Maschine Packs: Flux Maschinestrument vol 1 Review



Maschinestrument Vol 1 is a deeply multi-sampled library made exclusively for Maschine.

The sounds are created from source material of various analog and modular synths, digital hybrid synthesisers, vintage electronic pianos, organs, and more.

This synth library has more of a thick and warm feel than a digital sound in my opinion. There’s really good use of Maschine’s modulation and internal effects to really give this library a unique sound.

If you want to add a bit of grit, warmth and body to your Maschine library you should give this one a listen.

With deep bass, smooth pads, wild leads, and crazy effects….. if you’re looking for something that doesn’t sound like the Maschine library, you should definitely start here.

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  1. No offense but i thought that was very whack. Here is another one lol once again I have a question on these types of kits. One the sounds in the kit are copyright protected as they source them from outboard hardware synths that they layer so how can i as a producer use these packs with out sewed ? If they are not can his website provide detailed information on the source of the sounds ? how did they create them ? can they provide proof of where they got the sounds from and or a letter from the company with permission to use and sell those sounds ? Just saying…lol i dont wanna kill the vibe but as you know as a producer when making placements and selling music you do not want to get sued. – Beat General

    • All original content, he’s shown his process numerous times. No different than NI or any other company, they use their hardware synths to create new sounds, not simply sample the presets from the synth. You don’t need a letter from a company to make sounds with their gear, that’s the entire point of owning the gear, to make your own sounds.

  2. SJ, thanks for putting the time in so we get a sense of all that a kit can offer. I like your summaries at the end that give us what you really think are the benefits or usability of a certain expansion pack. always on the hunt for new stuff, so thanks!


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