Is Propellerheads Record Just Another DAW?



What’s Up With Propellerheads Record?

You may or may not know yet, but Propellerheads, the makers of Reason, have finally stepped into the new era and allowed audio recording

inside of Reason.

However, it’s a through a separate program make specifically for audio recording.

It’s supposed to be straight forward and made for us non engineer types

you know, the guys and gals that like to press record, and record!

Not having to worry about weird routing and arming and all that crap does excite me.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I’ve heard the mixing is based on an SSL console.

My engineer buddies say it sounds good.

When I get my paws on it, I’ll be sure to let you know.

What do you think about them putting out a DAW?


  1. I’ve started beta testing already, if your a Reason user, you’ll love this software. Recording in it is beyond easy, and its sound is bananas. I only have a few beefs with it: #1 still no VST or oother plugin support (c’mon Propellorheads get with the program!!!!). And they have a Dongle (if your not familiar its a usb plugin that varifies that the user of the software is the owner).
    While this plus a internet verification system is a great way to keep users of the software legit, its also a great headache. I love Protools, but the fact that you can’t use it with out its hardware has always been a problem for me! I envision losing the dongle or my internet card then I wont have a way to open the program…..until I purchase or find the either one of those.

    • thanks for the comment d, yeah man no vst is kinda old school but you gotta hand it to them, I usually don’t hear about reason users saying their stuff is crashing lol and with various companies supporting reason format, vsts aren’t all that neeeded, they would be nice, but not needed.

      however, I don’t use reason lol, BUT Record looks nice, I haven’t started beta testing yet, I just got the email early this week, but haven’t downloaded it yet

      i HATE dongles man! comon! lol.

  2. I cant wait to check out this one myself. Im not a big fan of reason but the interface for this looks so similar to the SSL. I wonder if digidesign is still going to befriends with them now that they will have a competing DAW

    • Yeah man, I’m really interested. I know you’d know more about it than me, as far as the ssl goes, but if it’s simple to drop my beats in, then record, or record my mpc into or whatever, then I may have to check it out.

      thanks for stopping by the site man! I see you ready to go now too!

  3. Record is the bomb!! It is super simple and really you focus on only one thing (once you got your bearings in the program) REcord RECORD RECORD. FAST, SIMPLE, STABLE (yes very very very stable, still in beta and no crashes after hours of recording. I had to force myself to stop 🙂
    Now the not so good points. You have to have a line 6 hardware to be able to have more amps and gear. What about portability? how about using the pod farm through the ilok system.(just an idea)
    I love their verification system with internet verification, can’t wait for the ignition key though, just in case I don’t have internet connection.

    • welcome to the site bro!

      I just opened it for the first time today but haven’t really messed with it. It looks pretty simple though.

      So what type of devices do you get if you have line6 hardware? like ore fx and such? Are they hardware accelerated fx? Or is it used like a “dongle” for some
      that are locked inside the software already?

      I like to hear that it’s stable man!

      • If you have any line 6 devices and you have purchased amps and stomps from their software, then these amps and stomps are now recognized by Record.
        Down side of this, the hardware is bigger than a dongle. Instead the pod farm could be part of Record and then we’re talking…
        Pod farm is not bad at all for basses, guitars, voices etc…
        the fact that you can not transfer you authorizations from line6 to the propellerhead Dongle is a little bit of a downer. That would be awesome to really have everything in one place.
        Other than that. Yes RECORD is stable and keeps you focus in Doing… MUSIC. all day and all night.

        • Oh okay, I hear that, yeah…that kinda sucks but…it’s all good. I think the stuff included with record is dope, and I’m sure they will release more effect presets and modules, if not, it’s still a great app.

  4. Dude,

    If Reason can make the mixing console sound even remotely like an SSL console, I will never leave my house again. Reason is already the s#%t, but as a DAW with SSL comparability, this will raise production to a whole new level.

