Primeloops Smooth RnB Guitars and Melodic Guitar Hooks review


Yo what’s good fam, back with another review for you.

This time I’m doing something different, I’m showing two products at once.

The idea behind this is to have two different guitar libraries from the same company, so I can show the variety and differences between the two.

Sometimes you run into a case where all the guitars, or all the keys, or whatever form one company tend to sound the same.

Just wanted to show that in this instance, it’s not the case.

Let’s check it out

So what is Smooth RnB Guitar and Melodic Guitar Hooks?

These are two different guitar libraries from Primeloops.

One is geared more towards smooth RnB while the other is geared towards a variety of styles including pop, acoustic, rock, indy, etc.

These are not construction kits, they are guitar loops.

Each loop has the key and tempo in the name of the file to allow you to easily find what you need.

Quick Specs

  • content: 390MB (Smooth RnB), 340MB (Melodic Guitar Hooks)
  • format: wav. ableton live pack, fl studio, garageband, apple loops, reason refill, rex
  • price: $27.28 each

How do they sound?

As expected the quality of the loops is very high, but also the variety.

The Melodic Hooks cover more of an indy/pop style, mixed with a little bit of rock. You get everything from sparse open acoustic riffs, to heavy driving electric guitars.

There is even a little funk and soul mixed in there.

As for the Smooth RnB guitars, they sound exactly how you’d expect. Nice smooth licks and chords, mixed up into dry and processed folders. I really liked the processed sounds myself, definitely adds a nice element to the loops with delay and other effects.

All the loops are pretty long so you get a lot to chop up, and even within each product there is enough variety to keep you busy.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well I know this is different, having two products reviewed at once but I think my goal was accomplished.

It’s safe to say that you can find a lot of variety even within a specific instrument category from Primeloops.  Just because you have one guitar library from them, doesn’t mean they will all sound the same.

If you’re looking for some good, usable, well played guitar loops and riffs, definitely check them out.

I give these libraries 4 out of 5 subs, very well played, well recorded, and plenty of variety to go around

Definitely go on over and checkout their guitar category:

leave a comment below and let me know what ya think

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Good luck!

Primeloops Smooth RnB Guitars and Melodic Guitar Hooks review
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  1. SJ, This pack seem to have the sounds to get that perfect song off & running. I was grooving to your loop… Another “Great” video from S&

  2. You quick wit choppin those samples my dawg! What DM you using? is that an MPC 1000 I see you messin with?>? Also could you tell me how to chop one using that VFX MIDI and Studio One??

  3. wut up st joe its been a long time since my last comment and you know i allways be looking for the nice sounding guitar files about to down load smooth guitar now i like this one alot and you put togther a nice beat cant get ready to add my own flavor on this thanks for what you do hope to see you at next years namm show peace


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