P5audio.com TimboNeptuned Up Drum Kit Review


now days drums kits are found everywhere, from online shops, to eBay, to the back of a hot pocket package…thing is, not all drums and samples are created equal, most down right suck!

P5AudiologoI am what you would call obsessive about my drums, I am always looking for new ones, good ones, that have that BANG factor man.

I actually found some good drums on eBay once, from a new company, then they went on to become one the best online.


Forget about the crap drums and samples, today we are looking at a company that has made it’s presence known online.

P5audio.com…I rampaged their stock of sounds and will be bringing you reviews of their libraries on a regular basis, until I run out of kits to test out or they stop sending them to me lol.

I Hate Drum Kits Name After Producers!!!

neptunesI’m not even gonna lie to you, for the most part, I hate “producer” named kits.

It usually means some half hazard job of swiping samples from the 100 mp3s of a

particular producer that someone downloaded on limewire….


I hate that! Then you want to sell me that! Drums sampled from an mp3!!!

let me calm down.

I was a little leary about what I would get with this kit man….

would it just be another kit with thousands of Β drums that sound like “Grindin” ?

What’s in the kit

timboneptunedfirst off, a bunch of kits within the kit man! Like 3-5 or something yo, I like that!

They put them in battery, kontakt, exs, and a few others. I just took the kontakt kits since I can load those in battery and kontakt.

They load up fine, the first thing I noticed when I loaded them in battery is that they hit pretty hard, so that excited me.

The kits aren’t really “timbo” or “neptune” in the traditional sense when dealing with sound companies.

They don’t force you to sound like timbaland or the neptunes, but give you a nice collection of drums that you can use to create your own music.

It has drums, and of course some lil riffs and synth stabs, stuff to “season” your beats.

All in all, this is a very solid kit, and I find myself actually using it a lot in my own production, the quality of the drums is nice, it’s not too “special” as to where all your tracks will sound like you’re using the same drum kit, which is important to me.

They are high quality yet not too specialized…kinda like your favorite pair of jeans.

They ones that are too special you can only wear maybe once or twice a month, but your favorite pair you know, you can rock them all the time!

So does the kit bang?

I will tell you the truth, I was surprised by this kit, it was really, really good.

Just for the simple fact of the name I was ready to take points away, but they didn’t do what everyone else does, they gave you

drums “in the style of” the named producers.

Not too jagged or abraisive but smooth, sexy, milky, yet still hard hitting.

They get a soundsandgear.com rating of 4.5 out of 5 subs because you know…I have to leave room for growth.


so go checkout the folks at p5audio.com and see what good treats you can grab for your favorite sampler.

If you have any experience with this company let me know your thoughts, or let me know what you thought about the article, just let me know whatup!


  1. I'm in pre-production right now with some new joints and just had to say that talking to the staff at P5Audio was a great experience.

    They are real, real professionals and good peeps. David took allot of time personally on the phone and via e-mail with me on more than one occasion to make sure I had everything straight as far as equipment so that my product was ready to go to mix and mastering and you don't find that allot in this industry…We usually don't find it in any industry.

    St. Joe, big ups on the review. I don't produce but it's nice to have genuine feed back from an industry vet. since I do plan on learning more and purchasing drum kits for writing inspiration. You just confirmed this is the company for drum kits as well as mix & mastering. Thanks!

    James Dore'

    • That's awesome man, David is definitely a great guy and their company is top notch. I'm glad you've had such great experience with them. I'm also glad you find the site useful! Thanks for coming by!


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