Product Demo: HelloSamples Flavours #1- Golden Hip Hop Library



HS-F1-Golden-Hip-Hop-CoverYo what’s good fam! Back with some more organic Hip Hop samples from HelloSamples, this is from their new “Flavours” series and it’s called ‘Golden Hip Hop”

The whole concept behind this one is to deliver that classic, golden-era Hip Hop vibe in the form of drum kits, patterns, chords, riffs, bass, instrument licks, and sound effects.

It comes in multiple formats including 3 of the major groove boxes on the market, Maschine, Ableton (Push), and the MPC.

This is a dope collection if you’re into organic Hip Hip vibes, and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy. The drums are bangin and the instruments are smooth, a perfect combination if you ask me.

Quick Specs

I’m always excited to see what HelloSamples is dropping, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


  1. I grabbed this as soon as I seen this review in July and forgot to come back to thank you. This is a very dope kit. I would of missed it if you didn’t do this review. Very good look. Once again you put me on. Thanks STJ!


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