Massive Sounds from Native Instruments Massive Synth


yep, it’s that time again, time for another Native Experience and this time they sent over Massive.

This is one MONSTER synth plugin

massiveboxAnd I am loving it! What I really like about Native Instruments is that you can really start making your own sounds easily.

I hate plugins that make me feel like I need a degree in computer science to make music.

And I’m not computer illiterate either, I’m actually a network engineer by day…but I don’t want the same complexity when making tunes.

It comes with 600 presets of raw sonic yumminess….but it’s so easy to create your own sounds.

The sounds can be fat, smack you in the face and kick you in the balls sounding, or sexy seductive pad sounds…you can get any sound you want from this machine.

However, leads, basses, and rhythmic arpeggios are definitely strong points.

Under the hood.

massiveMaaaaaaaaaaaan, there are 3 oscillators and they got some crazy wavetable stuff going on. Β Filters, fx, routing, man, this thing can mangle sound like no bodies business.

There is even a step-sequencer in this thing….WHAT…yes…it’s there and waiting to be fondled like a cheerleader at a frat party.

I’m not one to get all technical man, it just has to sound good to me, but you synth freaks out there will love the flexible routing and modulation options in

this monster.

You really just have to try it out man, it’s a crazy machine and I am in love with the sounds and the easiness of the editing options.

Bring out the BIG guns

One thing I did notice about Massive was the massive amounts of cpu cycles this baby can use!

It’s a monster, and your cpu will notice it. Luckily, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen and they implementing a quality mode where you can choose from economy to ultimate…and economy works very nice with the cpu.

I thank them for that, and so does my laptop.

The bottom line

The truth is, you want this synth. Native Instruments produces quality products and this is no exception, I really like the multi track sounds, great for live tweaking.

The koresound browser is a lovely touch and makes finding the right sound a simple click away.

Go on over and download the trial from

Or check it out at american musical or musicians friend.


  1. Hey Saintjoe,

    i totally agree with you on massive. I had the luck to get massive for free as i bought my Audio Kontrol 1 earlier this year, cause it was bundled. Didnt pay that much attention to it but now its my main synth for pretty much everything and i just love it so much. Maybe NI should do the same with Massive like what they did with Maschine – build a huge hardware controller for it πŸ˜‰


    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw man! you speakin my language now! Massive with a massive kontroller man lol, ooooooooooooooooooooooh my!

      Yeah dude, that synth is craziness man, I’m really turning into a NI fanboy. I’ve heard people talk about them, some say it sounds ‘cold’ man please! Their stuff is AWESOME lol.

      I’ll probably review fm8 this week man, I’m loving that one too.

  2. Yeah NI Software really rocks. I was makin all my trax with Hardware only but after NI announced Maschine i decided to sell everything and move on and guess what i love it. The only thing that bugs me is – since i own maschine i make more and more hip hop stuff like this

    hehe thats german hiphop with bavarian accent done by an acid producer πŸ˜‰

    Have a great week bro

    • I feel you bro! I can’t wait to get my hands on Maschine too! The tracks sounds good man, nice quality sounds man. It’s all good lol. Thanks for sharing…

      I’m sure I’ll see ya somewhere later this week lol.


    • If you have your plugin folder setup properly in ableton then it should see massive under your plugins folder. Then you have to drag it to a midi track or an open space in the session/arrange view.

      I use session view the most.

      Then, you need to arm the track so you can hear the sound from the plugin.

      let me know if you get it working, if not I’ll make a video for ya.

  3. Hey I Just bought massive and use it with ableton but no matter how many times i install it I cant get all the sounds in the soundbank, it just goes down to C when I open it through ableton as a VST, but When I hit the Icon on my desktop and just run it by itself without ableton it works fine

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “why?” lol, that’s just what I gave it, it’s a good synth.

      Off topic, but dang this is an old video πŸ™‚


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