Review: Yamaha MT Series Headphones – MT5, MT7, & MT8


What  is the MT Series?

The MT Series is a collection of studio monitor headphones from Yamaha.

Aimed to give you high quality monitoring in a comfortable, portable package.

The focus is to deliver accurate sound reproduction so you can feel comfortable and confident that what you hear is what is actually there.

They are also designed to be durable and stand up to both studio and road use.

Quick Specs:

How doe they sound?

The MT5 has a decent sound, with good representation all around, but for me the sound was a bit too “up front” It felt like the sound itself was right up against my ears, definitely felt like headphones.

The MT7 also covered a wide range of audio, but the overall sound stage for me felt like it was pushed back too far, almost like it was in a box, without being “boxy” sounding. Sure they had an open sound, but I felt like I missed some of the richness in the audio, it too, felt like a headphone representation of the audio signal to me.

The MT8 sounded great though! The audio was clear, detailed, not harsh or fatiguing. and it was easy to get a proper representation across the entire spectrum, from tight, punchy low end, to clean, crisp high end.

While I did find that all three were able to reproduce the majority of the audio spectrum, the way they did it, or the sound stage they deliver is definitely different between the each model.

So what’s the bottom line?

Out of all three I prefer the MT8, these are actually very good headphones and a pair that I have no problem wearing. To qualify that statement, in general, I typically do not use headphones. I usually find them to be uncomfortable, as well as not providing a good representation of the audio over prolonged periods of time.

The MT8 had no problems here, they are both comfortable and produce an amazing sound, I give these headphones 4.5 out of 5 subs. If you’re looking for a set of headphones for production, mixing, sound design, or anything else where you want accurate representation of your audio, these are worth a try. 

Out of the other two, I’d probably choose the MT5 over the MT7 personally. Of course as with anything, personal taste will vary, and the type of music or audio you’re working with can also impact what you prefer.

What I will say, is that the MT8 is not hyped up in any way, you just get a clean, detailed picture of your audio.

Feel free to go over and check our the specs and tech behind them.

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