    • Yo, all I’m saying is…I have a friend that is an engineer, has been for a while, and he says it sounds VERY dope. It’s really all I would need for recording myself and a few buddies….

      But he said the sound quality is amazing.

    • There was a , uh protools plugin, Waves SSL 4000 E-Channel I think, a while back that purported to emulate an SSL strip. A buddy who runs a down town studio had it on his HD system, and we did have a mess around with it. Peaches and cream it sounded like. I gotta say it didn’t quite have that warmth I seem to remember the SSLs having (and the heavenly compression) but I suspect the only real way to get an SSL strip is , well, to have an SSL. It did however sound real nice and the guy used it all the time.

      If theres a studio in heaven, you just know theres going to be one of those big old desks, perhaps nestled in with some custom BBC pre-amps or something.

      • Yeah there are a few out there. I feel ya, only way to truly get “it” is to have “it” but my engineer dudes say this joint sounds really good. We’ll see, now that it’s out and people are starting to use it

        • Just downloaded the demo, cracked out the trusty Rode NT1 and bass guitar and had a jam around with this.

          I gotta say man, this stuff sounds great. I did a raw side by side against ableton, and whilst the Alesis io/26 sounds a little harsh and raw on Ableton before its warmed up with something like saturation, on Record its really damn smooth. I still think its not QUITE the SSL sound I remember, but I really think this provides a good alternative to expensive outboard pre-amps , and that master compressor is phat as hell.

          I tried playing around with the bass amp simulation, and it was a little flabby, but that really might be the alesis box which has never really sounded great with just the bass plugged straight in. Bass guitars tend to have a wild gain structure and really do need tameing before hitting DAC converters. I might have another try later with a DI box in the chain and maybe with micing my amp up.

          But I’m impressed as hell, and might lay down some bucks next pay check.

  5. Hello,

    Propellerhead's Record is not just a Daw or a Recording System for musicians. It is both, and a lot more. Combinators can stack within combinators. There is no need for plug-in's because the system interface is too complex. The primary function is to Record & import wave files simply on the fly, quickly, efficiently, and with optimal quality. This is Record in a nutschell. Yet, going beyond the basics for those musicians who have the understanding to interface record and reason as both individual standalone work stations and as a combined interface of sound logic processing unparalleled within today's music industry, is just the tip of the ice-berg. Record is the new find of quality sound recording for both the inexperienced and advanced rocker individual musicians or bands. Yes, Pro Tools, Sonar,
    and other Daws have great sound. Yet, they all have to have plug-ins to produce these high quality sound recordings. Thus, Record is the pioneer of the new non-plug-in based interfaced software that provides powerful Reason interface for not only unlimited recording tracks, but unlimited productive sound creativity. The musican / producer / sound designers' dream come true. 'Propellerhead Record'; as simple as turn on, plug in, hit record and rock; to the complex interfacing of quality mixing and mastering sound development, and intricate sound design for the recording, motion picture, commerical advertising, television, and video game industries. Yes, i am a beta tester, and loving every minute of it!
    Duce Out!
    2SO4 Publishing

    • I agree man! I love the whole concept of making it easier to just make music! Record with a great audio quality, no long hours of reading manuals and stuff man! This is what recording should be like.

  6. The interesting thing about Record is they are really only competing with Reason users. Logic and Pro Tools will probably always be better on the more technical side, and I don't think thats what the guys at Propellerhead are going for. From he pictures I've seen, it actually looks to be competing with Reaper, interface wise. However, what Im interested in is the $500 Reason/Record combo. I don't use Reason but I'd really like to start, and $500 isn't bad considering Reason is $400 alone.


    • I agree bro, I don't think it's a protools/logic replacement.

      Actually not reaper either, which can get pretty deep.

      but I think it's for folks that just want to record, not be engineers.

      My buddy is an engineer, he said records sounds awesome…he got them ears too man lol.

      I like it for it's simplicity, I can drop my tracks in, drop vocals, and be done. Without too much effort.

