Maschine Packs: Native Instruments Raw Works Expansion Review


NI_RAw_WorksRaw Works  is a unique pack in that it was made exclusively for iMaschine

The reason I wanted to show it is because there are some really dope, hard hitting, raw hip hop samples in here.

This pack was created by legendary producer Nottz, thinks Snoop, Dilla, Kanye, Busta, etc.

He put some hand picked sounds from his personal vault into this one.  The kits contain drums  along with sample chops of keys, strings, guitar, bass, vocals, and fx.

Anyone into classic boom bap, hardcore street, and just plain raw sounding Hip Hop samples will no doubt enjoy this joint.

Quick Specs

  • content: 5 kits, 5 projects
  • format: iMaschine (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)
  • price: $0.99
  • url: in-app purchase within the iMaschine expansion store


  1. yeah if you have imaschine on it, you can export a project with the kits in maschine format, then download it to your computer via itunes file sharing

  2. Joe” hey man this one, RawWorks rocks, and a special thank you for opening up one of the IMaschine projects,because I’m an iMaschine enthusiast, as my environment will allow me to segued into a full-blown Machine based situation,so this works for me, I need a app on the fly, and I’m glad that we got people like you Joe” and now I’m waiting for iPad Air … btw, any thoughts on if they’ll upgrade? iMaschine

  3. wakeupnowthe600club · Edit

    Can you sell me this pack for machine, I have it in my machine, but unsure hot to make it an expansion like you did. I can paypal you if you like. Ill inbox you my number and paypal.

  4. I know how to do that part, I mean how do I save the kits into a library
    and rename them for later use and not just for that project


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