Importing you own samples into Native Instruments Maschine


So, I’ve been learning and playing with Maschine from Native Instruments…I must say it’s awesome.

I’m currently using the beta update so as soon as the full update is released I’ll give you my review.

But I’m still going to show you little tips, tricks, and some of the workflow.

In this video I just want to show you how easy it is to import your samples for use in maschine.

When you do it this way, you can browse through your own sounds right from the hardware controller, just like internal native instrument sounds.

This is important for me, as I use maschine without having the monitor on or the software is minimized. I do EVERYTHING from the controller.

Maschine is dope, straight up, probably my favorite released product so far this year. Serious.

What do you think?


  1. Yo Saintjoe Whats Goodie!

    I just got Maschine yesterday and saw your video for using it with Reaper with all of the midi out features and wanted to see if you could shoot me that template for that setup you have in the video

    Using Maschine like this would erase my memory of my loved MPC4000.

    So I got a few questions too

    1.Using Maschine setup like this with Midi Out to VST’s is it sequencing inside of Maschine or in Reaper?
    2.With this setup are you arranging in Maschine using scenes then tracking into Reaper?

    I really need some info on this

    Thanks Homie

    • Yo was good homie.

      I sequence everything in maschine, I just use reaper when I’m ready to track out. You can use scenes or just do live mutes/solos and record everything to it’s own track in reaper.

      I feel you man, I’m an mpc 4k man myself lol. I still think they need a proper “song mode” in reaper, but you can do it with scenes, if you just lay them out right.

      16 bar scene for the verses or whatever, 8 bars for chorus, 2-4 bars for intros, or however you roll. And you can make a song pretty easily. It’s different than what we are used to a lil bit, because we just like to string together the patterns and set how many times they will loop at that point. But it’s all good.

      The template is over on

    • I’ve been looking at the m-audio axiom series and the novation sl series. Right now I use an emu, just depends on what all you want it to do. For basic keys and midi connection you can cop pretty much anything.

      For more longevity and control should you want to use it with your daw, I’d look at m-audio or novation.

  2. Maschine is a monster I work way faster than working with my MPC4000 I must admit I doubted Maschine but after getting a demo from a close friend I went and bought it yesterday and I’m off and running.

    Yo saint joe I need your assistance again I got that Maschine template for Reaper but I really need to setup up the same type of template for Pro Tools 8 and confused as hell lol

    So let me make sure I got this right

    1.Open up 2 instances and create 8 audio tracks for each instance
    2.Create 16 instrument tracks for Plugins

    With this setup I will be able to track all of my drum sounds indivdually and my song arrangement
    thats sequenced in Maschine? Am I right?

    1.How do route each sound to there specific output to track them individually?
    2.How do I program Maschine to track out my arrangment like the Song mode of the MPC?

    Help ya boi out with this homie!

    • that’s how I felt man, maschine is MUCH faster than my 4k.

      1. I don’t have protools so uhhh lol, not sure how it’s handled in there. I reaper it automatically creates a track for each audio output in maschine. You have to actually have maschine turned on, and set the output from group master, to ext1, 2, 3, etc

      You do this by going to the OUT tab on whatever group you’re on.

      I created 8 audio/midi tracks for the first instance, 7 for the second, then I had 16 midi/audio tracks all routed to the 16 midi tracks in group H

      To route sounds, it depends on what you want to do. you can use each group for different sounds and just use multiple instances, or you can route your individual sounds to the external outputs. Being that you only have 8 per instance, I like to just put each group to it’s own output.

      Only way to make “songs” is to use scenes. This is probably my biggest gripe about maschine right now, no proper song mode.

      The way i’d do it, is to build up your “parts” by scene and trigger those. So you make a 4 bar intro, then start another pattern by doubling the 4 bars, for an 8 bar chorus, etc.

      add different parts and patterns to the scene and you’re good. Trick is, a scene will play as long as the longest pattern it has in it. You could even use empty patterns just to make your scenes make more scenes, empty 16 bar, 8 bar, 4 bar, patterns and place them in whichever scenes you need. You’d have to use a group for that tho, only one pattern per group in any given scene.

  3. Cool I get it now I’m going to play around with Pro Tools to set it up I like Reaper but all of my Projects end up in ProTools and its my go to for audio editing.

    Scene mode is cool its like a MPC song mode almost just setup a lil different I see they have loop mode which could help when tracking down the arrangement

    Yea I was considering a Dbeat prior to getting put on to Maschine but not anymore, next up is a new laptop Mac probably

    • Yeah, I haven’t tried dbeat so I don’t know how well it integrates with guru, but it’s not maschine I’ll tell ya that. Thing is, dbeat is a full computer wheras maschine is just a controller and software. Two different monsters but maschine and a laptop/keyboard is a powerful setup.

      Just add sounds lol.

  4. I got you I’m going to work on it this week I just found out you can create a stencil using photoshop and then have it printed out so as soon as I get the ball rolling I’ll make sure I shoot it over to you. Now I thinking of a dope color scheme lol

    • Those laptops look serious yes! And I’ve seen soundflower, but the only thing I know of like that for pc is the “virtual audio cable”

      However, if you have a good soundcard, you can most likely use the “stereo mix” option as your recording device and record whatever is playing on your computer.

      I need to get an external soundcard because my laptop no longer supports this feature in vista. Many soundcards supported it in xp just fine lol.

  5. What I mean by start to finish is from a blank Reaper session to setting up Maschine inside Reaper to you tracking your patterns/arrangment out from Maschine with that template setup.

    I’m a newbie to Maschine and I’ve been on the NI forum and I see alot of people confused about tracking there patterns into the DAW of there choices.

    A few things I would like to see:

    1.I like the template you created alot and Im still trying figure out how to arrange my patterns in Maschine scene mode but now I want track all of the different elements out into reaper via audio but I’m confused on routing all of them to there own audio track.Just like a MPC with Kick, Snare, Clap etc on there own track.

    2. Like you said with this setup your sequencing everything with Maschine so how are the VST’s being tracked out, is it audio or midi? I def would like to see this in the video

    3.Maschine in scene mode is a big concern and getting it to function like the MPC song mode so it would be cool if you could arrange something to clear up how to arrange patterns into arrangements

    This the ideal setup for me because I was using my MPC and a my laptop as a module so I need a visual on workflow because I’m MPC brainwashed and opening up to the world of Maschine

    • well, the basic template I have is setup so it’s ready to record the output of any track as audio. I would record audio not midi, in Reaper it’s easy to setup I’m not sure about other DAWs. All I have to do is set it to “record output” on the tracks I want to record.