      I also considered the combo just because lol…reason is just like a whole new synth factory man! I'd just use it rewired into ableton live as another
      sound source.

      glad to see ya over here bro!

  7. Hello,
    I ask you to think about this carefully. Today a used SSL 9000 recording console mixer (hardware console) is pricing on e-bay from $90,000 – $150,000. This same SSL 9000 mixer is now the main brains behind the recording virtue and sound of propellerhead Record. I do not know what mixing console pro-tools and the others are using. Yet, you can assume that in the larger studio's some version of the SSL 9000 hardware console is being used as a pro-tools production tool. You can also safely assume that propellerhead noticed this concept and expounded upon it as a way to market the first professional non-plug-in recording software. Even though Record is for anyone; non-engineer or novice. The typical musician or the advanced pro. Yet, the engineering that went into the algorithm interfacing of propellerhead Record alone is a site to behold. Record is not only an extension of Reason 4; it is an extension of some of the most expensive Mastering hardware being used today in the major recording studios. Pro-Tools LE with all components and sound cost from $3,800-$4,200 to get started. The Pro-Tools professional studio will start at from $10,000 -(+-$100,000). Now, how do you get this same professional sound for your own studio? There is only one answer to this question regarding quality sound, quality mixing, quality mastering and quality production at an un-heard of price. Thus, the Record / Reason interface in fact will challenge the Pro-Tools standard. Musicians will indeed have at least a second choice for their projects. "Propellerhead Record" 'Yeah'!
    Duce Out!

    • I agree man! I’m very excited about this software. I don’t mind the no plugin architecture, I like it. If I can get a good sound just using the included fx and mixing I’m good. There is no doubt in my mind we will see third-party fx suites for the build in devices, much like we see third-party libraries for reason. I think they have something special on their hands…and I think it’s all I’d ever need.

      I’m not saying it can’t compete with protools, what I’m saying is…because of the “status quo” I don’t know if many studios will switch over to this instead of protools, but I definitely see it bridging the gap even more between home and studio quality recordings.

      I have no desire for protools, at all. I’m glad something like this is available.

  8. I just got the Record demo and have been toying around with it. If your familiar with Reason the workflow should be very natural. What I really want to know though is what an engineer has to say comparing Record with the Waves Plugins which are also designed to emulate Solid State Logic (and are very expensive, although far less then a real SSL board) As I said earlier it's really just competition for Reason. From what I have been reading it will even open your Reason projects without having to actually load Reason making it essentially Reason sans instruments. (at least that is what I read) Record will NEVER be able to compete with Pro Tools though; just on name alone. Pro Tools is the production equivalent of Bose. Not to mention the lack of VST support. For the price, it's hard to complain, but that's just the Propellerhead motto of Reason> any other plugins. Personally I just don't know about doing away with VSTs, which is probably why I havn't purchased Reason yet. Also, according to another website this is not considered a DAW, at least by the Prop. team. Which is albeit gimmicky, just another way of trying to queeze into a niche market. Now if only it came with ReCycle.

    • Well, you can always rewire into another host if you want. However, from what I hear, the sound quality is already top notch…and I would imagine you’d start seeing third party libraries based on the included fx devices, just like people make libraries for the reason devices….

      I think it can change a lot of things in the recording industry.

  9. That's true, but albeit unresourceful to have to ReWire to another host just to use your VSTs. Then that's another program you have to buy. I'm trying to consolidate my studio into something as small and CPU friendly as I can.

    • Hello Guys,

      My brother owns Pro Tools and is currently using the Waves Plug-Ins in his Pro-Tools unit. We are both up and coming music producers, artists, musicians, etc. I would like to quote him regarding Propellerhead's Record. "If i had a choice between Record and Digi-Design Pro-Tools? I would choose Record'! It then hit me what he meant. Yes, pro-tools is the industry standard. Yet, for all this time no Daw could compare with the pro-tools sound in creating a major sound production efficiently, effectively, and with such high quality. Well, Record has changed that and if you look on the Reason website at the major recording artists, producers etc, using reason today. You will see that Record is in fact a pro-tools alternative. Just as Reason is. Now the pieces of the propellerhead puzzle are all together and the sky is indeed the limit or may i say "no recording track limit".
      Duce Out!

