Review of the Mixing Hip Hop course by Matthew Weiss


Hey what’s good fam!

Today I have a cool resource I wanted to show you.

It’s a Hip Hop Mixing course by Matthew Weiss, he’s mixed for folks like Snoop, Arrested Development, and more.

Let’s check it out!

So what is Mixing Hip Hop?

Box@2xIt’s actually a bundle made of two courses, one on mixing rap vocals and one on mixing Hip Hop beats.

They are video tutorials that explain the different concepts when it comes to mixing urban music along with showing you exact methods and techniques so you can apply them yourself.

He even includes stems from the beat he’s working with in the video so you can actually mix the same tracks using the same skills you’re learning in the tutorial.

It’s basically an easy to follow and easy to comprehend course on mixing beats and vocals in the context of urban music production.

Both courses cover some very useful and specific topics when it comes to mixing all for $57

The topics covered include: 

  • Cleaning up vocals
  • Controlling tone and dynamics
  • Enhancing with EQ
  • Constructing ambience
  • Producing better vocals
  • Setting levels
  •  Emotional automation
  •  Making the drums hit hard
  •  Enhancing the synths
  •  Home mastering tips

So what’s the bottom line?

I really dig this course, I think it’s well organized but most importantly it’s easy to follow.

5subsI give the Mixing Hip Hop bundle 5 out of 5 subs, it delivers the content in an easy to digest format that makes it simple to take the knowledge and apply it to your own music.

I feel like Matthew does a great job of explain various concepts and ideas in a way that you can grasp no matter what your skill level is.

Many times tutorials on such topics tend to get a bit advanced or seem to be aimed at an intermediate user with engineering experience.

This collection of videos seems to assume you know nothing, and proceeds to take you through the common issues you would come up against as well as showing you how to handle them with confidence.

I’m no engineer, and when it comes to information I love to be able to digest and apply it quickly, that’s what I feel these videos allow.

Go on over and check them out:

And if you’re looking for something specifically on compression they have that covered as well, in the same easy to follow style:


  1. Very cool, I look forward to getting / watching the course myself.
    Going by your review and what I’ve seen already it does everything I would want it to.

    Kind regards as ever,


    • It’s actually really well done, I love simple information that’s useful. They did a good job of making this topic easy to follow and comprehend.

  2. Bro, I was looking for something like this and boom I come this site and boom… Man I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask you about this

  3. I’ve found this tutorial pretty useless… Luckily I didn’t bought it, a friend of me showed me his video. But damn… 1 hour on the mix on a cheap track with very few real tricks and tips… You can easily find better mixdown tutorial on youtube, made by rookies. I’ll never trust a “super winning award teacher” anymore. This tutorial is totally empty.

    • Not sure what you were looking for, but I found it useful and easy to follow. I guess everyone is different. and Matthew is definitely not a rookie, check his resume. Sometimes it is the simple stuff that works. Thanks for the comment.


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