Review: Adam Audio T7V Active Studio Monitors


When Adam Audio contacted me late last year and asked if I would be interested in checking out a new pair of monitors they had coming out, of course I replied with an enthusiastic YES!

I’ve always heard great things about Adam, so when they said they were releasing a series of monitors that kept the Adam audio quality and would make it available at a lower price point I was definitely intrigued.

I was able to see them in person at NAMM, but it wasn’t until I got a pair a few weeks later that I was really able to wrap my mind around what they were doing.

They were bringing Adam quality to bedroom producers, project studios, and even professional studio applications for a truly amazing price.

These joints (The T7) are $500 for the pair ($249 each) which is crazy….plus they sound amazing!

Quick Specs

So how do they sound?

All that matters is the sound right? Well these things sound great! When I first turned them on I would switch back and forth between my current 5″ Events and these, and I immediately felt like there was a blanket removed from my audio!

The level of clarity was impressive, the highs were crisp, the mids were balanced, and the lows were represented extremely well. The bass was tight and defined without being overemphasized…I dig that.

I haven’t even used my sub since I started using these monitors, I trust the bass response that much.

The overall audio quality is just great from top to bottom, the stereo imaging is well represented so things like pan, delay, reverb, and other positional characteristics of audio can be properly understood.

They just plain sound good.

So what’s the bottom line? 

Are you looking for a pair of monitors in the $500 to $1000 range? The Adam T7 monitors are definitely worth serious consideration.

I give the Adam T7 a rating of 5 out of 5 subs, I can’t think of anything I’d improve on them in terms of sound quality especially given the price they come in at. 

I haven’t heard their other monitor series, but I can say the T series definitely has set the bar in terms of performance to price ratio.

The quality of audio reproduction you get is crazy, they could definitely charge more but I’m not complaining!



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