Review: Brainwavz Audio B200 Dual Armature Earphones


I hadn’t heard of Brainwavs Audio before, but I’m always interested in new products and companies so when they reached out to see if they could send over a pair of earphones I figured, “hey, they may be cool, let’s see”.


I was interested due to some of the details about their earphones (dual driver setup), and the sound quality they proposed.  I don’t like taking my studio headphones with me all the time when I’m mobile and want to create, throwing a pair of earphones in the pocket is always a good option.

If there was something available that could give me a similar sound and character that I expect from studio headphones, clarity, definition in the low end, nice open sound imaging….that could prove pretty useful.

So they sent me a pair to checkout, after a couple of months of use I figured it was time to share my thoughts.

Quick Specs

  • Drivers: Dual Balanced Armature
  • Rated Impedance: 30Ω
  • Frequency Range : 12 Hz ~ 22 kHz
  • Sensitivity : 110 dB at 1 mW
  • Price: $119:95
  • Purchase:

So what did you think about them?

Overall I think these are a great pair of earphones. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and definition in both the high and low end. The bass is deep, punchy, and tight, but not messy or overwhelming.  No doubt due to the dual armature system (1 for woofer, 1 for tweeter).

You know when you turn up some earphones too loud the sound breaks down and clarity turns a bit muddy? That didn’t happen here. Instead, the bass got more punchy, and the mid/high stayed clear so I could hear everything in proper context.

The stereo imaging and overall sound stage was really open sounding, especially from earphones. When creating music or editing content I could make decisions that translated well on my studio monitors or headphones.  Panning, reverb, delay, levels, even bass, all translated well…I was impressed.

Overall I give the B200 earphones 4 out of 5 subs, they provide great sound quality, nice range in terms of the frequencies you can reproduce, and they’re comfortable to wear. 

One reason I prefer over the ear headphones when creating is the fatigue factor I usually experience with earphones. The way they hang in the ear mixed with the sound reproduction can be a bit much at times.

This is the first time I had a pair of “around the ear” earphones and I’m definitely a fan….can’t believe I never tried this style before. It was easy to forget I had them on.

I will say, I preferred the fit of version 1 to version 2, version 2 has a removable cable so you can get a mic/remote or regular setup, version 1 just had a non detachable cable and I think that gave it a more rigid fit in my ears.

But the sound quality was great on both versions for sure and I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference if I hadn’t tried both.

Overall this is a dope pair of earphones and I’m glad they reached out to see if I’d like to check out a pair.

I’ve been using some pretty decent headphones from Klipsch for many years, but I have to say the B200 definitely opened my ears to other possibilities in this area.

I think I’m on a quest to try out a few more, just to see what type of technology and sound reproduction is available in this arena for serious production and creation work.

Let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in grabbing a pair hit the link

*Disclaimer: Yes I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you use my link I will get a small percentage. Of course it doesn’t change the price for you but it does help support the site, channel, and content I put out. So thanks!

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