      • Thanks for the input man, it helps. I have no plans to purchase protools at all…I don’t want or need it. Record looks exactly like what I want in a recording situation. I don’t need a bunch of options, and all my engineer buddies say the sound quality is superb. Thanks for stopping by man.

  10. hey thanks for the hook up i dont think i will try it out i know u work for open lab so do u have the lx ? im geting one but i wont to midi my other gear with it throught usb with 4×4 box is that possable.and do they send a list all vst inside the box

    • Cool man, and nah, I don’t work for openlabs…I WISH lol. If you go to the website you can see exactly what vsts come inside of each of their machines. You can hook up a hub just like you can to a computer, but depending on your devices you may need a powered usb hub to run them. Some midi gear doesn’t work well on non powered hubs. If the gear has it’s own power supply, you’ll be fine.

  11. Record running on my Miko LXD is bananas! No limit to the instruments, no latency. The SSL board sounds like ear candy. Its fat and warm sounding.

    I find it so easy to compose a complete song (I pre-owned Reason). I personally don’t care the reason (no pun intended) Propellerheads refuses to join the VST revolution, I believe doing so would put them in the lead as far as being one of the best daw’s.

    Its ironic I use to say that Reason would be runner up 4 best if it were able to incorporate recording and Vst use.
    Well P’heads got the record part right!

    • dope bro! glad to hear you’re having fun with it. I’ve played with it a little bit, I REALLY like how easy it is to record with it and drag fx onto tracks and such. You using the instruments in there to compose the song or are you bringing in your own beats first then recording?

  12. thanks for the riffs nice i havent mess with the player yet i will look it over tonight im kind of new to the daw world im more of a hardware kind of guy im have to be if i get the LXD mabey u can help me out im try to understand computers are confusing to me i had a long 15 year streach and i miss most of the computer networking and systems so now im trying to learn by my self(hard)like now im just starting to use read on how to use digital and optical outs and ins (i know nothing about)i have no clue if u have the time or have a link (PLEASE HELP)thanks my bro synth

    • no problem man! Yeah I hear ya…i’m just moving to software music stuff myself so I’m still learning as I go. Digital outs you can use just like normal…you just need the right cables. I don’t have/use them so I’m no expert on that 🙂



    • whatup kid! I know it’s been a minute but it’s all good! We still here!

      Thanks for the update. I absolutely HATE the fact that it comes with a dongle, stupid lol.

      And while I agree with the vst thing, I also think it’s part of what adds to Props success and “cult following”

      Many programs out there try to play with everyone, and you can certainly use rewire if you want, but if they just focus on making what they have great, I think that’s why they are so popular.

      I personally don’t use reason, but I know many that do. They love having everything in there they need. And just like with the refills available, I can definitely see vst/fx companies making “Record Device” presets and plugins.

      I really do think it will catch on and I really believe people will follow in line with what line 6 did, and start making devicies and plugins for Record.

      That will be even better than vst, it will be specific to Record. Maybe I’m dreaming, but that’s what I think…and I’m still considering Record as my “studio” platform when it’s time to lay vocals/songs.

  14. Saintjoe,

    Did you ever purchase Record? It’s def hot! I run Pro Tools Le, Record & Reason.
    These are my weapons to make my music. I only hold on to PT just in case a client
    needs a track/song in that format. Otherwise it’s all Record and Reason.
    Because I run Record on a Windows based computer and ProTools on a Mac G5
    thru 2 different interfaces (002 & E-mu 1616m), I have the ability to use all my stand alone software synths and synths in Protools (Xpand and Hybrid in my Mac)and record them straight up into Record just like they were hardware! It’s crazy!
    And record sounds amazing! So If you haven’t taken the plunge, stop posing!

