Rob Papen SubBoomBass synth review


Yo whatsup!

Time to checkout some more goodies.

Today I’m checking out a synth from master synth man Rob Papen (sorry if I mis pronounce it lol)

I first came to know him from his work on the various E-mu modules I had, so I know he does good work.

It’s very exciting when people who make sounds you loved in hardware start making software sounds or their own software.

That’s what we have here, and this synth is created for the purpose of making that deep, thumping bass we often need.

let’s check it out

What is SubBoomBass?

It’s a bass synth.

I know that’s a simple answer but really, it was designed to be your “go to” sub bass instrument.

It comes with a ton of presets ready to inject your tunes with that deep low end we love in electronic and urban music.

But it’s a fully capable synth, complete with two oscillators, a filter section, amp section, modulation, two fx slots, and even a sequencer.

For me…it’s a bass module, but it can be whatever you want, as it has all the ingredients of a killer synth inside.

Quick Specs

  • content: over 1000 presets
  • format: au, vst, rtas
  • price: $118

How does it sound?

like a bunch of bass!!

Seriously, the sound is awesome as you’d expect from Papen, but it really…really “gets” that deep bass sound that we love and constantly look for.

Sure, there’s tons of synths that can do a simple sine wave, but there’s a little extra magic on these bass sounds in my opinion that let them sit well and instantly give you what you’re looking for in a sub bass sound.

This is an important sound for many hip hop, rnb, electro, dance, dub,  or any other type of electronic style of music.

I have a lot of plugins, a lot of dope synths, a lot of very good libraries….but I know when I want that deep sub bass, I can quickly pull up this instrument.

Not to mention how you can tweak and layer to create your own sounds.

It’s useful for creating deep kicks as well, as you can mix percussive drum samples that are included in the oscillator section, with the various oscillator types…even throw some FM synthesis on top.

I didn’t even go into the sequencer, you get two patterns that can be 16 steps each…useful for creating some throbbing basslines or pulsating kick sequences on the fly.

At the end of the day, it’s a very thorough synth, but for me…the deep tones you get out of it are what I love.

So what’s the bottom line?

Get this!

Seriously, for the price of many sample libraries you can get a very efficient, to the point, do exactly what it says it will do synth.

I always get questions about bass, specifically “deep sub bass” or “808 type bass” I know the person is usually looking for that deep sub bass sound.

While many plugins may be able to somewhat create it, this one nails it head on, no questions about it.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 subs, I really love it, it’s an indispensable tool for anyone producing electronic/urban music…or film, media, whatever you may be doing that needs that real deep, smooth bottom end.

Not that it can’t sound harsh and trashy…because it can!  But that’s what I love…it’s so versatile for a “SubBoomBass” instrument…it’s really just a synth bass and deep percussion instrument.

From basslines to deep kicks, it’s got ya covered.

Checkout the demo at Papen’s site:

Or you can go straight over and buy it from folks like Rob Papen SubBoomBass

let me know what you think….I think it’s the “one”


  1. Yo!Thanks St. J – this was just what I needed. You are right, some products dont give you that consistent Sub sound but this one seems to hit it on the money. Preciate it – Nut

    • @Dat Kneegro Nut, yessir, this gets it right man, Rob Papen is a legend, though I think I pronounced his name wrong in the video, it sounds like Paper I think, instead of Popper lol.

      Either way, he’s the man! 🙂

    • @Mstrklla, yeah, pretty easy to find that one, it’s right on the product page. You’ll have to setup an account but it’s a good way to test it out, I love companies that have demos. Matter of fact, I’ll add that link to the article as well, I mentioned it in the video but didn’t add the link as I figured it was easy to find on his site. Thanks.

  2. Wow!,yo man, this is what I’ve been looking for. I mean the sub-bass on ableton is “alright”, but it’s not quite the kind of deep,deep,DEEEEEEEP, bass most of us is looking for. Anyway, thanks for the review,and as always, keep up the good work. Peace!

  3. Thanks for the info fam! I was about to plop down some ends for Triillian, mainly to use for sub bass. I know Trillian is sick, but it’s probably way more than what I need and way more expensive. This is a no brainer.

  4. Nice, I’ve wondered how this sounded. Man, I could kick myself now for not getting it when I saw it on sale for $68 sometime back. It’s kind of like NI’s Massive but good and usable out the box w/o a lot of extra tweaking. This is definitely going on the shopping list.

  5. I am so glad you finally done this review cos this vst is the sickest,for deep bass once again RP is on point . Bass how low can you go….?

  6. hey tnx, I think I’ve found them – RPCX? I’ve just upgraded to the new Subboom Bass with Komplete integration, though I don’t have Komplete I understand it works with Maschine and Kontakt, anyway will be playing around with it


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