      Only way to have all your stuff on separate tracks is to put each sound in it’s own group and treat each group as it’s own track. You’d probably need more instances of maschine to accomodate all your drum sounds you want to use.

      also, don’t forget maschine as audio export too, so you could export your stuff from maschine as audio, but this wouldn’t work for the vst instruments.

      As it stands, maschine scene mode will never function like the mpc song mode, they need to update it lol.

      All midi is stored in maschine, only thing reaper is doing is “holding” my instruments. When I’m ready to track out, I just set the tracks to record the output and they’ll record whatever they “hear” on that track. For the vst it will be the sounds coming out of it.

      I don’t use a blank reaper project, i always start from the template lol, that’s why I made it so I don’t have to go through it all over again ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So when you track down from Maschine into a Reaper audio track you have all of drums on one track? How are you mixing drums with all of them on one track?

    With Maschine audio export will it export each sound individually?

    • I don’t always have drums on one track, sometimes I have them on 8 tracks, just depends. I don’t always track my drum separately either. Yes you can export single sounds in maschine, but without a proper song mode it gets pretty wack. Unless you just export an 8 bar pattern and then arrange in your daw.

  7. I’m just trying to find a consistent way to sequence all in Maschine, arrange it in Maschine then track it out just like my 4000 but damn i gotta admit i’m confused as hell.

    I prefer to track drums seperately for mixing purposes so basically to do that with this template I would have to put all kicks on group A, claps on group B, snares on group C etc and then set there output individually to audio track in reaper.

    Also can’t you set up a program change for the scene mode and won’t that follow your arrangment to be able to track it down as a whole song

    Thanks for helping me dude you know how it is when you get a new piece of gear lol!

    • I hear ya, yeah if you put them in a group and set each one to a different ext track, all you have to do is set the tracks in the template to match the output you used. However, in my template, they should already match the ext outputs of maschine, so you just have to setup your routing.

      I don’t use scenes much at all because I don’t really like how they implemented it, so I couldn’t help ya with the program changes. My way would just be to use scenes that are the size I want for my song layout and set them to trigger in sequence.

      • This is the kind of BS that is making me want keep my MPC in full rotation.Maschine seems like it’s not ready to be taken serious without a song mode.

        So your just using scenes individually to record into Reaper. Basically you do a 4-bar intro then record that in, a 16 bar verse record that and 8 bar hook record that in etc.

        • yeah lol, well no I don’t do it that way. I mean, you can use scenes but I’m saying, instead of having a bunch of them, basically you just make your patterns the length of your song structure and put those in scenes.

          So you’d take your 4 bars, double it twice and you have a 16 bar pattern. You put that in a scene and use it for your verse.

          in the scene window you put your “song parts” in the order you want them to play. Scene 1 2 bar intro, scene 2, 8 bar chorus, scene 3 16 bar verse, etc.

          Then you can have them all play in order and just track it that way. It’s stupid, they didn’t think it through, and didn’t realize many of us have been waiting for something like this since we’ve had our mpcs…I think they will get it right though, but no song mode is stupid.

  8. So whats the deal with v1.1 update features

    MIDI Out Mode for sounds

    -Its obvious what this does control external vst’s via midi

    MIDI In for sounds and groups

    -How will this help?

    Drag-and-Drop audio export for scenes and patterns in host

    -how will this? I’m guessing instead of tracking I can just drag the audio for all of the individual sound

    Record and trigger scenes switches via MIDI notes in host

    -Whats even the point of this?

    Scene retrigger option in plugin mode

    -Again whats the point of this?

    • midi in I guess will let you control maschine from your daw, pointless to me lol. Drag and drop is so you can drag you patterns as audio/midi into your daw, most would use audio, but I guess midi is coo too.

      record and trigger scenes will let you use program changes in your daw to send messages to maschines scenes, letting you basically arrange how you want, again, some like this…I don’t.

      I’m like you, i want to do everything in maschine and then track it out like I do with my mpc.

  9. I just posted a big message on the NI forum ranting on Maschine’s development they should almost be ashamed of themselves for emulating the MPC but leaving off features like Song Mode, Time stretching and truncating.It would have even make sense to let maschine host sounds from the other NI instruments but I guess that was asking too much.Sometimes developers overthink stuff and don’t keep it simple

    v1.1 is some BS besides the midi out

    for this product to have been out since May the development is way behind and NI has to step up they are trying to fill some big shoes.

    I want to use it like I do my 4000 but I can see that isn’t possible

    • All things I’ve said myself. Some way to interface with their other instruments, heck even just a lil “rack” inside where we can sequence NI plugins! MOTU BPM has this, you can load up their sounds from their plugins as well as other uvi soundcards in the “virtual rack” but even they have missed some things.

      it’s obvious these companies are NOT consulting with real drum/beat machine users man lol.

      But I gotta be honest, even with the LACK of features, I work quicker on maschine than ever did on my 4k. Chopping, pitching, adding fx, all that is MUCH faster to me lol. And being able to “tag” all my sounds so I can browse them from the controller is insane, no more 512mb limit, pretty much no loading times, I know it will get better, even with it’s shortcomings it’s crushing pretty much all others.

      but the features they left out proves they aint consulting folks that actually use the very thing they are trying to replace lol.

    • Yeah, it’s different, honestly I don’t use scenes much and havent’ been tracking out much, just tested to see if it works. I’m used to just playing the joint manually, on the mpc I just use pattern mode and track mutes lol.

      So it’s not that different to me, but song mode is a MUST man, I still can’t believe it. Like I said, some of the stuff they missed let’s me know they didn’t consult folks like us that use mpc/mv/asr, etc on a daily basis.

      or at least I used to ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I can’t dig into ableton at all I just like the thought of being able to use maschine with a DAW when I need to lay down a quick idea but I’m trying to see how Kore 2 and Maschine work together cause I use alot of NI synths and have alot of my other VST’s loaded into Kore 2 library so if I could get them to work together I could just export the audio from the patterns individually and then load it into Pro Tools for mixing

    • I use Kore 2 as well, my perfect setup would be if NI let us ‘plug’ kore into maschine as a “rack module” then I could use all my ni plugs.

      I like maschine, I love the workflow but it’s just missing some things. So far for me ableton is the closest to how I’m used to working on the mpc, minus the hands on. If we had the hands on of maschine with the flexibility of ableton, it’d be a wrap.

      But honestly, I think that’s where maschine is heading.

      • You don’t like using Maschine inside of Kore 2?

        Thats the option I’m looking at becuase I have komplete 6 and everything I want in Kore 2 and with Maschine running as the sequencer I could just run that setup

        The only thing is how do I export my patterns/arrangements? Is it handled by Kore 2 or Maschine?

