P5audio Modern Dance Synth sample kit review


Get ya synth game up!

modern dance synthBack again with another soundhound baby…today we looking at synths!

We are back in the catalog of one of our favorite sound providers, P5audio.com

Last time we looked at some Brazilian hip hop guitars…in the past we’ve looked at various drum kits.

But today we getting our dance on baby! They sent over some synth loops for me to review.

Now, I know personally when I hear many synth packs, you can’t do anything but use the loops as is.

You all know I like to chop everything up, I love high quality riffs that I can chop up.

What do they sound like?

You know I shoot straight man, no need for a long drawn out article, you see the video up there.

The sounds are CRAZY…straight up crazy.

The quality is there, just like all othe p5 kits, but for me…beyond the quality is the flexibility and diversity!

There are tons of DIFFERENT sounding riffs and loops. Not just a bunch of tweaks of the same 5 loops lol

Not only that, like I said before, most synth collections can only be useds as loops…but not these.

I use the rex files, so it’s easy to mess with the slices in ableton.

But the thing is, it’s very easy to use the chops to make something totally different because of the way they made them.

The loops are long enough that you can grab pieces from multiple different angles.

Top notch!

What’s the final verdict?

Look, I’m biased to good instrument riffs and licks…I mean, alot of folks can make a bangin drum sound, but if you can make me some pro quality riffs and licks that I can manipulate to make my own, you have a fan.

P5audio has proven time and time again that they know what they are doing in the riffs and licks department.

Not only is the quality there, the quantity is there too, over 300 something loops and riffs, various tempos, and of different varieties.

I’m going to go out and put myself out there with this one, but I’m givin Modern Dance Synth Loops a 5 sub rating…

5subsYeah, you read it right.

I give this sample pack the full 5 sub rating, the highest available from SoundsAndGear.com

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality, quantity, and variety of the loops and riffs. I can use each one as a foundation for a new song. All I have to do is load up the rex file and chop it up, replay it to my liking and I’m good.

Add more fx, or use as is, since the mixing on them is always superb.

I can also mix and match the stuff I chop up, and come up with some funky crazy synthlines.

Bottom line is these synths are NOT the average…way above.

I am definitely turning into a huge fan of P5audio.com

I know they’ve been around for a while, but I’m just now really paying attention to them,and I have to say, what I really love is their instrument riffs and sounds.

They have dope drums no doubt, but everyone is making drums…I have tons of them. I’m ALWAYS looking for new riffs and loops to chop.

Looks like P5 will continue to be one of my go to spots.

Go check out the Modern Dance Synth Loops and listen to their demo, if you don’t want the full pack that I got, just grab one of the two packs it comes with. You won’t be dissapointed yo!


  1. DUDE!

    5 Subs! Can’t tell you how honored we are. Thank you so much. And the beat you made with that loop is so hot. Totally inspired me to make some more tracks with these synth loops. Awesome stuff.

    • Glad I could help ya bro! I’m just trying to make a site that I would love to visit. We have a bunch of forums but there is really no site giving us things from our point of view! thanks for the support man, and yes…the sounds are amazing.

  2. Yo RelicofRIP,

    Hope you enjoy the synth loops. These are some of my personal favorite p5audio products as well! Definitely hit us up if you have any issue. We greatly appreciate your business.


    You are the man dude! Be talkin’ to you soon. I gotta check out that virtual beat thang this week!



    • Whatup D! I know you been busy lately man, I’m just over here grinding away man lol, got a lot of reviews to bang out so trying to keep it moving.

      You know i’m easy to get though lol, hit me up anytime bro, you know what it is.

      Keep making those hot sounds yo! We need that stuff!


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