IK Multimedia’s Groovemaker iPhone app is pretty dope


Okay, I will admit I had dismissed this little groove making application from IK Multimedia.

For one, it was only available for an iphone/ipod and though I had plans to purchase an iPod touch specifically to test and use the various music applications, I don’t have one yet. Β I could “borrow” my son’s but you know…that aint my style.

This is where events and shows like NAMM are important, because had I not been there, I never would have had a chance to spend some hands on time at the IK Multimedia booth.

No time at the booth means….I’d still be dismissing GrooveMaker as a “toy to pass the time with”.

Honestly, I was quite amazed at it. Β Let me tell you why

First off, there’s a basic GrooveMaker system, but each “style” comes as it’s own application. Reggae, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggaton, Electro, etc. Heck there’s even a free version.

Second, you get tons of content in these apps, something between 120mb – 300mb of sounds in each pack. We aint talking about cheap, cheesy sounds either. You get bass, drums, synths, pads, etc.

Everything is synched to the tempo so you can mix and match whatever you want at any tempo. You also get control over the mix, yes, there is a mixer section so you can tweak it how you want. Control the pan, pitch, etc…of each sound.

There are 8 slots for sounds, so you basically get to mix 8 loops or riffs together at once. After you create different grooves (think patterns) you can go into song sequence mode to string them together into songs.

After you’re done you can export them! Full wave file, which are rendered on IK servers….you then get a link sent to you for downloading your files.

This made my eyes light up, all I could think about was creating samples out of the included loops while away from my gear…then downloading them once I get back, chopping them up, and making music.

Having access to various styles of music will allow a person to create tons of customized samples…at least that’s how I would use it. But there’s nothing to say you can use it to make a full track in.

With the announcement of the iPad, I’m even more excited to get my hands on this and really test it. I will definitely be purchasing an iPad, as it’s got a larger screen/surface and still runs the same iPhone apps.

Of course I’ll have a video for ya when I get it, but def wanted to let you know to check it out…I think it’s a pretty dope way to come up with some nice sample material.

Check it out, I basically look at is as a sample pack, that comes with it’s own app for quickly mashing stuff up. Starting at $4.99….definitely another sound source to look into! GrooveMaker.com

Definitely look for more to come on this app, as soon as I get it….I’m posting a video lol.

What you think?


  1. I got two of these Groovemaker apps. They’re definitely fun but a little auto assisted compared to some other apps. I’m planning to sample the layers individually because IK’s got some decent sounds in these.

    I got 150+ music apps already (no jailbreak, support devs folks) and I’m looking forward to the iPad. The one that will benefit most from more screen is Beatmaker.
    I can session with this app for as long as Live,Reason,MPC whatever. 3 inch screen = migraines(lol). They just added 16 level tuning so it literally matches a MPC 2000. You definitely gotta review Beatmaker Saintjoe.

    • never really got into that one, this is an oooooooooooooooooold post too lol, I prefer apps like beatmaker2 and imaschine or the many midi apps and synth apps, didn’t really dig nanostudio too much


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