Native Instruments Rise & Hit Cinematic tension FX library review


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Back with a review on a new product from Native Instruments, this time we’re taking a look at their new cinematic fx/tension builder.

Let’s just jump into it!

So what is Rise & Hit

NI_Rise&HitRise & Hit is a pretty powerful instrument for those looking to create and manipulate their own rises and hits.

Think of transitions, stingers, huge hits and impacts, all tweakable and customaizable to your personal tastes.

It’s made up of drums, natural instruments, voices, electronic sources and more.

The whole idea is for this to be a “toolbox” so to speak, whenever you need to come up with new tension building or transiton style fx and hits.

It’s made up of 4 layers and each layer has a rise sample and hit sample, which can be mixed and matched from the hundreds of included samples.

In addition to that you can go in and apply, manipulate, and even modulate various fx to add even more customization per layer as well as on the master bus.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderSounds like a blockbuster hit…literally.

The way you have full control over the timing of the rise, the volume of the rise as well as the hit and the fact you can play them separately really allows a lot of creativity.

Beyond the control, the sound content itself is very diverse from traditional swooshes and fx to orchestral sounds, voices, bells, natural field recordings, electronic synthesizers, acoustic instruments and more.

Everything is categorized in a way that makes it very easy to filter exactly what you wish to use within the layers or at the sample level itself.

All of the content is well recorded and provides plenty of rich texture and tone to build from.

Even the included choice of fx and their impact on the sounds adds to the overall quality and creative output you can get from this library.

Throw in the interface, which while not directly making any sound itself, totally adds to the quick experimentation and sound discovery factor of the library, and you get a very deep sonic palette to work with.

This library provides you with so many sound types from basic stabs to complex tonal phrases.

So what’s the bottom line?

This is not a melodic instrument, it’s purpose-built for generating creative transitions, risers, hits, and fx.

When it comes to creating such sounds, this instrument is a dream tool for quickly coming up with new fx on the spot.

4andhalfsubsI give Rise & Hit a 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s a very powerful tool for fx, hit, and transition creation with a huge variety of sound sources and a very intuitive interface

If you’re into fx, cinematic transitions, hits, or creating your own rises then this is definitely something you want to checkout.

Go on over to the website for more info:

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Native Instruments Rise & Hit Cinematic tension FX library review
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