Playing Some Sounds On The Yamaha Montage 6


Yamaha sent over the Montage 6 for me the check out for a little while, I’ve been enjoying playing with it so far, has some dope sounds for sure.

This joint takes me back to the days of quickly being able to find new sounds, this sort of tool fits my workflow as it’s the type of instrument I came up on when I first started.

I wanted to share a few of the sounds that you’d hear when you first get a Montage.

I’m going to be digging into it a bit more, if you have specific questions about it or want to hear a specific sound category let me know!

If you’re interested in grabbing one, zZounds has it available for 12 monthly payments: Yamaha Montage 6

I’m an affiliate of zZounds, (and long time customer myself) so using my link def helps out the site & channel 🙂

Leave your questions or requests below!


Playing Some Sounds On The Yamaha Montage 6
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  1. You think it’s worth it, these days, to invest in a workstation like this versus just grabbing a Midi controller and good plugins.? Plugin sounds get better and better and the appeal of something like this Montage get’s really blurry for me. What do you think?


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