Making a beat with Maschine Studio using iPad Sounds


Hey what’s good fam!

Just a quick video I wanted to share as I was messing around with some iPad apps.

I use my iPad in many ways, as a controller, production platform when mobile, and as a sound module in my setup.

Many times we look for new plugins or libraries, but if you own an iOS device you have a very powerful sound module at your disposal.

In this video I show a few of the apps I like to use and how I integrate them with Maschine.

I use an iRig MIDI 2 to connect my iPad to my MIDI controller

It’s very easy to add new sounds and the apps themselves are quite capable of producing great sound. There’s all types of instruments available, so you can really customize it to your own tastes.

Apps I used in this video: 

  • DrumJam:
  • Neo Soul Keys:
  • iProphet:
  • SampleTank:
  • iMaschine:

If you have any questions feel free to ask, also if you have any favorite apps you like to use share them below.


  1. I like this video, but you know this ish was wayy too short. I didn’t get two bites out my cookie before the video was over. I need to see an extended follow up video.

    The cool part about iMaschine you can start in the app then export it and pull it up in Maschine.

    • Yep, iRig MIDI 2 for midi, and a basic y cable from the headphone jack into my interface, no external fx or anything. I use it like this most of the time.

  2. Cool man, what gen is your iPad? I’m still using an iPad 2 and the new iOS is making my life a living hell! Lol nothing but problems all around. Nice beat dude!

  3. Oh man it crashes freezes up, pop up window saying unable to download item but I’m not downloading anything! Lol my iPhone 4s is worse since the update as well. Key board freezes while typing. Just sluggish and slower ect…..just bunk performance now. Not sure why. I googled it all and many folks with these probs.

      • Really? TG is pretty accurate about iOS 8. I reinstalled twice on my iPad 2, and turned off all the visualization enhancements and it’s still pretty unstable. Ironically though on my iPhone 6+ Everything seems to run fine. I’m starting to wonder if that was a strategic move to force people to upgrade.

        • Yeah man, I haven’t had any issues, only probably I had was with a few audiobus devices and that’s it. Strange. I’m not surprised it works well with the new phones though, of course it would hahaha.

          • I think Apple is spying on me, I was pissed at how bad the performance was on my iPad and I really had very choice words about iOS 8. All of sudden the update notification popped up and said install now don’t worry bout downloading cause you been talking bad about us all day.

            All I have to say is there’s a difference of night and day with this update. The update was relatively fast and I’ve got my snappiness back. There’s stability all across the board with this update. Has anybody been testing this update to confirm?

  4. That’s what I think as well MG it’s pretty damn strange how my up until recently my slightly older Apple devices were top notch re stability now the suck it big time!

    • Man…that’s crazy lol. Is it wifi only or does it have a mobile radio in it? Just wondering why I’m not getting those issues. Mine is wifi only, 64gb also.

  5. I have been I fan of you post for a while I just got my studio going a little better I am looking for some Ideas on a good production desk can you do a video on some of them?

    • Thanks for the support. I don’t have access to multiple production desks, the one I have was custom made so that’s the only one I can speak on. is the company. Great quality and good prices compared to the larger companies.


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