        • no, I tried it, it works, but I didn’t like it.

          That’s why I did the reaper thing. And there was no way to export the audio unless you had kore loaded up inside your daw and routed the audio outputs from within it.

          Reaper was quicker/easier for me to do what I wanted and be able to record audio too.

          I can still use kore in reaper if I want too.

  11. Yo Joe thanks for all the help!

    I went out today and ordered that new iMac finally they dropped a quad processor! a Apogee duet and that Novation SL 61 controller.I almost got talked to into Logic 9 but I held back all I pretty much need is Reaper & Pro Tools.

    I’m going to try to controller Reaper with the Mackie emulation tonight when I get over to the studio I heard thats a good option as well.I wonder if the track names show up in Maschine?

    You come across any other tips using that template?

    • Bro I was JUST looking at them new imacs kid! You done changed the game, and sl AND an apogee duet!

      Dream setup lol.

      Dude on forums said mackie control works with my template and he got the track names to show up! I’m going to try it tonight!

      Yeah man, Reaper is the joint, for only 60 bucks it’s crazy, even if you making mad cheese and need to pay full price, it’s still dope. I really like how audio and midi tracks are in the same track in reaper, that’s so sick to me dude lol.

      lemme know how it all goes man and post a video or something lol.

      glad I could help ya man.

  12. Logic Studio is hot though I can’t front I may add it in the future. I got Logic Express for free so I’m going to try that to.

    I was searching if anyone had logic setup like the template you provided but I see alot of Maschine/Logic users have problem so I’m going to post a topic on the forum to see if anybody else knows some info on it. Basically the same setup Logic as a sound module and audio recorder Maschine as the sequencer

    • I remember we were talking to them about a Teddy Riley special edition machine on their live chat one day lol. Wonder what it is lol. They don’t let folks review their machines so…I’ll just have to be a spectator.

  13. Its a no go for setting up logic or pro tools with a template like your Reaper joint which really sucks.I’m being more and more frustrated with Maschine’s under development and its DAW integration.It would be different if I Maschine hosted instruments like Motu BPM but there making it difficult to incorporated other plugins in major DAW’s like Logic & Pro tools.

    • Yeah man, I didn’t think it would be a go lol.

      and I agree, I mainly use maschine standalone, they really need to support vsts or at least their own plugs, just like bpm has two “racks” in it.

      very smart move but bpm doesn’t have the hands on feel like maschine.

      in an ideal world, I’d do everything in maschine but vocals lol.

      they seriously need to let us add plugins to it man, for real.

      the underdevelpment can get frustrating at times, especially when you see all the potential.

      • I just don’t get why NI would make a product like this and think they didn’t have to fully develop this from the start, there basically trying to bring a gap between the MPC and the software world and honestly this isn’t it. I can’t even take this serious at this point it feels almost like a toy because for me it def can’t be used standalone.My expectations are high and I’m disappointed in a sense.

        I wish the design team for NI would speak up on the NI forum and face the music because there are a shit load of complaints and issues from a lot of users but they leave it up to the moderators to give you general answers and workarounds which is stupid

        • Bro I feel you all the way man lol. Real talk, I just can’t believe some of the stuff they DIDN’T do in this “groove production station” lol. Simple stuff, no truncate, no basic sample editing, no timestretching, no song mode, ONLY 1 bank of sounds per group…..not way to integrate their OWN plugins lol.

          To be fair, I haven’t tried bpm, I’ve heard the sound engine is superb, they never got back to me about reviewing it, probably because I have guru and maschine all over the site, it’s all good.

          I’ve heard there are little things in the workflow with that program too that they just didn’t do, but I haven’t used it myself so I don’t know… I just know users of both of these “mpc alternatives” have been complaining since they dropped.

          I basically use it for working with my sounds/samples chopping and sequencing, for that it’s actually dope, it’s great for that. Very quick.

          I’d much rather sequence vsts inside of it though, instead of having to load it up in Reaper to do so.

          And when I sequence vsts, I want to be able to export the data, not have to real time record it. I mean dang, even flstudio can export vst stems lol.

          They need to step it up man, because the potential is there, or else what’s gonna happen is another company cough…akai…cough…roland… is going to come in and do it right they NI is going to be stuck lol.

  14. I was using logic last night and I liked it alot but finding a good software drum machine is a hard thing to do I love battery though, I have all the other plugins I need but now I’m finishing the equipment purchases for my new studio and I thought Maschine would be able to replace my MPC but Im not pleased at all so I’m even thinking about upgrading to the MPC5000. Its clear that these companies aren’t ready to fill Akai’s shoes

  15. The 5000 is dope it just took on a bad rap when it first dropped but I like its feature set.The only thing I wish they would have expanded on was the memory its 2009 atleast allow 1gb of memory.I looked at the MV but I didnt care for that at all.

    Guru is cool i just don’t like the way it slices samples and it sound browser.

  16. I tried BPM last night on a friends laptop and it had alot of things that were very familar and it was easy to use.I liked how it synced to Logic as a plugin and it had 18 stereo outs for tracking down real easy, the instrument racks were super dope because my homie had all the Mach and all of the UVI instruments so his soundbank was serious. The sound engine is dope and the effects are pretty and best of all there is a SONG MODE! Simple drag and arrange and Logic follows everything

    I was impressed

    • Man I KNEW that joint looked ill when I first saw it. I was actually more interested in it than Maschine because of the racks and the workflow looked very similar to the mpc.

      But once I got my hands on Maschine that hardware controller integration changed my life.

      I really wanted to do a review on all these “beat machines” man, I’ll prolly get bpm at some point, I’ve gotta try it.

  17. Yea its dope homie I’m trying out different things, I was a huge battery dude before maschine and I like logic’s ultrabeat joint which is pretty quick for laying out ideas and the effects in that joint is crazy but I really wish NI would just quit stalling and add whats necessary but there just like alot of software developers they overthink eveything and forget things don’t have to be complex

    • I agree man, I’m always trying out things lol, got to. I’m not a mac man so logic is out of the question, and I really don’t want to get into any other daws, ableton is pretty dope for me.

      NI needs to capitalize on what they have man, they can become THE standard, if they just listen and quit playin.

      They better not pull what they did on Kore 1 and release the updates in Maschine 2 lol, that would be wack.

    • Yeah man, whatever producers know whatsup man lol, it’s what we’ve been wanting for years. They just need to listen to us and put some of the BASIC things that make the mpc so popular in there, and it will be a wrap lol.

      I mean dude, they really are only like 3 steps away from world domination lol…seriously lol.

      better song mode, truncate, timestretch. Better output routing ( just give each sound/pad it’s own output and be done, or 16 aux outs per group, and move on), some way to either host vst plugins, a “bridge” for kore2, or something that let’s us integrate other NI plugs.

      seriously…. it will be stupid man, I honestly think they’ll do most of it.

