sounds awesome but I just do not hear any thing new .Damage is more superior but not as Industrial soundingCheers S J

  10. If you thinking INDY than perhaps you might look in to more electronic or hybridscoring . There is a market for those kind of artists Basically what S J is showing .

  11. @Maciej Tyryllo alpha isn’t a kontakt player library, damage is more percussive and impacts. I lije them all and do not think they cover the same stuff really even though they are aimed at a similar use

  12. Whut up SJ! 2 part question here. #1. Can you edit the Start/End point of any particular wav? (Would seem so since the Put a Big Wav Display right in front of your face) #2. Does the Arpeggiator/Sequencer Sample Auto sync To Your DAW’s BPM? Thanks in advance brotha.

  13. The content size doesn’t really matter imo as long as the sound design is awesome. Consider many hardware workstations usually don’t even have that much content in them yet still sound cool 🙂


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