Product Demo: HelloSamples Flavours #2 – Organic House


hs-f2-organic-house-cover-webYo what’s good fam! Back with a demo of some more organic sample goodness from HelloSamples.

Today I’m checking out the second product in their “Flavours” series, Flavours #2 – Organic House.

I know I know…I’m not a house guy, but trust me, these guys put out the same level of dusty, organic, mellow content no matter what genre they put on the box.

These samples fit perfectly well in Hip Hop, Downtempo, Ambient, and other chill music in addition to House in my opinion.

As usual it has some bangin drum sounds, smooth ep, string, and other chords, deep bass, and plenty of percussion.

In this video I showed the Ableton Live format, but you can get it in other formats as well or just grab the straight wav files.

Oh, they are also giving away their Spaced Out FX product with the purchase of this one…so more audio goodness for your favorite sampler.

Quick Specs

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