      • Thats what I said but they act like its perfect and were making those features up. I always expect great things from NI but if they fall short I have to address it. People like myself that are actually working producers are looking for a tool like this so if they jump into that market they should expect that they have to compete.

        I like BPM but i’m not a fan of the MPD32 so BPM still isnt the 4000 to me. Im just hoping NI doesnt make a Maschine 2 and shit on us.It looks like they stop developing Battery 3 because I havent seen a major update in a long long time

        • I feel you bro, right now Maschine is really the only player in town that close to that replacement fully. I no longer have a room full of gear to sequence, so the mpc 4k is almost overkill for me. I do all my sample playback in kontakt now, I have all my akp files in there lol.

          So I can get by standalone a bit more than someone with a rack full of gear, but when it comes time to finish the track maschine falls flat, tracking out/song building is just NOT where it should be, especially from a software company lol.

          but still, I can see the future man, not really, but maschine is it, or something like maschine. So close, but so far…I hope they do right by the community and make it what it should be.

  18. I just don’t get how NI drops a product and doesn’t make sure its fully functional with two of the major DAWs on the market Logic & ProTools. This just makes no sense and thats what my issue is, if i can’t use it with a major DAW like Logic then its bascially useless and can’t even be taken serious

    I one step from selling this thing on ebay

    • Well I know with protools it was a two way street, not sure about logic but I know it takes two to tango lol.

      I feel ya man, you gotta do what you gotta do. I haven’t tried it in ableton myself, which is my daw of choice, so not sure.

      I know standalone it does most of what I need, I can use that audio drag and drop to pull out loops and put them in ableton for song arrangement so that’s cool.

      They just need to keep pushing it man, and listen to us users.

      • I hate to say it but nothing seems like it will never be the same as the MPC because nobody else is thinking like Akai and thats the first step if your going to do a emulation.

        I’m going to keep rocking the 4000 and maybe look adding the 5000

  19. Dude those moderators on the NI Maschine forum really are stupid and have no knowledge

    This is what the dude told me about the Akai MPC line

    “The reason why Akai’s the standard is sheer market presence”

  20. Yea dude I know right lol

    I gave it shot but I will forever use the MPC as my brain for production, I plan on getting the 5000 I really dig that 8 track HD recorder and some other features over the 4000 so I have to it

    I found a dope template for Reaper so I’m cool on Maschine it’s not ready yet they got a long way to go if they think basic features can be overlooked

    • I feel ya man! Got me thinking bout pulling my out the storage and sequencing vsts with it in reaper lol. It’s all good man, we’ll see how it goes. I guess you could always buy maschine again in the future if they ever fix it lol.

      • Yea boi! I’m back to the world I know and love I might get me a hardware keyboard sampler like a Kurzweil or Fantom G for sampling because of the there extended memory and use load all of my drums into the MPC5000 my homie has a similar setup and its killer

        • Set it to autoload when you come in the studio and you ready to go with all ya drums in the mp lol. We constantly working on improving our workflow man lol, nothing wrong with changing up yo!

          Do what ya do man! You still getting an openlabs joint?

          • I doubt it I’m cool with the hardware software setup I’m building the only thing I’m looking for now is a something like a new age ASR-10 keyboard workstation were I can expand the sampling time and has alot of memory so I was thinking the fantom or a nice kurzweil

  21. I just tried to read AO’s thread with EW @ NI, I got so heated I couldn’t even finish reading the whole thread. Sowari’s co-sign was just too much. A few weeks back I decided to get more use out of Battery by mapping it’s controls. I go on the NI forums and find EW dismissively telling a user that no MIDI chart for Battery is available, nor will ever be. Given that Battery 3 has the most screwed up MIDI implementation I’ve ever seen, dude’s chart request seemed fairly reasonable. I leave thinking alright EW’s a jerk, but man I had NO IDEA! EW don’t even live on Earth yo! AO, Saintjoe you guys are doing what you should do, living life as thorough tech-heads making music, this EW he outta go into politricks. Politicians (and the mentally ill) are the only humans that can so miss the obvious point of the other speaker or viewpoint. I mean could AO have been any more clear and direct (and correct lol) in expressing the legitimate, inexplicable shortcomings of this package? And these dudes act like he’s just a
    whining MPC fanboy, horrible..just horrible. Sorry for the length here, but I had to vent and add on to this, that was the worst company forum response I’ve ever seen.

    • hahahahah lol, that’s why I told AO to just leave it alone man, I had been down the road and it’s really no use, folks that don’t get it just don’t get it. It’s obvious they’ve probably never even used any other groove machine or sequencer other than maschine, or if they did, they didn’t use it in the same way the majority of people do.

      It’s not like these were major requests, they were simple things that most would ASSUME would be available in a GROOVE PRODUCTION STATION.

      that said, I still enjoy using maschine, it’s quite good for my workflow, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see improvments, especially a decent song mode lol.

      • Word. I feel you on the positive aspects of Maschine. I would love to tag and browse my sounds from a hardware interface. I’ve actually owned all the pad controllers (except that 8 pad mpd and the 18) and have spent years trying to make Reason, Live and FL templates and maps to do what Maschine does. I’ve only really come close with the MPD32 because the 3 banks give enough controllers. I love the concept but 6 bills for me would be better spent on a MPC right now, and as I said I got FIVE pad controllers already (the boldface is your cue to laugh at my excess).

        What the hell, let’s say EW is right. They aren’t trying jock the MPC steelo, they just wanted to make a Trigger Finger with software right? Of course if this is true Palin’s smart and LeBron’s really a 5’9″ fat white kid.

        • Yea homie that dude EW and Sowari are just stupid jerks and really don’t have a clue about much. The truth is the truth and those NI dudes just hate the fact that there wrong and NI is failing to produce a product thats even worthy of being called a groovebox or anything close to the MPC. I’m a MPC guy all day always have been and always will be but I just feel like if your going to do something put 150% and never leave any room for the competition to make up ground on you and its clear NI doesn’t think like that. Maschine is cool but in my eyes and after a hands on experience there is no way I can’t take it serious for professional production because of lack of integration and at this point lack of support. Its funny how they say they have these mystery MPC user beta testers but I don’t even believe that to be true. Maschine is a great stolen concept but NI just doesn’t realize how important alot of the features are that they left out and I can almost gurantee you they will do nothing to address them in v1 of Maschine and NI is good for stopping development for a product just look at Battery. I just can’t believe thats who NI has as moderators for there forum its ashame.

