Interview: Greg Schlaepfer from Orange Tree Samples on Sound Design, Scripting, NKS, and more.


For those of you that have been around a while, you know Orange Tree Samples is one of my favorites when it comes to acoustic instruments.

I fell in love with their Passion Flute and also really enjoy their guitar and bass libraries.

In this interview I talk with Greg from Orange Tree Samples about how he got started, his approach to sample libraries, scripting, how he came up with the company name, and more.

It’s a great chance to dig into the mind of a developer and see some of the ideas as well as vision that goes into the products.

Make sure to check out his stuff at

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  1. I’m a fan of Greg’s work too. Great to hear him talk about the thinking behind OTS. One subject I would have liked to to hear Gregs thoughts on is the challenge of creating authentic sounding strummed guitar parts. I think this area has improved in recent times but still feels like a rich area for development – especially in terms of transitions at chord changes and section endings.


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