Primeloops human beat box sample kit review


Not another beat box kit!

I know, I know…if you’re like me, any time you hear “beat box” from a sample provider, you pass on by!


Well for me,  I usually find them to be useless, most of the time a bunch of loops of some person beat boxing that isn’t really that good.

They rarely provide actual “one shots” and the ones that do, I can’t tell what’s a kick, snare, or hi hat!

Yeah, I’m biased against beat box samples…I bet Primeloops didn’t know that before they sent the kit in for this review!

So are they safe?

Primeloops beat box kit has NO freakin loops!

Human-Beatbox-Samples-Prookay, so my first surprise was that a company named Primeloops did NOT put any loops in this beat box kit!

Well, I almost ended my review right there out of excitement, did they actually realize that producers want to use the single hits from a beat box session and not the whole performance?

Did they understand that producers like to make their own loops and performances? Or that we like to layer nice mouth percussion on top of our regular drums?

Hmmm….they did, at least I think so, becuase there isn’t a freakin loop in sight!


But the real question remains….how does it sound and what’s the deal with the kit anyway?

Straight from the mouth of Mowgli

mowgliThese mouth bangers were created by Mowgli of the World Beatbox Convention, he’s  signed to AllFromTheMouth along side others like Rahzel,Killa Kella, and Shlomo…..

So, it’s pretty safe to say, they didn’t get some unknown studio engineer to try and beat box into their high quality Rode NT2000 and “manufacture” some convincing sounds.

They went right to the source and enlisted the mouth of a profesisonal! Good call.

But how do they sound maaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Well I will say, I still didn’t know what to expect, I’m not big into the beat box scene so I didn’t know who Mowgli was, sounded like a dope beatboxer but I just hadn’t had any knowledge of him.

When I opened the folder, the first thing I went to was the kicks, gotta have that knock! In most beatbox kits, the kicks do not “thump” even though they are kicks.  Now I wasn’t expecting the same thump as I get from other kicks, but at least enough to let me know it’s a kick!

I wasn’t disappointed at all! These kicks were well defined and well recorded. I could use them as the foundation for a track, or layer with some other drums to get really freaky!


For years I was constantly disappointed with beat box sample kits, and hey, even though I’ve been known to do my own from time to time, it’s nice to have a kit right there for immediate use.

So what about the snares, hi hats, and other sounds?

They were all equally useful, and most important, distinguishable! I they snares sounded like snares, and the hats sounded like hats…some of the hats and shakers may sound pretty close but that’s okay!

There are also some weird chirps, blips, bass, scratches, and other mouth candy.

How many sounds do I get man?

This is another part where the kit shines! It includes about 200 or so samples, individual sounds!

You get a folder of kicks,  snares, hats, instruments, and kits.

I’m sure you can figure out what’s in each folder.

So what the SoundsAndGear rating on this bad boy man?

It’s a solid kit, very solid.  I started to give it a 3.5, which is still good in my book, because it was still a limited kit since everyone won’t like beat box samples, so it’s not as broad in application.


If you’re looking for beat box kits, that’s what you want, the beat box! I had to give it a 4 out of 5 subs man!


The samples are good, the quality is excellent, and they have enough punch and definition to be the main drums in a track.

Good job to the primeloops crew!

You can go on over and check it out for yourself or even download some samples.

Primeloops human beat box samples

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  1. I tend to stick with breaks or drum loops only when buying sample packs. Prime Loops are ok, but I tend to be let down by anything Big Fish Audio sales. I'd place Zero-G way above them, but not at the top of my list. Which sample company do you like the best?

    • I’m not big on drumloops, I don’t use them at all. I may chop some drums from a break, but that’s about it. I don’t do that often either.

      I find it hard to see how you can be let down by ANYTHING Big Fish sells, they sell entirely too many different companies! Everything from apple loops, to vsts, to big dollar sample cds…so maybe there is something specific from them you don’t like.

      I don’t have a favorite company, I just buy what I think sounds good and see what works with my music. I don’t see how someone could be let down by a cd like smoker’s delight or neo soul, or things of that nature.

      Primeloops I don’t consider sample cds, I consider them sample packs, and they def have some good ones as well.

      I try not to limit myself, but I definitely don’t shop for drumloops at all.

  2. That's cool that you don't shop for drum loops and I do. I love drum loops & some hooks & melodies. A Company called Motion Samples is my favorite! I got bigfish "Smoker's Relight Deux", and I don't feel it was worth it's price of $199.95. 😉 I got Zero G Pro Pack for $150. It's cheaper & better in my opinion. I got "The Best Of Breakbeat" from bigfish for $30 and that's great! I got "Garage And Bassline" for $19.95 made from Mowgli at bigfish and it's demo sounds cool, but the kit's don't. See I like bigfish, but I have been let down by them before. Go check out soundstosample for cheaper prices, more download options, and some extra companies you won't find at bigfish. I still like bigfish too. 😉 But go check out Motion Samples "Hip Hop Genetics" and "SoulTown", they are Awesome!

    • I feel ya! I don’t mind melodies and such, just not so much the drum loops. I didn’t get relight, I got the first one, it was only 99 lol. I like motion samples too, I’ve been shopping with them since the were on eBay before they had their site lol.

      Trust me man, I’ve been all over the place for samples, I’m always looking for good ones. I’m usually looking for melodies to chop up or create my own samples from, and then single drum hits, I’m just not really a fan of drumloops, I like to make my own. Nothing wrong with that though

      that’s why there are choices 🙂

  3. You have to be very careful buying loops from Big fish. Im not sure how Zero G or prime loops is but most of the big fish audio stuff can not be used for television production music or used in music libraries. IT says so right on the back on the box. If you really want the best samples for the most part you have to get into all the old AKaI CD roms from about 10 years ago.

    • It has nothing to do with Big Fish exclusively, it’s just the licenses on each library. They sell stuff from various people, and I’ve bought from them in the past, never had any issues using their stuff.

      Maybe if all you buy is loops of premade beats then yeah, but no one selling individual loops, chords, drums, riffs, and other sounds is expecting it not to be used by producers for original music lol.

      So check the license yes, but I definitely wouldn’t through the entire Big Fish site under a “caution” they still sell akai cds, giga cds, and other stuff available from other retailers.

      Are you speaking specifically about their own brand of loops and stuff?

      I do remember seeing a few specifically not allowing you to use it for “music libraries” I’m not sure if they mean sample libraries or music submitted to licensing pools.

      I know some music libraries don’t allow ANY sample cds even if they say royalty free lol.

      It really depends on the license of the individual libray/cd…gotta check it!


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