          • I told you to stop wastin ya time lol, I’ve been there with them man, it’s not really worth it because you’ll get frustrated trying to explain it lol. They def tried to capture the hardware workstation feel, they just left out some minor yet important features for the type of instrument it is. People are in denial, I love NI as much as the next person, but that don’t mean I won’t point out shortcomings.

            You gotta do what you gotta, and if you’re using logic, the integration isn’t there at all so I feel ya man lol.

        • Hahahah i feel ya man, it def needs some improvement, but I’ve been down that road of trying to explain stuff over there from a hardware perspective. They just don’t get it.

          It’s definitely trying to build on the mpc, period, I don’t care what they say. They looked at the mpc and mv and tried to make something similar with better features, yet they forgot many simple ones.

    • hahahaha, yo man I heard it’s an issue with the AU format in general, not just maschine. Something about it not being able to send midi out or something? I just wish they would hurry up and bring either more sounds or some type of integration with vsts or other NI plugs so we can have access to more sounds.

      that’s all I need….and a proper song mode…and I’m happy lol.

      of course more outputs in case I want to track into my daw.

      • I just can’t see NI adding anything major anytime soon those dudes seem like that aren’t trying to make a product that could change the whole production scene. If they pay attention to there forum all they will see is people ranting and moderators saying the product is perfect. I don’t even think there is going to be a Maschine v2, the lack of integration with Logic is inexcusable you would have thought there beta testers would have caught this but they still have no answer.Everytime I think about i’m still amazed on how they left out alot of stuff

        • I feel ya man. Also remember, them dudes on the forum…they don’t work for NI, they only know what they are let known lol. Their understanding is horrible, they don’t get it, but hopefully NI is watching man. There is too much of a community around it for them to drop it…I think they’ll do right.

          It’ll prolly be in 2010, but it’ll get right lol. I don’t really know what to say about logic, i don’t have nor use it so I don’t know what the integration is. If it’s the vst sending midi out then that’s not a logic issue it’s an AudioUnits limitation…which is wack lol. I don’t understand why logic won’t let you use the vst version?

          What is the integration with logic issue? I honestly haven’t paid attention lol, cuz again, I don’t use logic lol.

          • Lots of Latency issues when using Maschine as plugin, of course the midi out issue is just stupid on AU’s part and overall just useless for using it with Logic. I can’t use the mod wheel or sustain pedal of my Novation controller with Maschine which is beyond stupid too. I’m good with just using Battery and Ultrabeat for drums and all of my other plugs. I don’t think NI will ever add instrument racks to Maschine and alot of the basic features its seems like there going after the hobbyist market and not the professional market.For example we haven’t seen a new Battery version since 3 which came out in like early 2008 and I think they have stopped development.

            • lol I feel ya man. Battery is on like 3.06 or something lol…I got the “beta” version. But honestly, battery is a very solid drum sampler, not sure what else they’d need to add to it.

              I HATE that I can’t use my mod wheel or any midi expression man, they HAVE to fix that. On the bright side, I was playin with it tonight and figured out the scene workflow even better, it’s actually pretty quick…then again, that’s assuming you use it standalone like me.

              They def need to step it up on the integration, however, the more I use it, the more I like it. But then again, I don’t really use it in a daw unless it’s reaper and I want to control some vsts.

              We’ll see man, I won’t give up just yet but I’ll keep buggin for the basic features it needs.

              • I went the logic route because I it has everything you need for production right inside the program and it has a really great sound to it.On a side note I went and picked up Spectrasonics Trillan today and dude its a must have plugin

                • Man I been waiting for that Trillian joint to drop, I know it’s a monster man, good stuff.

                  I’ve heard good things about logic…it still looks like a linear program to me, which is why I like ableton’s layout, that session view gets me man.

                  I guess that’s why I use maschine standalone so much, I just like working in that way, but would like to see better integration of other sounds.

                  my homies use logic, I know it’s got some good stuff.

  22. You and this Ableton Live joint I just can’t stand the way it looks but it seems like a cool program. Logic is just a whole other world yea its linear but when its time to arrange you use linear anyway so doing the production for me is cool that way just makes arranging easier.

    • Nah son! I do all my arranging in the session joint! Non linear lol. It’s dope lol. Then when I want to record it I can just hit record and it will record all the linear stems for me….so I’m ready for vocals.

      It’s dope, I like it…it’s easy and fits my mind, sorta like maschine.

      • Oh ok I got cha! If it works for you keep rocking it I know its a dope program just not for me.THe only program I actually don’t like is Reason even though alot just say its the best the soundbanks are horrible compared to VST’s

        Now if NI made a Maschine that could load plugins like Kore 2 and would add those features like we talked about then I wouldn’t think twice about Logic.I don’t understand why they didn’t do that in the first place.

        • I never got into Reason, I’d use it as a sound module just to access some of the dope third-party refills around.

          And yeah, it’s all about what works man…I don’t know why they didn’t do that either, I really think they underestimated the popularity and how many people would want to use Maschine as an exclusive solution.

          Basic features and plugin/kore support would be stupid. If I can bring in vsts and such, or heck even just NI plugs. If I can use kontakt sounds inside maschine via some type of bridge, it would be OVER lol.

          • I’m willing to bet they will never add that kind of stuff to Maschine, for a lot of people I know that were interested standalone mode just wont cut it.There shouldn’t be a product like this on the market that doesn’t integrate easy with major DAW’s. They made it backwards standalone mode is flawless but plugin mode has every issue you can think of.

            • I don’t think standalone is flawless lol.

              Honestly man, I never liked the idea of a sequencer inside of a sequencer lol. If I wanted a basic drum sampler inside my daw I just use ableton.

              I think you have both side equally interested, many looking at it as a standalone environment, and others that want to incorporate it into their existing daw. I think it should work both ways.

              Unfortunately it seems standalone is a “little” bit better, but not much, there is still much to be desired but at least it is stable. That would really suck man if they never allow you to add vsts or at least NI instruments in some sort of bridge or something.

              I could see them pulling a maschine II move and adding vst support or something lol.

              • I think as long as Kore is around they wont integrate any vst or Ni instruments into Maschine because thats there market for that, if they do that people may stop buying Kore.Standalone would be great if it was a complete solution but your better using you Ableton Live rig.

                • I dunno man, the mods tried to say that too, I just don’t see it. If that’s the logic then why make maschine? And not discontinue battery?

                  Thing is, even with a little overlap, people still want different tools for different things, and I don’t think vst or NI plug support in maschine would kill the Kore line, people who want a whole vst host or layering and all the other things kore can do.