    Beatmaker E.I.

    • Nah, I never went with it…still thinking about it, but I’m not quite sure I wanna roll that way just yet. I still like to have access to various plugins and such, so I don’t know if I want to get in bed with Record just yet.

      not sure what you mean about “So If you haven’t taken the plunge, stop posing!” lol

      you’ll have to explain that one to me homie!

      I’ve heard good things about it, but I just haven’t made up my mind if it’s something I want to roll with. I can use Reaper to record my vocals and it sounds dope, plus I can have access to any plugins I wish…

      And that license is only 60 bucks lol.

      My engineer homies tell me Record sounds good, and when I was trying the beta it def sounded good, but it still has that “reason” feel too it, a lot of busyness going on lol.

      • I here ya! When I said stop posing I meant stop waiting. No offense meant.
        I feel you on not being sure if you want to get involved just yet, after all it’s just
        version 1.0. Maybe the next versions will have something that’ll catch your fancy.
        Right now it’s pretty cool for me cause when I play my software synths I get no latency
        going into Record which is great cause I couldn’t do that going into Pro Tools. I would have to open them in a Pro Tools session which kinda drained my CPU cycles. Now I can utilize the synths I wasn’t using before.

        It’s all good.

        • No offense taken, I really wondered what you meant, sometimes people have different slang and terms so I always have to be sure lol.

          So you’re using your mac as a module and just recording the audio into Record? That’s pretty dope.

          Nah, I know it’s stable, I’m just like if I go with it, that will be it, then I’ll forever have to say bye bye to external plugins lol. I don’t use many for fx, so if the sound is right in Record it won’t really matter.

          It reminds me of my standalone 8 track recorders man, it’s pretty cool. It can get a lil involved though when you start going through all the views and fx and such.

          We’ll see, I still haven’t decided on a DAW for vocals just yet.

  15. Peace:
    I have been very interested in this “RECORD” project from the first day I heard about it. In my opinion, the only problem record has is the fact that Pro Tools equals hot mixes and hit records. It’s been the industry standard since atleast the mid 90’s. All it would take is for a big pop/rock band and a big r&b/hip hop artist to have a hit record and say the recorded and mixed with ONLY Reason & Record, and history would be in the making. I would also assume that Reason 5 and Record 2 will give us the additional plug in’s that some feel are lacking right now. What some people tend to forget is that Reason 4 IS a full recording environment, and now with Record, what else do you need?

    I have worked on SSL, NEVE and Soundtrac boards and you know what..NOONE who is not a trained seasoned producer, artist etc, could never guess or care what software or $100,000 board was used to mix. Right now, it’s all about peer pressure, but let me re-phrase that…..commercial DAW pressure.

    Right now, RECORD is putting fear in the hearts of many DAW companies, because of it’s ease of use and along with Reason, who needs additional vst plug in’s.

    I am from the old school and when it’s all over said and done, It’s not what you use, It’s how you freak what you got. Who needs a $80 hr engineer and a $150 hr recording studio When you can get the Reason bundle, pick up a few 3rd party libraries, stop by Novaloops for those extra flava loops, and goto youtube for some tutorials. Case dismissed…the world is YOURS.

    Groove Out

    • I hear ya yo, for me it’s all about getting your ideas out in the easiest most creative way, I don’t care about protools, logic or whatever “everyone uses” because truth is everybody uses something different.

      Plus it’s easy to export wav stems so you can move files to any daw you wish lol.

      thanks for the comment

  16. Peace;

    I would also like to add the fact of the “ReMote” capabilities. add an MPD32, Novation SL remote and you have a fully automated studio for under $1000. I really like Openlabs Niko & Miko, but not everyone can afford $5000 for a setup.

