Presonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer review


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with another Presonus review, this one is on the Temblor T10 sub that I was testing out with the Sceptre S6 studio monitors

Let’s jump right into it!

temblor_t10So what is the Temblor T10?

Well basically…it’s a 250w active studio subwoofer.

Yes that means it has it’s own amplifier, and like the Sceptre monitors, this thing is loud as well!

There aren’t many “features” when it comes to a sub, it’s pretty straight forward, but of course the main thing is connections and how it sounds.

It also has 4 rubber feet built into the bottom of the enclosure for stability, which is a nice touch indeed.

Quick Specs

  • size: 10″
  • power rating: 250 watts
  • frequency range: 20 Hz to 50 – 130 Hz (variable)
  • connectivity: rca in,  xlr in/out, 1/4″ TRS in/out, footswitch port, xlr sub out
  • price: $399.95
  • product page:

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderYou may think a sub is a sub, but anyone that’s dealt with subs knows you can get a different experience from one to another, no matter if you’re talking studio subs, car audio, or home theater.

This sub is loud, with a very deep and tight bass output. I would call it “clean” if I had to give it one simple word.

The enclosure never gets in the way of the sound, meaning you don’t hear any rattling or “flabby” output at higher levels.

One of the best parts about the bass output being so clean is I didn’t have to crank it up loud to get a good idea of what was going on at the sub frequencies.

I could set it where it sounded best in my setup and leave it alone, it translated well in various types of musical situations and was never overpowering at all.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’m a firm believer in having a sub in your setup, it really lets you get a good representation of what’s going on in the low end of your music.

That said, it’s evident that different subs will perform differently in various setups, but I have to say the Temblor really surprised me with a difference I wasn’t expecting to hear at all.

5subsOverall I give the Temblor t10 subwoofer 5 out of 5 subs, I really enjoyed the clean, deep, tight, bass response it produced without hyping up what was actually going on in my low end.

It’s a really great sounding sub and I definitely enjoyed the Presonus monitoring system overall.

Unfortunately (for me) the time has come to send them back, but you better believe they left a lasting impression on me. I’m definitely considering having them give an encore performance in my setup in the future.

Go on over and learn more about it at their website:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think


Presonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer review
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    • Bro, lemme tell you, and I know you’ll understand, the bass this thing puts out is so clean and tight. You know audio, so you know how subs can respond differently. I wasn’t expecting it to sound much different, figured it would be similar, but there is a tightness to the low end that very nice. The KRK in comparison sounds overhyped and a bit “lose” to my ears. It could be my setup, my room isn’t the best, but I know for me, the Temblor is dope…sad to send it back. I may have one again in the near future LOL.

      It’s also made me very interested in testing out other monitors and subs now.

      • Compared to other monitors you’ve tested, how would you rate the build quality. One of the problems I’m running into with some products is they sound good but the durability is less than desirable. Are the components of quality grade? In other words have you taken it apart to look at the guts?

        • No I didn’t take it apart, but externally it feels solid, and the cabinet is sturdy as well as doesn’t produce any extra sound when it’s operating.

      • can you elaborate more on KRK and Temblor ?. when you said “lose” and overhyped what exactly do you mean.?. do you think temblor is better.?

  1. Greetings saint … Thanks for the awesome review like always. I was wondering if they could make a fold horn studio sub encloser where that the front or outer cone could be seen through a plexiglass view with their symbol in the middle of the cone? Reasons for cone being shown in studio isn’t for show it would be for certain Fhz responses so I could freak with low tones experimenting on how would I want peoples car audio systems to react ….. Every now and then I will freak with the very low silent frequencies lol messing with people minds

  2. Oh and would anyone know of a plugin that’s specifically made for country music? My last question How could you make a bluesy wah wham steel guitar sound using native instruments Komplete 9 ?

  3. I was thinking about getting the mackie mk3 for about same price or a lil less expensive. Now im thinking about this one instead. What ya think? Ivalue your opinion bro.

    • I haven’t heard the Mackie so I can’t say, I’m sure it sounds good too. If you have a chance to demo them in the store I’d do that for sure.

  4. Why ain’t you showing the inside, for sure there chinese caps inside and the comparasion with the most overhyped brand , krk, tells me nothing about the sound. In no review they’ve turned thevspeaker on. This is no review, what you said can i read in the brochure.

    • Why would I show the inside? I’m not concerned with where the capacitors and resistors were made, I wanted to know what it sounded like, how the features worked, and how it sounded in my setup. Based on that, I gave my opinion on it. There’s no point in “turning it on” in a video, you wouldn’t be able to hear the sub through a video anyway, the best way to hear it is to go test one out if you can at the store, which is what my review is for, to let people know there’s another sub out there worth checking out. Thanks for the comment.

  5. @SaintJoe: I’m actually looking for a sub in a home theater setup. I’m still a noob when it comes to audio, but how would the T-10 hold up in a home theater setup?

    • Not sure, haven’t tried it in that setting I don’t really mess with home theater stuff, but I believe they have subs that are more geared for that application, though I’m sure you could use this if you wanted.

  6. Hi saintjoe. Nice review. The spec says it can reproduce all the way down to 20hz. How is the realtime performance in low frequencies especially around 20hz?


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