Nomad Factory ECHOES analog delay plugin review


What’s good fam, I got another effect plugin I wanted to share with you.

If you know me, I’m very particular about fx. I don’t have/purchase very many, I like to keep things simple and easy when it comes to fx.

I’m no engineer, so I don’t need each and every effect plugin out there.

I like stuff that sounds good, easy to tweak, and easy to understand.

Today I’m doing a review on ECHOES from Nomad Factory.

I got this plugin when it first came out back in May, immediately after downloading the demo I liked it, so I bought it. ( also got Magnetic with it in a special bundle)

So let’s peep it!

So what is ECHOES?

Basically it’s an Echo/delay plugin based on 5 different analog echo or delay units.

It’s got a very simple interface with settings that will change based on which “mode” you’re in.

The five modes are plx-1, plx-2, Oilcan, ehx-dm, and adm-2.

These are based on the electroplex 1 and electroplex3 from Maestro, the Tel Ray Echo, Electro Harminix memory man, and the boss dm-2.

You get control over the mix of direct vs echo, a vintage mode, timing, and even input/output. You also get a few different controls like bass, trebble, wow/flutter, and modulation depending on which mode you’re in.

Quick Specs

  • format: rtas, au, vst (32/64 bit)
  • price: $129.99
So how does it sound?
As an effect, this is again really all that matters.
I told you when I downloaded the demo, I really dug it. I’ve tried a lot of different delays/echo plugins, and many are cool. I just always felt there was “something else” I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
Once I played with this, I realized it was the tightness of the sync that I was looking for, and the control over the number of repeats. It’s really simple to dial it in exactly how you want it, you aren’t limited to preset number of repeats or anything.
I also like that you can turn the mix all the way over to 100% echo and have only the effected sound.
But what’s also cool about this, and I’m not sure what’s going on, but each mode has it’s own sound. As in, even though this is an echo plugin, there is something else going on with the sound as well, there’s a “coloration” among the different modes.
It’s actually really cool, and I find myself using one over the other in certain situations.  Keys may sound better with a specific mode where drums sound better on another.
The vintage mode is pretty subtle, not sure I’ve noticed it much during my usage but it’s cool to have. I just like the way you can quickly tweak and adjust your effects.
So what’s the bottom line about ECHOES?
I love it, straight up!
I know it’s pretty funny to get so excited about an effect, you may think “they’re all pretty much the same” but I will tell you, I have never been satisfied with a delay/echo until I tried this one.
Your milage may vary of course, but for me, the easy interface and how I could fine tune the settings to my exact desire is great.
Plus the fact that it actually has it’s own “sound” is cool.  For an echo/delay plugin to have “character” is pretty cool
Again, I can’t tell you exactly what it’s doing, and I never used the models that they based them off of so I don’t know how “true” they are to those.  What I do know, is what I like….and this echo plugin is something I really like.
I give ECHOES 5 out of 5 subs, it’s really the best echo plugin I’ve used in my personal opinion, fun, simple to use, and sounds great.
At the current price it’s really a good deal, at the intro/package price I got when I bought it….it was no question.
Go on over and download the demo and see for yourself:
It may or may not be something you dig, but for me….I definitely dig it!
leave a comment below, let me know what you think!


Nomad Factory ECHOES analog delay plugin review
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  1. Man – thanks! You have no idea (well I am sure you do) how hard it is to find a decent (forget great) echo plugin these days! Preciate it, bruh!

    • @Rob, that’s how I felt man! They all lacked something imo, but as soon as I downloaded this demo…I literally went to purchase 5 minutes later, it’s great. Check the demo, let me know what you think.

  2. I’m glad I got that when it was $49. Great plugin. Ever since I got echo I no longer use maschine’s beat delay, that no longer sounds good to me. Echo is now my go to plugin for delays.

    Nice review Joe.

    • @Madbull Studios, yes indeed, I never used maschine’s beat delay, didn’t really like it’s delay either. Echoes is that joint son! Yeah I got the bundle for 99 bucks for both this and magnetic 😉

  3. yeah man software is coming on strong now days, not to big on the echo effects my self , but it seems that this plug in is great for producers who like that effect,much love to saint joe for the site and the sounds , i like the reviews on products and the whole layout of the site ,, glad to be a part of it ,, thanks and god bless,


    • @will, dope man, yeah this one is for those that looking for echo/delay effects. Thanks for leaving the comment even though it’s not your type of product, I appreciate the support!

  4. I can so see some Dub/Dancehall tings a g’won wit dis. I’ll need to be patient for another sale but yup from what you’ve shown it straight to the point w/it’s functionality. How’ Magnetic, does it add that “tape warmth” as claimed?

    • @jamari, yeah fam, this joint is nice man, I love it. Magnetic is dope, adds something, can’t compare it to tape because I never recorded on it, but it does have a “sound” that reminds me of some of the music I grew up on. Just depends on what you’re looking for. I consider it more of a “glue” for the master output or even a lil character compressor for drums and instruments.

  5. SJ,Thanks for bring this one back for a “Great Review”. All of the channels seem to add a “Sick” effect, especially the “Repeat Channel”. I will definitely get this one. “Try The Demo?…For What?”, lol….You brought out the best parts in your review. “Nomad Factory should be giving you a bonus for reviewing & attracting your fam to this one. Peace.

    • @Baddboy2000, lol no doubt fam. Even though I do these vids I ALWAYS encourage a personal demo when possible. Just to see if it fits into your setup properly. But yeah, I dig this lol…make sure you tell Nomad what you told me lol.

  6. What??? NO Vid???? I thought I would hear it! lol, yo Joe you should out the sound toys collection too, I cant believe Im giving up that secret but man, its literally fun to play with!


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