RnB Acoustic Guitar library review


Yo what’s good fam!

Back with another soundhound for ya, today I’m checking out some guitars from

Now, you may be wondering who they are but trust me, you know their products/style.

The production team is the same production team that was behind motion samples.

So you will see some of the older libraries that they created while at motion samples as well as some brand new stuff.

let’s peep it!

So what’s RnB Acoustic Guitars all about?

It’s all about acoustic guitar loops with an rnb feel.

This is a collection of 100 guitar loops, most about 4 bars long.

They rang in tempo from 60-92bpm.

Picked, fingered, mic’d, amped, etc.

You also get not just straight guitar riffs but there are some harmonics and chords added to the loops to make them fuller in various points so you can really build around a single loop.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

This is a very clean and useful library.

There’s a bunch of variety here from sparse clean riffs to chord heavy grooves.

The loops are long so there is plenty to chop up and the recording is well done so you don’t get any unwanted artifacts.

This definitely has the smooth, rnb feel to it.

Many of the loops you wouldn’t even want to chop up, they are so well played it’s hard to pick a single part out as you just want to build around the loop.

Which is perfectly fine of course.

I do like the fact that even though they are aimed at rnb, they have a variety among them so it doesn’t all sound the same and you can get a lot of use out of it for hip hop, pop, or anything else you may be doing.

What’s the bottom line?

Bottom line is, when mostion samples got hacked many of us were left looking for places to find the quality libraries we’ve come to love from them.

Luckily the producers behind some of those hottest libraries found another place to distribute their products under. also has a bunch of custom patch libraries for the Access Virus (hence the name patchbanks) but I’m glad they added the former motion samples production crew to their roster because I’ve been a fan of that production team for a while.

The library is what you would expect given their history, and I’m really looking forward to some new libraries as well.

I give this library 4.5 out of 5, it’s a straight forward, clean, very useful guitar collection at a price that won’t break the bank.

Definitely head on over and listen to their demo:

honestly, just grab it if you need some sick acoustic guitar riffs, seriously.

Looking forward to checking out the new stuff too, so stay tuned.

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 RnB Acoustic Guitar library review
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  1. I like it. Shame the key info isn’t there but it’s not a problem. For 25 bucks it’s definitely worth it when stuff is played well and clean sounding, like these are.

  2. Hi saint joe

    great work again, I really am after some acoustic guitars sounds.
    Are these in verse and chorus or only individual.
    I guess if they have different layers you could make a chorus by having verse with a basic part and add all elements for a chorus?

    Hope your keeping well

    keep up the good work

    • @marco, hey thanks for watching. These are just single loops, if you want verse, chorus, hook, etc, have a look at big fish pop n soul guitars or their studio guitars library, they come with full breakdowns like that. Or parts like lead, strum, rhythm, etc.

  3. I noticed u mentioned building around a whole loop…while I’ve thought of doing that once and again I cant bring myself to do it..its tempting but I feel it takes away from the creative aspects..not at all tryna knock anyone’s work ethic mind you. Aside from the fact that u don’t hav’ta worry about royalty fees I don’t think its really fun to use a whole phrase of a sample. I would rather chop from obscure records though…or at least replay the sample to set your sound apart…don’t wanna keep ramblin on but thar just struck a chord with me…what do u think Joe

  4. hi my name is DJDangerBeatz on YouTube and i am 15 yrs old and i dont have much money so i was wondering if you could giveaway some kits because i dont like to download the products for free


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