    Thanks Saintjoe for bringing this topic up


  17. what up joe i have a few ? about beatthangz vst first can i use the quantize with my exsternal gear synths or sound modual dose all the sounds and support lesson are they all free like there site clams and where is the best place to buy to get that support. thanks joe your a big help synth

    • it’s not a vst yet.

      I haven’t tried using it to control external equipment but I’m sure it works like any other midi sequencer, since the data is in the btv, it will use it’s own internal quantize.

      I’m not sure what you mean by support lessons? They have a forum, and they put out various videos as well… you don’t have to buy any support.

    • you can bank up and down all the octaves….

      this post isn’t really the spot to talk about beatthang either…kinda off topic lol.

      make sure you go over to their forum, they have support staff over there that can help ya.

  18. i wont to use beatthang in my lxd miko to control my mc909 but it uses notes d1 throught d16 so i would like to set my range and on the site i i went to the see the vst and it shows all of free bonuses is everything inclueded

  19. i wont the thang but i wont to know how it works with my gear i post ? for them wateing to here back i wish they had a phone number i fill a litte un eazy about something if i can get simple answers with out wate or searching for it so thanks agian man merry x mas and happy new year ..synth

    • no prob man, u wasn’t a bother I just didn’t want to give you any wrong info. I’m sure it can do what you want, seems simple enough, but since I don’t use it that way it’s best to get with them.


  20. I LOVE REASON and can’t wait to get my hands on REcord…They jacked me though, not compatible with PPC G5 MAC…BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Soon as I upgrade the mac, i’ll get record. I see it like this, even though it doesnt support VST, its mad easy to make tracks wih on reason, and for the stuff I got reason beats to, I’ll use record to lay vocals. For my VST joints in CUBASE then I’ll use Cubase to record. Its all about seasons mane, chainging the channel, seasons, etc. One method may release an inspiration and another…well another inspiration feel me? Peace!!!!

    • you could just install it like any other software, it just doesn’t load up in reaper, you’d use it by itself. They are supposed to be making it a vst, then you could load it up in reaper

  21. Peace:

    I know that there are alot of peeps who do not smile heavily on Reason and I doubt that Record will replace Pro Tools, but I can honestly admit that Reason & Record together is a massive product.

    And this is why:
    1) Decide what you are, a producer or an engineer.
    2) Determine what kind of equipment budget you have.

    Now, if you are focusing on being a producer and have a limited budget, then the Reason bundle would work for you.
    and..If you’ve decided that you want to get into engineering, we’ll the Reason bundle will work as well, because it has ALL the basic elements of recording and mixing without overwhelming you.

    Now here’s the clincher…..If you want to be a producer/BEATMAKER focusing on sampling, chopping loops and intricate drum & synth programming..then I’d say…stay glued to this website, do your research and ask questions, weigh your options and then proceed. You get out, what you put in.


    • Great input yo! I think it’s all about workflow. I know Record is powerful by itself, as is Reason. I don’t like the sequencing in Reason, but I’m not against using it as a sound module.

      You have some very valid points too!

  22. Propellerhead has many Reasons (no pu intended) for not allowing the use of VST plugins, for one, it keeps their software very stable, the most stable software out there. I have used most of the major software, Pro Tools, Logic, Abletn, Fl Studio, Sonar, Reaper, Cusbae and Acid. Reasons/Record has never crashed on me unless I was rewired with another Daw and certain plugins will or may cause the softwares to crash. Propellerhead is the creator of rewire, which allows you to connect Record/Reasons to your daw, so you can use virtual instruments. Proepellerheads Record Has one of the best looking software mixers’ to date, emulated from the SSL AW9000. Record also allows you to have multiple instruments and effect racks. Its very esy on you cpu and there are plenty of instrument sounds and refills to satisfy any genre of music.

    • @Teacee, yeah, it makes sense why the don’t allow vst plugins, it’s all good.

      I’m still thinking of using reason as a module at some point, we’ll see, I want to see if they introduce any new synths in version 5.