                  I may be wrong, I just don’t think so. However, they could make a “bridge” for kore into maschine and all would be well ๐Ÿ™‚

                • I think the mods might be right on this I’m just going by there trends of the products they put out, they could have easily integrated the maschine with battery but they didn’t so when it comes down to Kore and NI instruments they could have easily had some type of instruments racks or loading of NI instruments patches from Komplete but they didnt which made no sense at all since Maschine has instruments in its library. They just don’t have there thinking caps on all the way over at NI, I mean if Motu can pull it off the basic features and instrument racks.

                • I dunno man, I just don’t see it. Everybody doesn’t want a goovebox, some just want a vst rack, so they will still use kore. Those that want the groove box setup, they’d go with maschine…

                  I’m not saying make it do everything kore can do, just load some vsts or some type of bridge for customers that have OTHER NI plugins, let them integrate, that’s all I’m sayin lol.

                  Oh well man, we’ll see, I just hope they don’t drop the ball and leave it lol.

  23. I’m officially done with NI’s moderators that dude Sowari is a clown. I would love to hear there music because I would put a stack on it to say its wack. He got mad because I called him a liar because I said I doubted there were no offical MPC users beta testing and advising MI on Maschine. It makes me furious so I’m done with that forum.


    • hahahahah lol, I told you to leave it alone man lol. It’s still some good peeps over there, but them mods sometimes be on one man lol, they can be cool sometimes too…

      but yeah lol.

      I’d like to know WHAT the mpc dudes are saying or if NI is even listening.

      • I dont even believe there are some real MPC dudes like us Beta testing cause there is no way you ignore those features. Im over Maschine even Logic is great but the workflow of the MPC is unbeatable to me. I have 4000 but I just got the 5000 and some of the features are super tight like the keymap joint.I have some Andromeda presets multisampled into the 5000 just like my 4000 how crazy is that and adat is how I track down with the 5000.

        Its some cool folks on there but overall there lost, most people on there continue to argue the mpc isn’t the best and Maschine is orginal so I’m done with those dudes.I deleted my account completely lol

        • hahahahahaha lol

          Yo so what u talkin bout that keymap joint on the 5k? Like the keygroups on the 4k? Really?

          What to you like on it better than the 4k and if you had to choose one would it be the 5k?

          If so, why? I’ll admit I never paid much attention to the 5k but coming from a fellow 4k user, you got me interested now lol.

          • Yep so bascially I sampled alot my hardware like the Motif XS, Andromeda and Korg M3 and I took the samples from those and set up keygroups for the patches I like with the 5000 and with the effects in the 5000 they sound exactly like the orginal boards and I get all of the mpc features.

            I’m a 4000 dude all day but the 5000 is nice addition and user friendly like the 2500.For instances when I’m ready to track down I use the adat outputs which shows up in Logic as 8 outputs and its digital so it has a nice sound to it. Like I said the keygroups feature is super dope on the 5000, the hard disk recorder comes in handy especially when I’m doing remixes and my session guitar player is recording with me and using that built synth is serious when you tweak it and create your own sounds.It doesn’t have some 4000 features but trust me dude its a monster.

            • thats pretty ill man, didn’t know that. Can the 5k load akp files from the z4/8 or the s1/2/5/6k samplers?

              that sounds pretty nice though and straight forward, I wouldn’t mind messing with it a lil bit.

              • Straight from Akai’s site


                “You can now import S1000, S3000, S5000/S6000, Z4/Z8, and MPC4000-format sample libraries including Keygroups, from Akai Pro and third parties. Now you can migrate fully to the MPC5000 platform”

                I love my 4000 but the 5000 has its own sound and is next generation ready.Maschine in no way could keep up with the 5000

                • Oh man…lol, that looks sexy dude. How is the integration with the computer, getting your files/samples into it. Aksys for the 4k is soooooo buggy lol.

                  I really didn’t know they let the 5k play keygroups now man. I’m still confused as to why they didn’t allow more Ram, at least matching or surpassing the 4k. Especially for playing keygroups.

                  It would be dope if they matched something like the motif or fantom, and allowed 1gb of ram.

                • I’m using the 5000 with Logic and its the perfect solution, usb is good for transfering files back and forth I was hoping someone developed something similar to Aksys but havent found nothing yet.

                  I have the memory expanded but I do wish Akai would have extended it to 1gb atleast especially if I want to load up alot of keygroups but there are ways around it like you could just use Kontakt and trigger everything from the 5000. I actually thought about getting a fantom g for the sampling features and sounds but I have most of the sounds I need with my iMac.

                • Yeah bro, that’s the kind of setup i’ve been thinking about, no need to go to a hardware sampler cuz Kontakt is all i need. But I could def see sequencing it all from the 4k. I could just use reaper to hold kontakt and do all my sequencing on the 4k and have the best of both worlds ๐Ÿ™‚

                  I may look into using the mpc with ableton, we’ll see…I haven’t even pulled it out yet though, just giving it some thought.

                • Yea thats how I rock with the MPC I have a logic template setup with Kontakt, Omnisphere,Nexus and a few other joints and just sequence everything like that.No latency and really jump starts my creative juices. Logic is awesome for production but the MPC is the brain.Best of Both worlds!

  24. So I came across a Dbeat today from a homie that just got it and its a pretty dope machine. You ever thought about the dbeat? My only concern was the processor speed but that windows os they have is super smooth

    • Yah, I thought about that joint…it looks pretty dope man. I remember when it came out, pretty ill. I never messed wit it, just not sure if it’s something I really need lol. I would def use it though…everything you need in one small box.

      • I like the Gen5 Neko but I really like the layout of the Dbeat better.One thing that took me by suprise was the integration of Guru,its pretty dope.Everything in one box thats portable like that.I ran thru it front to back for about 3 hours and I was very impressed by the workflow, he uses cubase 5 and everything was ready to go right out of the box.OL is supposed to announce the new product on Nov.18 but I don’t believe its any new hardware maybe a new software upgrade designed by teddy riley. I cant front that dbeat got me thinking lol

        • yeah man, i thought it was sexy when it dropped yo, real talk. I def would like to play with it.

          All I can say is you never know what OL will be dropping… lol. I highly doubt a build up like this for software ๐Ÿ™‚

          we shall wait and see man.


                From Mr. Vic Wong

                Hello everyone,

                The LA office grand opening offered the attendees a “sneak peak” at some of the things we have been working on. It was not a world-release of any products.

                However, stay tuned because there will be a new product coming very soon. The most I can tell you is that it is not a keyboard production station or anything like the DBeat.

