Review: Impact Soundworks ReForged Metallic Cinematic Sound Design library


Yo what’s good fam?

Got a new review today from Impact Soundworks, this one is their new ReForged library.

If you’re into various sound design elements and fx, let’s dig in!

So what is ReForged?

ReForged_UIIt’s a cinematic sound design library created completely from “found sound” metallic percussion sources.

That means tools, utensils, containers, doors, fences and whatever else is metal that can be hit, scrapped, or otherwise assaulted for our audio pleasure.

The library isn’t just percussive though, those source samples were turned into hits, ambiences, textures, synths, and fx.

It runs in the full version of Kontakt and you also get the raw audio data for direct manipulation if you don’t want to use it through Kontakt.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThe quality of the sampled material is very rich, so many different textures and nuances are represented.

They give you designed sounds, and the “natural” samples they were derived from.

So that means not only do you get the crazy stuff they came up with from their recordings, you also get access to those “natural” recordings in their original format for use or abuse as you see fit.

I liked how simple the Kontakt interface was, as it allows you to quickly tweak and alter the sound with movement and/or by applying multiple fx.

There’s even some presets you can load (or save your own) to quickly pull up different settings for the sequencer, fx, and other parameters.

The impacts and hits were dynamic, and I also enjoyed the various atmosphere and texture patches.

The inclusion of the natural samples was really welcomed as I found them to be of great quality which makes them totally flexible.

So what’s the bottom line?

There may come a time when you need something a little different from the norm, no matter if you’re trying to score your next trailer, video game, or add some unique elements to your music tracks, ReForged definitely provides a great collection of content that can be used equally as percussive or tonal elements.

4subsI give ReForged 4 out of 5 subs, the sound quality is great and the variety of sounds covered really is deeper than you may expect.

I definitely dig the flexibility of having the Kontakt format as well as the raw WAV and REX files, as it allows people to work in any way they see fit.

Go on over and check it out on their website

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  1. SJ: I like the design & easy to navigate features. The effects in this pack is good too. Thanks for reviewing this product. I agree with 4.0 rating.


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