Review: ThinkSpace Education – Sound Design Essentials Course


So what is Sound Design Essentials?

sound_design_essentials The concept behind this course is to teach you the basics of sound design as it relates to your musical compositions.

They not only focus on “how” do to something but also show you practical ways of implementing it into your musical work.

You start with working with reversed audio and move all the way up into synth sound design.

They even throw in a bonus section on working with found sounds, which are basically live recordings that you later manipulate as you see fit.

The personal feedback and mentoring you get as part of the Gold package really takes it to the next level.

Topics covered:

  • Reversing sounds
  • Audio manipulation
  • Building drones
  • Creating rhythmic pulses
  • Programming virtual synths
  • Combining sound design with conventional instruments

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re looking for a fun and detailed way to learn sound design from the ground up, in a practical/musical way, definitely check this out.

4andhalfsubsI give Sound Design Essentials 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s an easy to follow course, with practical application and plenty of information no matter what your skill level is.

I wanted to approach this as a student, even though I may be beyond the “essentials” I still picked up some great knowledge in terms of using sound design not just to make sounds, but to make sounds in relation to fitting your compositions.

For me, the super “gold” definitely came from the fact that the gold package gives you access to an personal tutor who is actually working in the industry.

The feedback I got on a submitted project has already proven to be priceless as it gives me a different mindset in regards to creating music for media/game situations.

Check out the free sample, and defintely have a look at what these guys are doing. I’ve been diggin into it for a few months and I truly feel it is something worth considering.

If you do decide to take a course, using the code “saintjoe” to get 10% off

Let me know what you think below, or if you have any experience with ThinkSpace!

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