P5audio Brazilian Hip Hop Guitar Samples Review


brazilian guitar loops

Spice up your tracks with some Brazilian guitar flava!

You know what time it is baby! We back with another sample pack to review for ya!

This time we’re back in the P5audio lab looking at their brand new Brazilian Hip Hop Guitar kit they sent over for review!

I feel I must say this from the begining…I am biased towards instrument loops and riffs. I LOVE realistic sounding instrument licks, riffs, and loops that I can chop up.

I’m not much of a “construction kit” type of dude, but I love some licks and loops…it gives me much ammo to chop up and create with…

Aight, now that we got that out the way, let’s get into it!

What is the quality on these licks man?

Well, as with anything that is from p5, I’ve found mostly each of their kits to be very high quality.

Not too processed, but not too flat, not overly loud or distoreted…unless it’s on purpose.

No clicks, pops, and all that other stuff you find with amature sample companies.

I’m never concerned with quality when dealing with p5, they always come with the goods.

What about the sound dude?

Maton_Amazonian_guitarWell, I guess sound and quality are different things…you can have some high quality crap…trust me, I know.

When I think sound, not only am I thinking about the tone of the samples, but also the style, if they say hip hop, will it sound cliche and make my music sound like everyone elses?

Or is it flexible to the point that “hip hop” just means edgy and flexible enough to make anything from rnb, to underground, to pop tunes?

Well, I will say, the sound is very impressive. What I noticed, was that…the samples didn’t “lead my production” in any direction.

They were dope no doubt, but it wasn’t like “oh, let’s run with this” they didn’t force my hand, and I think it leans more towards the Brazilian side than the strictly hip hop, which is always good in my opinion.

I don’t like to be boxed in, and when looking for instrument riffs and samples, that’s important to me…variety.

What about the variety…and amount of sounds?

Dude, p5audio…man, they always stuff the sounds in their kits! Don’t worry about getting 30 lil licks man, they fill it to the brim with sexy Brazilian goodness.

I don’t know the complete count but somewhere over 200 loops and over 800 licks…

What the! Yeah I said it, plenty of stuff here so you don’t have to worry about soundin like the next producer who buys the pack.

They also broke them down by tempo AND key.

Now, personally, I’m not all that knowledgable with the keys, so I just play what sounds good with the rest of my music…I can hear it, but I can’t tell you what it is lol.

But this is dope for remixers, composers, and all you higher educated musicianal types that know what key you’re working in.

Good stuff.

I just wish they would automatically put everything in it’s own folder, the loops are in tempo folders but not the licks…I always go through and organize my p5 kits lol.

I don’t like a big folder with all the samples and kit files in it…I gotta have it more sexy than that baby!

Final verdict, what’s the rating yo?

All things considered, I’ve got to give it a 4 out of 5 subs

4subsI really like the sounds in this kit, they are very useful, and flexible.

I don’t feel boxed in to a specific sound even though it’s called “Brazilian Hip Hop Guitars”

I can pretty much do whatever I want with the licks and loops, chop em, mash em, rebuild them…add them to other elements to make my own “samples” that will then get chopped lol….very flexible.

I say quit playin and go over and check them out Brazilian Flava Hip Hop Guitars

Oh yeah…if you want some exclusive demo sounds from the kit, sign up below.  These are NOT the sounds you get free on their site.

They are SoundsAndGear.com exclusives…you know I hook ya up!


  1. Saintjoe,

    You are the man! Thank you so much for the great review. You did a great and innovative job cutting up that loop. You even showed us at P5audio the true potential of what producers can do with these things! What a hot beat as well! And we thank all of you for the positive feedback on this product. Make sure you all are signed up for https://www.soundsandgear.com‘s email list. Saintjoe is going to be giving away FREE sounds from P5audio that no other website in the world has access to. Exclusive only for you guys! Soundsandgear.com is king! Thanks again!

    – Dave

    • Brother you know it’s always love over here man! Thanks for checkin it out and for the compliments! Long as yall keep coming with the goods, I’ll keep reviewing them man, producers are ALWAYS looking for good sounds man. Keep it up bro! And yeah…we got them EXCLUSIVES baby! lol.

  2. This sounds like more of the same.

    Nothing about these loops are authentic or catchy or original. I think that there are far too many laptop musicians who are making cheap & easy music with samples.

    Musicians really need to go to school, study hard, practice hard, and learn the theory of an instrument or two. Most of today’s musicians do not even know how to read or write music.

    I find today’s uneducated musician to be a source of serious concern. The quality of today’s music is sinking lower and lower. If the traditions and craft of learning how to create real music are not passed down to the youth, those skills will be lost.

    I strongly encourage any young person who is serious about music to step away from the computer and get enrolled in formal lessons. Also, if a musician wants to continue training, he needs to go to college and earn at least a Master’s degree in music before he begins a career in music.

    • @Yadgyu, Lol, everyone is entitled to an opinion for sure, I definitely don’t think everyone needs to go to school and learn how to write music to make it. I do think people should study the art and learn as much as they can about it.

      many famous musicians never learned how to read or write music, so we know that doesn’t make or break a musician, but it’s a good skill if one has it.

      Music is like any other art form, personal expression, some chefs go to school, some don’t, some artists get a degree in art, some just pick up the brush.

      Education doesn’t make or break one, the end result is the art, someone listening to it won’t say…”hmm…they didn’t go to school” all folks care about is if it sounds good.

      Samples have provided ways for people who can’t get session musicians themselves, these companies actually hire the musicians that know how to play these instruments, and make those recordings available

      I fully agree with learning an instrument or two…or four lol


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