                • Wish to go there..I can not imagine what is coming up next.

                  however, next time I hope they make a product which is upgardable.
                  I Like my openlabs or any other product they made a lot,no doubt.
                  but, NEKO or MIKO`s hardware isn`t upgradable such as RAM memory or AUDIOINTERFACES….There are much things to talk about between OPENLABS USERS.

                • Interesting. I think they leave it more closed so as to maintain and control the stability. Opening it up even more would become a support nightmare I’d think.

                  I mean, you can add interfaces via firewire or usb, or even pci can’t you?

                  I just think the easier it is for users to get in there and mess stuff up, the more unstable things become.

                  However, I know that if you’re used to workin on pcs, you can find a way lol.

                • I agree.Open it up and messing around isn`t a good idea but, want to see inside sometime. it helps me to understand the hardware works..
                  I can add more controls or hard disks via USB but,adding
                  too much usb connections make stability lower. PAD CONTROLS or MIX CONTROLS they are all connected via USB inside I think.when stability got lower they disconnect easily. I never heard about them but I think it is.

                • thanks for the post about Teddy Riley eddition.
                  lots of my friend using Timbo editionm they use it as a just simple sound module,what a waste.
                  They had no choice they couldn`t find a way to upgrade it to specs they needed.

  25. Yo Joe Whats good homie!

    Check this so today I went out today and got Timbalands Beaterator PSP game for my joint and dude its pretty tight. A perfect tool for producers when ideas strike you can do full beats, import your own sounds and do your own melodies and it sounds pretty good when you do that.Check it out I’m giving it the official AO producer stamp

  26. Sup SaintJoe,

    I had a quick question. I’m an MPC 2000XL dude myself. I really think maschine has potential though. My q is: Can i sync up my M3 to it? Basically with the XL I connect midi in/out, shut off local on the M3, and set the channels properly, and boom, I can sequence the M3 on the MPC. I have the outs of both into pro tools, and it works like a charm. Is this possible with maschine (to be able to sequence the M3 along side it’s own kits)?

    Thanks in advance – I know this thread is old, but from other threads I read you know your shit…


    • yes, you can do the same thing. Maschine supports midi out, so you have 16 channels. You just set a “sound” in maschine to midi out instead of internal, and send it to your m3, sequence away lol.

      Remember Maschine’s audio is running on your computer already, so it wouldn’t be the same as running your 2k into protools.

      I come from a 4k myself, I love Maschine, it’s the future and it’s here now lol. I wouldn’t go back to an mpc at all now.

  27. ok my question is:

    i just recently purchased a maschine i would like to know how to hook up my turntable to it so i can start making my own samples. specific details please.


  28. @Saintjoe your video helped me make up my mind about Maschine.. I was sold when I watched it. I am waiting for it to arrive at GC from another location…I have gone through the manual.

    Now I’m just thinking through a few things which will be based on your template. This may help if I can get it all I’m gonna just type in a few things I’ve been coming up with.

    Okay I attempting to sync it all through Reaper using Maschine like you do. I want Motif Rack, Micron,Reaper vsts, and of course Maschine sounds, with Edirol Midi Keyboard controller (only for playing melodies). I am sure I can think that through,but open to suggestions on how to midi it all together:-)

    I’m figuring out a work around for editing,play sample slices til end( a must have for me), timestretching etc. samples. In your template I’m gonna try using Fl Studio Slicex and control from Maschine. So I will insert Flstudio as a vst in one of the Reaper Vst slots in the template….

    Can’t wait to see if I can figure out some decent way to make a song..looks like the suggestion of putting your instruments in single groups using more than one instance of Maschine may do the trick. Renaming each group something like GrpKick, Grpsnare, etc so you’ll keep in mind that its a group item not a sound..

    I am excited, because the possibilities seem endless actually..inside Reaper after your set up..Im gonna rewire Reason to use its sounds also…wow…and just record Reason using Reaper…

    Last, for Mpc users who love the song mode,still have the mpc and bought Maschine. You could probably midi into Mpc and just sequence everything there? While using all the functions of Maschine.. filters, sounds etc? < just thinking out loud on that one

    ..anywhos Thanks again Saintjoe NI should write you a commission check!

    • Hahahahaha! Whoa!

      You can do pretty much all of what you’ve said I would imagine, I don’t have all those different applications to try, but if it can receive midi, you can sequence it!

      Song mode isn’t bad at all actually once you understand it. As far as oneshot samples, or playing samples until the end, you can do that in maschine with no problem, just set it to oneshot ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Thanks for fast response! Ugg at GC who hasn’t gotten it delivered for me I would should have driven the miles and purchased GC 4 that

    If I can pull myself away from your site ๐Ÿ™‚ I can probably map out the connects..I am hoping I can use fastlane midi interface or something to midi thru all external hardware into Maschine, before I decide what Im gonna ebay. My thing is, Im a little confused at how I can have Maschine and a keyboard controller work all the other stuff, using Maschine as main sequencer? I’m much like you.. a gear & music stuff junkie!, but shucks if I don’t need it Im sellin it..

    With the sample function, I meant being able to have your samples chopped and mapped across pads/keys..then being able to select any slice/chop and play from that point through to the end of entire sample if needed. it gives a different feel to sampling making the sample a like an instrument…
    Thanks for the follow as well ..tweet tweet

    • Hahahaha, lol.

      well if you set maschine to use your midi controller as the input you’ll be good. It wills end midi to maschine and anything you have maschine sequencing.

      hook up whatever you want to your midi output and you’re good to go.

      You’ll set a sound/pad to midi out instead of internal sampler, and chose the midi channel 1-16

      whatever is set to listen on that channel will be trigged by maschine ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Perfect idea…I think I got it now. I will bookmark this so when I finally get my hands on my paid 4 Maschine ๐Ÿ™ it will all click…(GC just called and said tomorrow)..guess its cool because your videos and post really helped me understand this baby.

    I will surely make a write up about your site, and add links etc when I get back to working with my blog.. ..

    Thanks much.. I’ll return often..

  31. nice tutorial…been in a tech. slump gettin back on track tho, try to stay more connected in the futureand thanks 4 all the great resources from both N.I., and also from your own works… 4real!

    • @everythingbutthegirl, also don’t forget about the favorites option. I’ve started using this more to put folders I use a lot under the disk tab without having to import. I’m pretty much leaving the imported samples to the stuff I use most often.

      I use the favorites for stuff I don’t mind browsing to with my mouse.

      • @saintjoe,
        Samples and sounds are not truly imported into Maschine. Actually an entry in the Maschine database is created that tags your sounds/loops/samples location and categories. The sounds themselves are not moved/copied etc. into Maschine. The point is, taking the extra effort to go through tagging and import will make it much easier to browse the sounds on your hard drive no matter where they exist.

