Review of Tru-Urban Pro Urban Guitars for Kontakt


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The company is Tru-Urban and I’m checking out their latest guitar library

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So what is Urban-Pro Guitars?

Guitar_kontakt__31984.1408887756.220.220It’s a collection of professional guitar riffs, licks, and loops, mapped out in a custom Kontakt interface.

The interface lets you go in and change the pitch of each individual lick or chord using an intuitive micro-tuning interface.

You can also gain control over delay with a dedicated delay sequencer.

Think of it as a customized way to play with some really cool guitar loops, of course if you just wish to chop them up yourself the samples are provided in the folder as well.


Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThese are some very nice sounding guitar riffs indeed, lots of chords and licks that instantly spark some ideas.

The way you can experiment with the arrangement in Kontakt is great since they are laid out on the keys for quick auditioning.

The parts are small on each key which gives you more flexibility when coming up with new ideas, and being able to microtune the samples is useful to make sure they fit into your song perfectly.

The delay sequencer is cool as well, as it gives you a quick way to add some variation to the samples.

I think they also did a good job in capturing the samples, no unwanted noise or messing sample editing that I noticed.

So what’s the bottom line?

This is a cool guitar library on it’s own, the samples themselves have a great sound to them that I found quite usable.

The fact that they put it into a custom Kontakt interface gives you a different way to interact with the samples quickly, which is beneficial for coming up with ideas on the fly.

4subsI give Urban-Pro Guitars 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a great sounding library that’s instantly playable with some quick ways to tweak the samples to fit your own tracks.

Being in Kontakt, I would have liked to see an effects tab directly in the interface that would allow you to quickly change the sound directly. It would also be cool to see a simple timestretch button that would turn on timestretching automatically so you can quickly map the samples to different tempos.

Of course you can do that in Kontakt easy enough, but in terms of workflow, it would be cool to have that type of control right up front.

Overall I think they did a great job in creating some usable samples and I’m looking forward to what else they come up with.

If you don’t want to use it in Kontakt, they also have a sample library version that includes the wavs along with rex files, Maschine sound files, and Akai .AKP files.

Either way, go on over and check them out:

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    • Thanks for watching man!

      Yes, this is not a Kontakt Player library, if you open in player, it will go into full version demo mode for 30 minutes I think (may be 15, I don’t remember lol)

  1. SJ: Thanks for giving us a look at this new library. From your video this addition seems easy to use & the sounds are great. I agree with your ratings. Another great review fro S&


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