Maschine Packs: Native Instruments Marble Rims Expansion Review


mpackmarblerimsOK, so NI finally put out something geared towards the West Coast, it only makes sense as they are out in LA and they have a dope Cali producer on staff in the likes of Justin Myracks.

This is exactly what you would expect, a collection of hard drums, live instruments, riffs, licks, bass, strings, and synth sounds.

Everything you would think of when you think of that classic West Coast music from the 90’s and eaarly 2000’s

They even included some really dope midi files/patterns in the key section to give you some inspiration.

For those of you that remember, it’s also remenicent of the sound of classic southern music. Not trap or crunk, but the old Scarface, Eightball & MJG type music.

I personally love both of these styles so I was super hype to see this one.

Quick Specs


    • Thanks for watching man, yeah I switched it up, I did the same with the original controllers too, had a black/white, all about the mood. Got a new desk too, black on black lol

  1. Yea Joe i got to double up on what Raymond said, great overview of this product. When i saw you post about this yesterday i checked it out over at the NI website and i’m glad you done a review on this. This is what I’ve been waiting for that old school west coast sound. looks like i got to upgrade to 2.0, keep up the good work Joe.

    • Thanks fam, I had some technical issues with rendering yesterday I had it done but it was giving me trouble on export all day. Ahh well, glad to help fam, I’m def feeling this too.

      • Hay, you got the video up the next day that’s more than good enough. Did you have any problems upgrading to 2.0? I use machine as a VST inside FL so i don’t save machine projects, i just save the FL file and when i load up my project machine automatically loads what i was doing with it before inside that project. I hope when i upgrade i don’t get any problems with past projects. You heard any problems with things like that happening?

    • Yes indeed, both will run on your computer as they are different programs and not so much an “upgrade” to the existing one. It’s the next version, not an upgrade if that makes sense?

  2. I’d cut my own balls off with rusty hedge clippers before i used someone else’s pre-made midi files. I copped this expansion anyway. Seems to be a few gems in there. Thanks for posting the review. A bargain at $25 bucks with voucher.

    • There’s a lot of people that actually use midi, no different than having a musician come play on your track, but it’s all good, plenty of sounds in there to come up with your own stuff too. No matter if you using samples, mid, or doing your own stuff, there’s some nice content in there. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. First time visitor and new Maschine Mikro user.
    LOVED this site!

    Got a total of 75€/USD in e vouchers from NI and have a hard time choosing an expansion (they all look pretty tasty to me) so this site came like a gift from god.
    Great job man! Keep em coming!


  4. Lovin it!!! I copped it but haven’t got down yet. Can’t wait till this semester is over so I can jump back down full time! Man, (off the subject) how u feel about DJ Mustard? Am I missin something? Shit mostly sounds the same to me. You see anything special that I dont see?


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