        • @Jones, yes I think everyone who has maschine knows it doesn’t actually move your samples, that would be insane. That said, I don’t feel the need to tag/import everything, and use a combination of tagging plus the favorite folder option.

          I like to tag my personal kits, and my standard drum libraries, etc. For larger dvds and collections I just use the favorites tab and open them from the software.

  32. Hi,
    I’m livin in Togo, Africa and the Internet is too bad down here/ I’ve been lookin for a way to import samples in my Maschine but I can not play your video down here. Could you send me the video in my email or write it down for me, it would help me a lot.


    • @Zebee, no problem, just use the disk tab in Maschine, find the sounds you want, and hit the import button at the bottom of the browser, it will let you select tags/categories or make your own to organize your library.

  33. joe man i know i already asked u this but i am new so bear with me brother and thank god for ppl like you on the net helping ppl out like this man much appreciated..ok so last question i asked you was scene mode on said thas how you built up songs..i do not understand it one bit..the way i did it (and when u read this ur gonna be like god damn hes doing it the hard way) was settin every group to 64 bars..changing up the pattern for verse 1, chorus, verse 2..i know scene mode must make this easier please tell me exactly how to do do i controll the volume of 1 specific sound..Say i want my snare to be a little softer than what it is..each time i try this it makes EVERYTHING softer..or if i want to make a sample louder without making everything else louder..Thanks a bunch man and keep doing your thing boy!

    • @nick, whatup yo! Aight first, scenes, think of each scene as the part of your song. So you have one scene for your intro, one for verse,one for chorus, etc.

      In these scenes you put your patterns, each group can have however many patterns you need, I usually have about 2 or 3 for changeups.

      If you want a 16 bar verse, you can make one of your groups have a 16 bar pattern, either play the whole 16, or start with 4, then double it twice. Everything else will play for 16 bars no matter how short they are, since the longest pattern is 16 bars.

      Do the same for your chorus and other parts, only put in each scene what you want for that part and make one of the patterns as long as you want the scene to play.

      For volume, hold the pad of the sound, and turn the volume knob, it will turn it down for you.

      Make sure you have all the updates.

  34. saintjoe your a lifesaver man!..1 more question..everyone i talk to comparing maschine to their mpc says the maschine is a mpc killer except in the sampling buddy was saying on his 200xl you can cut out a snare if a sample, change the pitch of the vocals without changing up tempo? ive never had an mpc so i dont know if this is right but can maschine do all the sampling capabilities that the mpc can do?

    • @nick, the ONLY thing I can think of, from my mpc that isn’t on Maschine that many are complaining about is timestretch. The mpc has timestretch where you can change the pitch without changing length or change the speed without changing the pitch, etc.

      I find the sampling to be much faster on Maschine, especially when it comes to chopping, copying, editing samples.

      I just do it old school and use the pitch in conjunction with the slicing to change tempo/speed if I need to.

      Another thing the mpc has is a very quick way of layering sounds on the pads and still being able to edit/tweak each layer.

      The thing I probably miss the most from my mpc is the sequencing, not so much the feel, but the way you can put together songs and stuff, it’s very easy to string patterns together and have access to multiple tracks.

      The way it is in Maschine, we basically have 8 groups, and since you can only have 1 pattern per group in a scene, it can get a lil cramped.

      But I still like it, it’s a tool like anything else. If you feel comfortable with Maschine, then don’t worry about anything else lol. The mpc isn’t a magic box like some make it, it’s just a tool like anything else, it’s great at what it does. Now, when they come out with one that does what the original does plus what maschine can do, on the computer…then we may have something to checkout!

  35. Hey i bought the maschine about a month ago but i cant get anything imported, someone told me the file as to be a WAV file but i tried that but it still doesnt work, can you help me?

    • @Dollakid, I need more info, what exactly are you doing and what happens. It’s pretty straight forward to use external files in Maschine, you can just browse to them on the “disk” tab and drag them to the sound slots. Or you can import them and tag them so you can find them in your Maschine library.

  36. yo will you ever go back to hardware I thought about maschine and ableton live and sequencing a coulple of hardware pieces and recording into Propellerheads record

    • @Mehdo, right now I don’t see the point. I could see me using hardware again if it offered the same type of integration with software.

      I still want to get a hardware drum machine/sampler for use away from my computer, but I can’t see myself ever being “hardware only” at any point again.

      Maybe a mixture.

        • @mehdo, I sold it because it took too long and was too complex to do the things I needed. It’s a dope machine, but everything I was doing with the 4k, I can do with maschine and more, much faster. Plus it helped me finance my new computer. It has a usb connection, but that’s only for transferring samples and such via it’s Ak.sys program, which is very tempermental on newer OS. The usb wasn’t useful as a midi port so, it was really no integration at all. If they come out with something that bridges the gap between mpc standalone and maschine style integration I would be interested again.

  37. Wow! This is great news. I just bought a Maschine because of what I seen you do on
    it with wave file and chop’n them up. Keep up the good work. I will be around to support you.

  38. Hi Saintjoe. Thank you for helping us).
    Can i ask you, is there a way to pre-listen loops/pads in headphones before putting them out on a speakers?
    May be i must buy special soundcard?
    if so – may be you know which model is suitable ?

  39. Ok now I’m about 99% sold on Maschine….Once i seen you load Vst’s in it I could only pray it’ll load AU’s for us Mac users..A trip to GC and Someone who actually uses it there was Incredible!!!He showed me Maschine in Ableton with VI’s and it worked GREAT..(maybe Ableton next?) Ok so he went straight Maschine and Audio Unit Plug Ins straight into Maschine and i almost lost my mind!!!! MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE…But wait..Since ive been an Mpc user since 1991 my mind wont allow me to understand the work flow of Maschine..(seq to song type) Being a former MPC user yourself how did you re program to sequence and layout sequences to song form in Maschine???It doesn’t work like an MPC and I couldn’t seem to grasp the NI way of thinking to apply it for my use..I was there for at least 2 Hours trying to figure out the basics..The guy there was great! worked around it like nothing but didnt have time to show me more than what i described above.. I need another video if possible from start to finish of laying a beat down! a link will work if you have one..thanks for reading my novel ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work!!

  40. Flawless flat line · Edit

    How you doing saintjoe quick question , I get em to import from a flash drive but when I take the flash drive off my mac the sounds leave with it , how can I get em to stay in without the flash drive being plugged up ?

    • Importing into Maschine only points to them on the drive so Maschine knows where they are. If you want them to stay on your computer you’ll have to copy them to a folder on your computer then import them.

  41. What’s good man, I have hella sound fx and some of them import when I try to import them but not all of them get imported any idea on how to get them all in maschine 2.0?


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