Review: Plugin Guru Omniverse Patch Library for Omnisphere


Hey what’s good fam!

Today I’ve got some goodies for the Omnisphere lovers out there.

This is collection of patches from Plugin Guru’s “Ominverse” series.

This is the first volume, let’s check it out!

So what is Omnisverse?

omniverse1It’s a collection of 150 custom patches for Omnisphere, as well as some arp and envelope presets.

The style covers everything from electronic, to dance, urban, and ambient.

It’s got all types of sounds including a bunch of rhythmic/pulsing patches.

Of course you have to own Omnisphere to use this library.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThis is a very diverse library, he covers a lot of ground in here and the detail in his sounds is very inspiring.

What I mean is, if you listen closely, there’s usually some subtle movement and modulation going on, not making the sounds too complex, but just enough to give them some character.

I found lots of usable sounds and I love that he has things that are soft and airy, raw and distorted, and even epic electronic dance sounds.

The modhweel usually does something to the sound, most of which can be found out directly in the description.

Again for me what stood out is the time and detail given to each sound, sometimes it’s those little tweaks or modulations that really give the sound it’s own voice.

Overall it’s got a great sound with tons of usable patches that instantly inspired new ideas or melodies.

So what’s the bottom line?

Look, Omnisphere comes with a ton of factory patches no doubt, plenty to keep you busy for years upon years, but every once in a while it’s great to get a new look at the engine and what it can do.

This library gives you a different perspective from the mind of another great sound designer who knows the plugin inside and out.

4andhalfsubsI give Omniverse 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s a great collection of diverse patches that sound great, and the addition of the arp and envelope presets allows even more creativity within this library or any other patch you have loaded in Omnisphere.

Honestly I say just go over and get the library, and anything else he makes for Omnisphere because if you were to judge from this first volume you know the rest are going to be pure dope.

So go check it out:

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