      Record is nice, straight-foward and good sounding. But for people who already have a large collection of plugins for their mixing/recording, it’s a lil hard. I guess you can use Record to get that ssl mix sound, then export and add final touches in your main daw.

      • @saintjoe,

        I too, have a huge library of plugins, maschine, kore 2, ik multimedia workstation, and many more, but there is nothing like having access to a multitude of instruments and effects in a rack with endless possibility’s. And now with Reason 5 and Record 1.5 being released in about 3 weeks, with its new sampler, new rex player that allows 8 rex files to be loaded in one unit, blocks, similar to Abletons Clips, it only gets better.

        • @Teacee, I’ve been watchin the development of reason 5, I think the sampling is a great addition, blocks is a great addition as well but more like patterns than ableton clips, though it’s a great move. I would have been more interested in using Reason when I was searching if they had the blocks feature for the sequencer a year ago lol.

          • @saintjoe,

            Yeah I hear ya man, I don’t use reason/record as much as I should I have been spending a lot of time learning all the features in Ableton Live Suite, but I feel Logic still has full package and is still my favorite. But I am a gear junkie such as yourself, i notice you use a lot of software I use, and I too beta test a lot of software as well. Technology has changed the game, I remember buying my first software daw called power tracks, back in the mid 80’s, it was on 2 floppy disk, lol thank God for technology.

  23. Hey,

    man jst saw your video on youtube about Record. I recently started to use Reason and im very exited that they managed to create a DAW cuz they was missin one. So jst wanna to let you know that. PEACE

  24. yo joe hey do u know whats up with beathang support i upgreated my beathang and it delete my thang i tryed to reload it with the usb they send me but nothing loads man am i out $149 thanks man if u can help

    • @synth, yo, this is not a support page for any and everything, if you have a specific question for me just use the contact form, don’t keep posting on this article with unrelated questions please.

      Hit up beatkangz support and they should take care of you, I can’t tell you wasup as I don’t work over there. should get you started.

  25. thanks man for sending me that contact info soming up with there site but man can u post a vid how u use it with reaper so when i get going i dont have any problems thanks for everthing

    • @synth, this article has nothing to do with btv, please stop posting questions about it on this article. If you want to ask me questions about it go to my beat thang site or use the contact form at the top of the page.


  26. Hey, Joe

    I found this site after checking out your post on Youtube about Record.

    So basically, it uses proprietary hardware to verify that you own the program? This is what I’ve gathered so far from those posts at the beginning of this article.

    Must be why I’ve scoured the net, and can’t find a copy of it >.<

    I don't do any recording for money so it's kinda nutty to spend that kinda cash on something that's a hobby.

    • @Xaero Degreaz, well, looks like their copy protection works 🙂 No offense, but I don’t believe that “not making money” entitles a person to get something for free/illegally.

      People paint for a hobby, but still buy the tools to do it, they can’t just go in the store and grab em and tell the clerk “I don’t paint for money, so I don’t think I should pay for it” 🙂

      There’s plenty of free options out there if you don’t want to spend money on your musical hobby, some great ones at that. If you want to use the commercial software, it’s only fair to pay for it, otherwise use the various free tools out there like Reaper, which is awesome, and you can use the demo unlimited, no time restriction, if you like it…you can pay 60 bucks for it 🙂

      I’m not a reason/record user myself, so I don’t know what type of copy protection they use, but I’m a firm supporter of the legal use of software and tools as opposed to illegally downloading them.

  27. joe what up cool just have some ? i use reaper look for some plug-in that dont use dongles or need any internet connection im try to find something that like the avalon design and something to deess my voice im not looking for sound just comp/eq and with out the hassle of install something that ant going to work .thanks peace

    • @synth, this article isn’t about reaper and plugins, please use the contact form if you have specific questions, I like to keep the articles and comments on topic.


      reaper comes with it’s own plugins, you should try those out.

