Making Boom Bap Beats on the Elektron Analog RYTM


I recently got my hands on an Elektron Analog RYTM drum machine.  And I know for most, when they think of Elektron gear, they think of electronic music styles. However, you know I feel you can use whatever you want to make any type of music.

So, while trying to learn the workflow and operation of the RYTM sequencer, of course I had to see how it handles creating boom bap/hip hop beats. Gotta say, it handles it well, and I’m really digging what you can do with the sequencer so far. It’s a different workflow for sure, but I like the immediacy of the way you can tweak the steps directly and the things you can do to alter your patterns.

I’ll be digging in more of course, but just wanted to share how I’m getting along with it after a few days.

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