Live jazzy hip hop samples from digable planets doodlebug


Time to checkout some more samples, for those that like to mix the live jazzy sound with hip hop and downtempo funk.

Today I’m doing a review of Doodlebug’s Jazzy Hip Hop Theory, a jazzy hip hop library released by Loopmasters.

Some of the new school folks may not know who Digable Planets are…let’s just say, they ARE jazzy hip hop!

Doodlebug is a member from this very group.

So let’s check this joint out!

So what is Doodlebug’s Jazzy Hip Hop Theory?

It’s that real jazzy hip hop, played by the very same live musicians that have been playing with Doodlebug throughout his career from Digable Planets to his own solo stuff.

If you got a real appetite for that classic, jazz influenced hip hop, boom bap, back pack, funk-rap sound…

then this may be your thing.

You get real live drum loops, electric and upright bass, as well as some saxy flute lovin.

You also get some nice guitar riffs as well as a few vocals/phrases to play with

Quick Specs

  • Content: 622Mb, 580 samples
  • Format: rex, wav, kontakt, exs, refill, ableton live pack, nnxt, rmx, apple loops
  • Price: $37.16

So how does it sound?


It really does have that live, jazzy feel to it.

The drums got that loose groove many love to chop or find off of records and loop.

The electric bass if funky while that upright bass has that laid back groove that reminds you of those classic 90’s tracks.

The flutes and saxes are played well, so authentic you can even hear some of the breathing! lol…

They even included some of those classic sounding vocals, well recorded so you could definitely use them in your tracks.

The quality is great, and the variety/style of the production is on point, feels like you’ve gained access to old 2 inch tapes of Digable Planets sessions.

So what’s the bottom line?

I really enjoyed this library, though I did have one major fault with it.

For it to be dedicated to jazzy hip hop, there was an obvious absence of ep/rhodes sounds….

which to me are pretty much synonymous with jazzy hip hop

I give this library a 4 out of 5 subs, no doubt, the addition of some live played rhodes/ep sounds would have made it that much stronger and complete.

That said, there’s really nothing to dislike about the content that’s there, it leaves you wanting more, and hoping for a volume 2

If there is a volume 2, I definitely hope they capture some of those jazzy chops from their live keyboard musicians

Overall it’s a nice authentic library, and captures that live sound perfectly…I know a few people that will pretty much fall in love with this one instantly.

The price is reasonable as well, making it an all around useful product.

You can check it out over at Loopmasters website: doodlebug jazzy hip hop

let me know what you think, leave a comment below.


  1. Wow, I buy too many sounds. I have this, ran through it once and forgot about it. Not cause it was bad, more because I bought 8 other sound sets you reviewed here the same week.(haha) You’re right on the lack of keys but the drums, bass and vocals on this one are solid and the recordings crisp.
    On the subject of endorsed sample packs have you checked out Drum Drops In The Bronx? It’s Jan Kincaid from Brand New Heavies, very solid set. I believe there’s a Keith LeBlanc one too.

    • @Metatron72, I know what ya mean man! lol…so much stuff out here lol. I haven’t heard the drum drops in the bronx, I’ll have to look it up.

      def wish there were some keys in this one!


  2. What!? Usable vocal samples!? Get out! I’ve had my eye on this for a minute now, I just opted for something else at that time. It is on the shopping list though. Having played the sax my self it’s nice to hear that the player was mic’d at different positions along the instrument so much so that you can hear faint breaths and the pads.
    I agree on the rhodes/wurly/ep being sorely missed, however you might want to give Sony’s Soul Jazz Experience (the electric piano collection) some rotation for the price.

    • @jamari, yeah fam, I def have other EP samples, but it would have been nice to have some on the same “vibe” from the same “musicians” you know? But it’s all good though…yeah the micing on the sax was pretty dope, same for the flute.

  3. man, back in the day the digable planets where the jam…alot of stuff in the samples I recognized also..might have to pick this up….on a side change your studio up or just move the camera angle , cause things look different in this video….


  4. Yea This is dope! i gotta buy this just bought the novaloops hiphop keys they ayt! but i love this one more gonna buy it immediately! dope review Saintjoe! as usuall kip them coming!


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