  28. Yo St. Joe I havae Reason and Record I never open Reason but I bought a good condenser mic man it sounded like I was in the studio and trust me I’ve been to a studio Record you never have to go into a studio again but I def would learn about sound engineering because then you be a master but record is all I use now 2 things or missing though Midi output, you know you can sample into NNXT, NN19, Redrum, and K kong but why did they not make Dr. Octo rex sample is beyond be you don’t have to get rid of Recycle integrate it with Record and Reason for use with K-kong and the Dr. Octo Rex and it game over. you know a company needs to work on Midi rack Record Reason station I would buy especially since you can lock your midi controller to a device meaning I have a Korg pad kontrol its locked to K kong so for every kong i use that controller always work for each one now thats cool

  29. Yo I know what all you guys mean Still missing from Reason and record is MIDI out imangine adding hardware to your rack. but I just check out that Sonar X1 studio and I have to say can not beat it it blows Cubase away no crashes and slim lined easy to use the last version I could not figure out to save my life this version is dope step sequencer 2.0 audio snap 2.0 I Have Zeta 1.5 Dimension pro 1.5 Rapture 2.1 Battery 3 still thinking Kontakt or Emulator x3 and I will get Maschine and thats it I still Have Reason and Record so I use both and I have all the sonic reality sound disc also I think Reason should go vst route or get with cakewalk and get reason rack versions of Dimension pro rapture, zeta IK multimedia sample tank and othe soft synths and effects that would be great

  30. Late bump and all, but any news if/when they are going to add VST to record?

    Pretty much everyone I know has said the same about it “Great product, but no VST means no purchase”.

    I hope propellerheads have realised what a deep error this stance is.

    • @shayne, doubt you will ever see vst support in any propellerheads product, it’s not their philosophy at all. Maybe expansions specifically for their products, but not vst support.

      I doubt it.

      • @saintjoe, I honestly think they are cutting off their nose to spite their face on this one. Its certainly been a deal-breaker for me, and thats a shame, I would have brought it the day it was realeased otherwise. But I just can’t live without my pluginz 🙁

  31. I’m a Reasons user, my friends use Fruity Loops, I’m still on Reasons 4 though and I am about to step it up to Reasons 5.The only thing I don’t like was having to buy or find the ReCycle to make loops. Is the ReCycle or something similar included in Reasons 5? or do i have to buy it separate. As you know FL does it all already record,sample etc… Do you think Reasons is competing wt. FL?

  32. Record/Reason is ALL I use now!!! I used to use cubase with A LOT of plug ins and stufff, but I always seemed messy to me. Now I my workflow is 100% faster and more fun! I can record Guitar, vocals, my keboards, and use Reason sounds all in the same place!!!

    The Effects are great, the audio time stretching is just as good as Abbleton LIVE, and best of all… It has NEVER CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am making the beats, recording, and mixing my WHOLE album with it!

    Sure, you can find better plug ins and or sounds, but you will NOT find an simpler or more fun program to use!!!! I am NEVER going back to another program!

    • @Brandon Carter, word bro, you’re not the only one to say this, you know my motto, rock what you like son! That’s all that matters. I’ve had a few tell me how much they love it, and if it’s that simple man I could def see using it as a daw/recording platform. I’m no engineer so I don’t have a gang of plugins and such. Some I love, but I know many that love the sound of Record’s mixer.

      • @saintjoe, word, the only thing i miss is my Waves Plugin (especially the L3!!!) and the PSP vingage warmer. but thats a small pice to pay! You wont like it cuz you cant use native instruments machine, but you can always export your machine files into Record…. You got me thinking about buying machine now lol

        • @Brandon Carter, nah it’s coo man, I thought about using it just to export and mix down in. I downloaded the demo, I just wasn’t feeling the layout of the racks and such in there, all over the place lol.

          I’m sure it’s dope though, but I’ll stick with Studio One if I need to mix down 🙂

          Still using Reason as a sound module though!


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